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  1. Is there a “Drink Menu” available somewhere to view/download for Oasis of the Seas ?
  2. Bionic Bar a lesser quality/quantity?
  3. Hoping there would be someone who on a past cruise has a knowledge of costs. I understand prices change.
  4. If I use the Bionic Bar on Oasis of the Seas to order a drink will the drink be the same price when ordered at a bar?
  5. Plenty of info available about Beverage Packages. Anyone have info about what Drinks/Soda cost onboard Oasis of the Seas and is there a Drink Menu available Onboard?
  6. Any info about RC testing on Oasis the lowering of the exhaust stacks to get under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge? It would be interesting to see that done.
  7. Will someone who has paid Full Price for a Drink or Beverage Package say Why.
  8. Anyone know the size/volume of a Bionic Bar drink. 6, 8, 10 ounces ????
  9. Anyone want to share their “KEY” experiences. We’re curious how after selecting a time/day for a show is getting to your seating handled. Would we stand with everyone waiting to go to seats and then have someone direct us to the seating for “KEY” holders?
  10. Not interested in the gratuity, or room & board a stateroom attendant might get, but what money is paid by a cruise line to the person who takes care of a basic stateroom?
  11. Anyone else booked on Anthem of the Seas, April 24, 2022? It has disappeared and RC has no explanation other then it’s “Red Flagged”. It would be nice to know Why and If/When we’ll know about a Cancellation/Change before we sink money into a cruise that doesn’t exist.
  12. JUST THINKING .... How would passengers with an elevated temperature that are getting onboard after being in the sun on Coco Cay for hours be handled?
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