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  1. Yes at the top of this page. "Find your roll call!" There most likely are others looking for people to book group tours with. Good luck!
  2. Our last Carnilval cruise was last spring. This is new news to me. So we will find our sign and sail cards in a sealed envelope outside our door? And our printed out boarding passes have a folio number on them? Is there also a bar code on the boarding pass for them to scan or are they just charges our drinks to the folio number?
  3. We are looking at three tours that Stefano offers. Pisa & Florence, Rome in a day, and Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast. Has anyone done any of these tours with Stefano or used them for other tours? Thoughts?
  4. We prefer the port side because most of the time it will be the side facing the port when docked. (Not always but most of the time.) We enjoy looking at the land/scenery and the activity there. It also enables us to see how soon we’ll get the all clear to get off the ship. And we can watch the runners.
  5. We booked a cruise for next spring on Carnival Radiance. The ports being Barcelona, Livorno Italy, Civitavecchia Italy, Naples, Palermo, Kotor Montenegro, Corfu Greece, Catania Italy, and Vallette Malta. When i booked there were no available PORT aft balcony rooms, only starboard. (Pretty sure at this point Carnival does not open up all rooms at the same time!) So now some port side rooms have opened up. With a moderate increase in price. Which is the side we prefer. Question, anyone familiar with these ports, should i switch to port side room or does it not make much difference in the majority of these ports? I am aware port does not necessarily mean port when docked. And that some might even be tenders. Thanks!
  6. I read a comment yesterday about avoiding going to Florence on a Monday. As many things are closed on Mondays. Go figure, next spring our port day in Florence is a Monday, 7am-7pm. As i am in the very early stages of planning what should i expect to find closed? And what should be open?
  7. How does one go about booking tickets to attractions in advance? Were they mailed to you or you printed them out? We often do tours on our own. And I am learning a lot already from studying the different ports. But it’s a bit scary for me to go it alone when we don’t speak the language.
  8. We have a whole year till our first ever Europe cruise. How far out from it will Carnival put the excursions up to view and purchase?
  9. You peaked my interest. Something like what? I am just now starting my research as the cruise is sooo far off.
  10. Sailing Europe for the first time next spring on Carnival Radiance. One of the stops is Palermo, Italy. We will then have a sea day and the next port is Kotor, Montenegro. I'm curious would we sail around the south of Sicily or go through the water way near Messina? I'm unable to locate an actual itinerary map on the Carnival site.
  11. Our NCL Jade went through the two locks which brought us into Gatun Lake.Where we then tendered. We then took a very short tender ride to the area where we boarded a bus. We then went to the observation area of the new locks. I found this interesting and i'm not really into the blah blah blah tour type info. Back onto the bus we went to the canals. We did see sloths, monkeys, caiman aka gators, and a couple other animals. While we were on the excursion The Jade went back through the locks where we met it in Colon.
  12. Just back from an 11 day NCL Panama Canal cruise. I'd say our biggest disappointment was the Chiva Party Bus excursion through NCL. The tour was just three hours and a good 1.5 hours or more of it was wasted watching the tour guide twerk dance, waiting inline while most of our group used a bathroom, and waiting on the guide to come out of a small store that he herded us all into. (Mind you the bathrooms are at the shopping area so if we didn't all go at once it would have been a much quicker potty break.) It was run poorly! If we had been told once we arrived at the Artisan shopping area that we had X amount of time to do as we pleased in that area the tour would have been very good. The tour guided brought our whole group into a small store and then basically left us with no information as what we were to do. Most of the group gathered outside the store and waited on him. After a good 25-30 minutes i looked into the store and he was on his cell phone and chatting with the girls at the counter. I was told by others that did the same tour but with other buses that their guides did the same thing.
  13. I see this is an older post and you would have already sailed. But we are just back for our 11 day Panama NCL cruise. We took a NCL Eco Cruise and Gatun New Locks tour. It was just 4 hours and we enjoyed the information we received at the New Locks observatory and the canal cruise where we saw Sloths, Cayman, Birds, etc.
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