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  1. We are also booked currently on the Apex TA, but I searched all of the rest of 2021 TA’s and Apex was not listed . Glad we are also booked in 2022 out of Rome.
  2. If they can get COVID down to the same statistical chance as Noro...then I have no problem.
  3. Sorry, does not sound like a vacation.
  4. We love Aqua Class because of Blu. We will be trying it on Apex for a b2b Israel/Transatlantic on Oct 2022.
  5. We booked the Apex 2022 TA to make it a b2b with the Israel cruise.
  6. We are booked on the Apex TA out of Barcelona in Oct...which still seems to be a go. Everything we reserved can be cancelled without penalty, so we are not getting our hopes up yet...even thought we are scheduled to get the first Pfizer vaccine shot tomorrow.
  7. Doubtful you will find Apex pics as they have had no paying guests so far. We are in 6114 regular veranda for the TA in Oct 21 and 10222 Aqua for Oct 2022 Israel.
  8. Well presently we have an Apex TA from Barcelona in October (fingers crossed) and in 2022 we currently have APEC Israel cruise in Oct and hope to connect it b2b with the TA when they open for sale
  9. We have Apex Israel booked for Oct 2022, but looking for the TA to make is a b2b and take us home to Ft Lauderdale.
  10. Ship and date please, because it’s not on my Celebrity site. Thanks
  11. Hello: any information when Fall 2022 transatlantic’s will open for sale?
  12. We spent a few hours in Barcelona a few years back. 🤞🏼We will spend 4 days there in Oct before our Apex TA.
  13. Hopefully to wait for my Hawaii cruise in May 2022😀😀😀
  14. YES it will... we are onboard as well...I hope with a vaccine there will be regular cruising by then. Already shifted Hawaii to 2022 and will shift July British Isles when 2022 Panama Canal comes out.
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