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  1. We are looking forward to a few weeks on Whidbey Island, WA. Rather close to Canada?!
  2. Thanks for the details about deposits. I believe that NCL forgot about our $100 original deposit. 😐
  3. Received email 6/30/2020 from NCL with complete refund amounts, spa packages, insurance and cruise fare to appear on cc in 7-10 days. Our cruise was NCL Jade-Northern European 14 days, May 16-30, 2020. Applied May 7 for refund. Looks like less than 60 days for refund. 🙂
  4. NCL cancelled our (long awaited with many family members 😍) Jade cruise, May 16-30, 2020. We requested a refund, still waiting. Today, I chatted with NCL about 1) when to expect refund, 2) will interest be added to amount as NCL has had the money for nearly 1 year, and 3) when does the Cruise Next money expire? Answers: 1) 90 days for money, 2) no interest 😗, 3) Cruise Next money will expire 4/2022, four years from purchase. I then asked if Cruise Next money could be given to someone else and was told yes, I just needed the names and Latitude numbers. As we have Oceania and HAL reservations booked for 2021 & 2022, I am happy that I can give, donate, or sell (!) the Cruise Next money to family members who chose the Future Cruise Credit rather than the refunds and have book cruises with NCL for 2021. Happy days!
  5. Agree that shopping is not much fun. Hoping to travel to Tucson soon! Plan to pack travel food, stop at roadside rest areas on I-8, masked and 🥵! Good night!
  6. We live in Southern California. We traveled to AZ June 1-5. Many in AZ without masks, wow! Now AZ leads the world in COVID-19 cases?! Sad to not be visiting grandchildren in HI, WA, and Los Angeles. Happy to be able to shop every 2 weeks, stay at home and wear masks. Today, the Guv ordered masks everywhere.
  7. DH did the environmental work for Bill Hill (in Santa Rosa) late last century. Imagine our delight finding William Hill wine available a few years later in our local stores! 😊
  8. I am new to reading The Daily and love it! Thank you! Did some fishing today and am baking rainbow trout for dinner, a 2 1/2 lb and two 1 1/2 pounds fish. With a green salad, some rice and a William Hill Estate Winery Chardonnay 2018, from Healdsburg, CA, life is good!
  9. NCL added Latitude points to our accounts from our cancelled May cruise. We don’t expect to take advantage of the new Latitude Platinum Plus tier since we discovered and cruised on HAL and Oceania ships in 2019. Especially since HAL offers many cruise opportunities from San Diego!
  10. May 16 NCL Jade cruise was cancelled by NCL on April 24, 2020. After applying for a cruise refund between May 7-15, 2020, I called NCL twice in May and was on hold for > 1 hour. I never spoke to anyone from NCL. On June 8, 2020 I web chatted with Amex. I explained that I had tried to reach NCL by telephone, I gave the days of charges and the amounts and this morning, the credit appeared on my account. I also used Alaska Visa for a payment on this cruise and after providing (by telephone), Alaska Visa (Bank of America) with the needed information, the call was noted and I was told that the investigation may take 90 days. Nice to think that the money is refunded or close to being refunded. Time will tell.
  11. Received the survey and was so disappointed that it was about Latitude Rewards. I was looking for any type of correspondence from NCL regarding the status of my refund. DH and I are Platinum or maybe Platinum Plus and enjoy the specialty dinners, priority boarding, and free laundry but don’t need the other rewards. Our next cruises are booked on HAL & Oceania ( a dream come true is an Oceania Cruise!) so our NCL Latitude status is losing its importance.
  12. Still waiting for NCL refund, applied May 7th as soon as allowed. This is off-topic but related. I learned that if a charge that you wish to dispute is made to a card more than recently, as in the case of my airfare and cruise fare, you have to download a statement (Costco Citibank from July, 2019) or ask for a paper copy (Alaska VISA, June & September, 2019), highlight the charges, explain why you are asking for the chargeback, and mail to their processing centers. Our airfare was self-booked with Delta in July, 2019 for our May 16, 2020 Jade trip. After our flight was cancelled by Delta and asking for the refund on Delta website and telephoning Delta (on hold for 55 minutes!), I was told that the refund might be available in 21, 30, or 60 days. On the 30th day, May 28, I mailed the required paperwork to the Citibank address. On May 29, I received an email stating that the airfare refund had be returned to my card. The money has not appeared as a credit on my card, but I am hopeful! I am waiting for Alaska statements to pursue the NCL refund if 90 days arrive before the refund. 🙂 The NCL travel help was not helpful when the cruise was booked. Have since found a fabulous travel advisor for future cruises.
  13. In North San Diego County, CA, the birds are singing and the grass is green. New to the cruise critic boards, I am enjoying following the different threads, thank you all. DH retired in 2019 and we travelled the world, HAL and Oceania. Aside from our cancelled NCL Jade trip this month (no refund yet, no Delta airfare refund, either 😷), we were happy to be home, especially after a quick trip to Seattle in early March. We returned home from Seattle feeling that Covid-19 would change our lives, bought some groceries, yes some toilet paper, and stayed home. We have clean and sorted our little house, donated a truck bed full of household goods, bought and installed a new dishwasher, improved the entire yard irrigation system (DH has the green thumb!), set up our patio for company (can't wait to visit with folks again!) and are please with the Guv's plan to reopen. Looking forward to our HAL trip11/2020 and Oceania in 2021.
  14. Booked the Zaandam for November 2020 to Hawai'i - Tahiti, round trip from San Diego. Live in San Diego North County, no airfare , great price! Suspect that HAL will cancel, hmmm...
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