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  1. I personally believe that they want everyone to go to the counter, so that virus questions can be asked. I don’t think that they just want you just walking on the ship...and I would rather they take all precautions.🛳
  2. We are leaving on the Reflection Friday. I checked in with passport and pictures on the app. About 2 weeks ago, expedited arrival showed up on the express pass, and just as fast went away. We are Elite and Aqua, so should not be too long a wait anywho.
  3. we booked a traditional veranda on the Apex TA for Oct 21. Did not feel we needed to pay extra for the IV.
  4. We are doing a 25 day B2B in Oct...Rome / Eastern Mediterranean / Rome / TA to Ft Laud.
  5. quite the mathematician... my reservation was made prior to Jan 6 and my automatic gratuities are 15 pp x 2 is 30 per day or 300 for a 10 day cruise. MY EXTRA HUNDRED IS GIVEN BY ME TO THOSE WHO PERSONALLY PROVIDE A SERVICE FOR ME EACH DAY. So yeah my numbers do jive...maybe you should take a class. I was actually asking if people felt that the automatic deduction was enough, without giving extra...but the opinionated smarties on here can’t have a decent conversation.
  6. You were right... over and out
  7. not in the suite league... we are paying 15 per day per person since we booked prior to Jan 6, plus 100 that we give to our cabin steward and wait staff... that’s $400 and not a paltry sum.
  8. I am asking for opinions. We have never been cheap, we have already prepaid our February cruise gratuities, and we always give extra to our room steward, and restaurant staff. However, it seems like Celebrity is beginning to use these as salary for their staff, instead of what I believe gratuities should be for. I understand that you can avoid the daily debit to your onboard account by speaking with guest services. Do people do that and just pay those who you want to personally? Please don’t beat me up but $400 for a 10 day cruise seems like a lot, since I do not know where most of it is going. Thanks


    We just book the Apex TA for next year. Got an email from Celebrity about booking restaurants. Noticed that they had a place for reservations at the 4 complimentary restaurants. For those that have been on the Edge, do you need to make reservations before or are they still available once you get on the ship?
  10. Can’t wait...we board Reflection on 21Feb in Aqua.
  11. We are elite, so 90 min unlimited. I see the SURF INTERNET PACKAGE. It says there is no VOIP so I assume no internet calls. Has anyone use this package, and is it worth it?
  12. Sounds like we will try a different venue for his birthday. Thanks
  13. I hear there is a new show for Petite Chef. Will be on Reflection in February, what is the show and what is the food? Thanks.
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