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  1. And Windstar might just get my money next time. I've never taken a cruise with PG. I signed up last January on the advise of a cousin who's done two, and she booked a third only to have to cancel due to some health issues her husband was having. They both raved about the experience. At that time, it was still American owned, and there was no issue at all in getting all but $100 of their money back. I gather that when they cruised with PG, the prices were basically the same: expensive (and like me, they're Canadian and we get hit with steep exchange rates). And then some things
  2. So glad I filed a 3rd party default claim with my credit card company back in early April. Got back 100% of my money, and we had paid up in full. Roughly $24K.
  3. Showing now on their web site. All cruises cancelled for July 2020. Nothing mentioned beyond that.
  4. No, at the time I cancelled PG had not cancelled the cruise for July 18th. It was my gut feeling, combined with discussions with my TA that led me to be proactive on cancelling. However, I was told by my TA that many people for that cruise were cancelling. At the time, PG/Ponant had instructed my TA to let their customers know who were cancelling that we'd get back 90% of the cruise, and 50% of the air fare, but the balance could be used for a FCC within 12 months. Within a day, I was informed by my TA that PG said that I would be getting back 90% of the cruise money, 100% of
  5. I did got a refund through my credit card. I'm not sure what it is about my previous post (which ever one that is) is confusing to you?
  6. My credit card company came through with the 3rd party default, but now I have to wait (up to 10 weeks) to see if PG/Ponant petitions it. If nothing comes of it, the money stays with me. I got 100% of the money back. I was told by my TA, that PG/Ponant had reversed it's refund policy, as my post above alludes to, such that I'd be getting 90% of it back within 30 days. I'll have to keep an eye on all of this. As for your cruise date, I seriously doubt that is going to happen. Best of luck with your claim.
  7. I was told by my financial institution that Ponant/PG has 10 weeks to contest it.
  8. I'd like to know how they can announce cruises when many countries haven't even declared when they're opening their boarders? Carnival has also posted sail dates for Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Do these guys know something that the politicians leading these countries don't know?
  9. I'm not sure what the difference was in my case, or if Canadian credit card terms are different that in the USA? I was advised by my TA who is American and based in the USA to go the 3rd part default option. I followed his advise. It may also have been due to me telling my credit card company that at the time I cancelled my cruise, which was March 23, PG still had a refund policy of 90%, as was told to me by my TA. Then PG just changed the policy, on the fly, which doesn't fly. Best of luck. I'll rebook, but not until the coast is clear. I'm not surprised by what your contacts in FP ar
  10. No, that's not what I was suggesting. I had no idea where those ships were. It makes sense that they're in Tahiti as that is where they sail from. The point it that there aren't any tourists on them, and there won't be until the Tahitian government clears the way. When that is, is anyone's guess. And, they may well restrict people from certain countries that still have a high rate of infection.
  11. https://tahititourisme.ca/en-ca/ Click on the yellow bar at the top of the page.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I booked in January 2020, and cancelled on March 23rd, when the previous policy of a refund -10% was still in effect. Then they changed that policy on March 30th to no refunds, just a FCC. I drew the line there.
  13. Go to the Tahiti Tourism web site and you'll have your answer.
  14. No, I didn't "threaten" with a claim, I actually filed one. However, I posted to both the PG and Ponant Instagram accounts that I had done that. Shortly after I did that, an agent at PG contacted my TA to inform him that they were going to refund me 90% of what I had paid out. I swear, these guys make up policy on the fly. By filing the 3rd party default, I did better than a 90% refund. I got back 100% of what I had paid. Still, because Ponant/PG was willing to give me back 90%, I will rebook with them when the coast is clear. We want to do this cruise. Nothin
  15. Filing a third party default claim with my credit card (VISA) did the trick. I got back 100% of what I paid, which was almost $25,000CDN. Took about two weeks.
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