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  1. We were on the Summit in May and the renovated cabins were fine except the bathroom was so small. The sink was large which left no counter space at all. Did you notice that the bathrooms on Equinox had changed in size? There was certainly no space for two when one was getting out of shower and other using sink.
  2. If you walk off with your luggage you should be okay. Although we were leaving out of Ft.Lauderdale so I cannot comment on time to get to Miami airport. It usually works out and one worries for nothing.
  3. We sailed on the Edge out of Ft. Lauderdale in February. Especially enjoyed spending a few days before in FLL. Getting on and off ship was a breeze. Actually boarding was so fast I hardly had a chance to look at everything. We did missed the comfort of the Martini Bar with the ice. It is smaller(not full oval bar) and you do not get to enjoy the company of others as much. You do get to eat at different restaurants for regular dining but the menu is pretty much the same with a few exceptions. We enjoyed the steak restaurant the best for specialty dining as that was the only one we had not enjoyed on previous Celebrity cruises. Miss Murano. I liked the Edge(even Eden) but do wonder if it is worth the extra cost.
  4. We have done this twice. The last time was in Bermuda and we chose Elbow Beach Hotel - beautiful beach(not crowded at all), loungers and umbrellas set up for us. drink and food service available at a cost or you can go to the open air restaurant to eat. Transportation is available but we chose to use the public bus system which is inexpensive(we had purchased a 3 day pass). We did the same for Atlantis in the Bahamas. The resort has lots for all ages to enjoy. It was more expensive then Bermuda resort. You must arrange transporation(we were a group of 11 so we booked van service). We booked these through resortsforaday website. If you want a quiet day on a beautiful beach try Elbow Beach. If you want pools, water slides, casino, restaurants, aquarium, etc. then Atlantis is great. Atlantis can only be booked if you are a cruise ship passenger.
  5. NCteacherloves, thank you for your kind response. I agree some cruises have more older guests than others and do understand that some cruises have less activities for "the younger crowd" but it seems like that is determined by the cruise line. I know the same activities are the same on the cruise for the season so it is not the age group on the cruise but the cruise line. Also a lot depends on what time of the year you sail(summer, school vacations) determines what age groups are aboard. Celebrity is known for being more sedate but the food and ship are wonderful. We sailed on the new Edge and it seemed the younger guests were having lots of fun as we did. We continue to cruise and enjoy ourselves. I do understand why you felt in the minority and both of us will just have to find our own "fun". PS My daughter went to NCCharlotte and met her husband there. Nice area.
  6. We went to it on Eden in February. Animation was nice but one of us got the standard which allowed for animation to match food display and the other person choose a different selection of food. I thought that would be the problem but that was not an issue. Found that everyone in the whole restaurant had to eat at the same time and it was a rather quick dining experience. Obviously I was not a fan for more than one time and I thought the food was really just okay. Go for it for the experience and decide if you love it.
  7. W are booked for this cruise in October. Should we consider one earlier as it might be quite chilly?
  8. If you take mid-ship stairs you would go left and then left again to the short corridor for the cabin 3125 or 3127. It is open but traffic is only for those 7 cabins and maybe a service closet. If you go right off the stairs you then enter the corridor with cabins and go to the end to Tuscan. If you look at Deck 3 cabin layout on Cruise Critic you will see that the corridor for the cabins we are talking about is much shorter and no traffic. Loved the round large porthole. As I said the cabin is not spacious and the bathroom is small. You cvould not be in the bathroom at the sink and have room for your husband exit shower. We were on the Edge in February(oceanview too) and that bathroom was so much bigger so I think I was spoiled. You know, you can adjust and the cost is much less. I do hope you try it and let me know what you think.
  9. The problem is that the sink is so wide so it takes up the counter space. My husband used the shelves for storage so I entered up using the toiler seat cover and putting my "tools" in the sink trying to remember not to run the water when I got ready. The desk is a much better option. We found the Deck 3 and cabin location to be very convenient. Be prepared to help people find their way to Tuscan Grill - it is down the other side of the ship but people tend to wander around looking for it(as we did the first time). Hope you have a nice cruise.
  10. We stayed in 3125 Summit to Bermuda a month ago. The round window was very large and the hallway was very quiET. We never heard any noise from Tuscan. The other side gets much more traffic. Would recommend it a lot. However, the bathroom is very small(no counter space) but that may be the same issue for all cabins after the reno.
  11. I have done many tours in Europe booked with other Cruise Critic people on private tours and never had a problem. Actually the were smaller groups(6-10 people) and less money. Would do it again in a heartbeat! Even arrangwd for pickup from hotels to ship and back privatesly. Met some nice people. I was nervous at the beginning …. Enjoy yourself!
  12. No we did not have our cell phone with us. The square footage said the same for all oceanview cabins. Maybe someone else can provide a picture. As I said, the cabin size seemed okay but the bathroom was not good for me anyway.
  13. We were on the 5/12 sailing and stayed in Cabin 3125 - one of the 4 or 5 new cabins created by the "revolution". The cabin seemed smaller than most but the round large porthole(window) was wonderful. The bed was a king so it took up more space. We adapted. However, the bathroom was so small(especially compared to the Edge oceanview). The sink takes up the whole counter area and one had to use the small shelves to the right(but we had stored items on them) and I had to put makeup case, etc. either in the sink(remembering not to turn faucet on) and mostly made use of the toiler cover as a place to put items when getting ready. I did not see any other oceanview cabins so not sure if the small bathroom(and small shower) was unique to the new Deck 3 cabins or not. I have been on many Celerity cruises and the bathroom situation was not good. We did hear some noise from the ship but it stopped after a few days. I loved the round large window for an oceanview cabin but that bathroom lacked convenience. If anyone has questions, please let me know.
  14. Do you know if you can get closed caption on your television? Makes watching a movie so much better.
  15. the outdoor lot may have since been paved' we last parked there two years ago. However, dropping of luggage first, parking in the unpaved lot and walking a shorty distance really is not an issue at all. We love not having to pay for flights to go on a cruise.
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