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  1. Alls good! I was asking for a relative. Thanks for the above info. I’ll pass it on.
  2. NCL booked the flight out after the cruise and it does not depart LAX till 9:15 pm on a Sunday. Any recommendations for a good tour company? Thanks!
  3. Nope, i have never watched it. But thank you.
  4. Looking for a plan for next spring in Malta. Carnival has a 10 top sites tour. Has anyone done this recently? It would be our only Carnival tour for this cruise. We will be in port 7am-4pm.
  5. From what i have read there is a liquor store in Barcelona port after you go through check in. I've read that you can bring on liquor from there and at each port. Unlike in the USA.
  6. I'm not worried at all. The May 30th cruise is very port intensive. I expect while on board a lot of sleeping will be going on .I just want to know who's bright idea was it to have two ships with such similar names?
  7. I am waiting on Carnival to call me back to possibly book air from NJ to Barcelona with them. They are allowing me to choose my seats. Normally bags would then be included in the International flight. BUT, United's checked bags are 60.00 when booking "Basic Economy". Which does not allow you to pick your seats. So, my question is. Has anyone flown United Internationally and were able to pick their seats but still had to pay additional for their checked bags? I'm just trying to come up with total charges. Thanks
  8. We will be at port Catania June 8, 2020. I am looking for any advice from anyone who has been to Mt. Etna. The tour i am interested in will take us "just in front of Crateri Silvestri". Should i expect it to be cold in that area in June? How about the cable cars? Is that the area you can get on them to ride higher up? How much time would it take to go up in the cable cars, have a look around, then come back down? Is visiting just the Silvestri crater worth the trip? I should mention this is a 8 hour tour with the second part of the day being Taormina. Thanks!
  9. I laughed out loud with the Guys Burger comment. So true! They are the best!!!!
  10. What is the approximate taxi fare from BCN to a hotel on La Rambla? Also are taxi drivers NOT normally tipped in Europe? There is a long thread that discusses tipping and the majority say they are not tipped.
  11. We will be trying the YTD on our next cruise. We will be on the newly redone Radiance next spring. Is YTD in only one of the dining rooms? I’m thinking it’s in the centrally located dining room.
  12. We will be there next June 9am-6pm on our first Mediterranean cruise. Any information about Palermo would be great. I'm not finding much info at all on Palermo on the threads. Thanks
  13. I am looking at three different tours with both Stefano and ItalyTours.EU. Is one preferred over the other? Anyone with experience with both? Pros and Cons? Thanks!!!
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