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  1. We have three mini-suites booked on the Escape over the New Year's holiday - fare is crazy high compared to what I normally pay for a seven night trip, but it is a special family treat. Booked last year when deposits were only $50pp...I'm happy I resisted the urge to start making payments on it to ease the pain of a big final-payment-date balance due in August of this year. We haven't cancelled yet, but are still on the fence. I'm glad that I only have $300 tied up in it instead of thousands.
  2. I have three staterooms booked on Escape for December - a holiday cruise. Final payment isn't until August, but right now I'm 50-50 on going forward. Thankfully time before final payment is due (and only $50pp invested in deposits) but the cruise industry will not be the same once sailing resumes. Maybe we'll invest the money on fare into a big house rental on the beach instead.
  3. That's my favorite table game and it's disappearing from casinos all over - the House has likely decided it isn't a good idea to let gamblers pull bets back.
  4. I'll reserve judgement on this one. We booked a holiday cruise last summer that leaves Dec 26th this year - over 18 months in advance. To book the same stateroom today (with the same free perks) would now cost us almost $1700 more. I'm not convinced it's going down enough to make my choice to reserve early more expensive.
  5. My experience with employers is that even with a new job, if you have pre-planned and paid-for vacations they will not deny you the time. You might not get paid for the time off, but at least you get to keep your planned vacation. It's a question I ask every single person I've ever considered hiring - "Do you have any vacations or time planned with your family that you cannot change?" so I know ahead of time and can allow for it.
  6. We had a Lido cabana on Eurodam for the Pacific Coastal and Mexican Riviera cruise last fall...and we absolutely LOVED it! Because the weather was dicey a few days, being in the Lido meant we could still enjoy our cabana and views of the sea while staying dry and warm - Retreat cabanas were closed on the windy and rainy days. Service was outstanding by our attendant Andrew and his assistant. We loved it so much, would do it again in a heartbeat!
  7. My husband is a 'third', and his passport shows III after his last name while his driver's license has 3rd. When we book a plane ticket, the system takes his suffix and runs it right into his last name like this. Assume our last name is Smith... Smithiii Not even close to what our last name is. First time it happened I called American Airlines in a panic. They had a space for the suffix when we booked the tickets, but the system ran it right into the last name in lower case. They said not to worry - TSA is used to seeing it and knows why its there. Sure enough, never an issue...even traveling internationally (US to Canada).
  8. Last time that situation happened to us we were booked in an inside on the Westerdam, and the price dropped $50pp after final payment. I called my PCC and she apologized saying she couldn't get us the price drop, but they offered me a balcony guarantee if I was willing to pay $25pp more. For just about $7/day I thought that was a great deal to jump from an inside to a balcony and took it. Once I got our assignment (a deep-balcony aft on deck 5) I was more than thrilled. We haven't been back to an inside since.
  9. We did a 10-night Zuiderdam a couple of years ago in mid-March, not too far from Easter. There were definitely kids on board but not nearly as many as one might see on a 7-night cruise or one of the other lines more popular with families. I'd say there were at least two dozen or so - we ran into one group on a 'field excursion' through the ship one sea day...all very well behaved. This past October we were on an 11-night on Eurodam and there were also children, though I don't think I ever saw more than 12-18 or so. Also well behaved and not bothersome at all.
  10. Rather than worry about paying a fee, does NCL offer the opportunity to open a marker?
  11. Currently, Charleston is only in the 60's during the day - chillier at night. We sailed out of NY when it was 65 degrees during the day and within 15 minutes of being underway it was positively freezing on the outer decks from the wind and ship movement. I wouldn't be looking for much in the way of shorts weather until FL.
  12. There's no problem at all with that. A good-size section along that side of the ship has tables for diners at the Dive-In, and we never saw any type of line at all stretching down toward the cabanas. One or two tables was near the 'wall' of the last cabana in the line; no idea whether that affected the individuals who had booked that particular one. We had a cabana booked for our entire 11-day last October and absolutely loved it...we had a one more toward the center of the lineup.
  13. This situation would seem to underscore how valuable Cancel for Any Reason trip insurance can be. This would mean that no matter what happens, if you personally are unwilling to risk overseas travel (or any travel, for that matter) based on current conditions you control the ability to cancel. Something to think about for those who are contemplating booking today for the future, and the importance of a close read to the terms and conditions and available options of policies.
  14. When disembarking Serenade a couple years ago, we had an 11 am flight and opted to self-disembark. We went to enter the line around 7am and it was already down the promenade deck around the aft...I still remember a family coming out and trying to cut the line, saying "But we have an early international flight to catch"...and I replied..."So do a lot of these people".
  15. I like to work backwards on these things, and in a very perfect scenario, here's what the timeline might look like for this to work: Step off the ship at 7:00 am Step out of the terminal after clearing customs 7:20 am (and this only if you are in the first part of the line of people doing self-debarkation...note this means standing in line much earlier than 7:00am) Get into cab line and get taxi - sitting in cab pulling away by 7:30am 15 minutes to the airport - arrive curbside 7:45am Enter terminal, check bags (if needed), clear TSA screening, walk to gate - on an average day 35 minutes. Arrive at boarding gate 8:20am Boarding flight begins 8:35am So yes, it's possible. But it is absolutely not guaranteed, and just because it worked for 100 people doesn't mean it's going to work for your daughter. This would need to work like clockwork and allows very little room for error. Personally, I would not do it. I've sailed three ships that arrived back to FLL late, one that had debarkation held up for medical debarks first. The one time we did self-debarkation for what we were told was 7:00am return the first people on line were out there at 6:00am - there were a couple hundred people ahead of us by 7:00. I'm not willing to kill the good mojo of a week's vacation with a stress-filled morning trying to make an early flight.
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