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  1. I had the same experience. Cancelled a December cruise a couple weeks ago and my deposit refund was posted in less than 10 days.
  2. We sailed in 9076 on Serenade of the Seas, sister to Brilliance, and loved that stateroom. Most evenings, the hallway doors were closed between 9-11:30 to limit the noise but honestly we never had any issues at all once back in the room after 10pm or so (and never if we opted to stay out of the room later due to shows or the casino. Loved the location, easy and central to everything and truly enjoyed the larger balcony.
  3. It was incredibly easy. One phone call - I wasn't on hold for more than five minutes and once I reached the agent I explained I wanted to cancel three reservations (family cruise for the holidays) and we went one at a time...I gave him the reservation numbers and he said he completed the cancellation. The whole call wasn't longer than 10-15 minutes. He told me the deposits would be returned back to the credit card I used (I paid the deposit for all three staterooms) and that's exactly how it happened.
  4. I called NCL on July 10th to cancel our Dec 26th cruise - so only on deposit at this point. The NCL rep told me it would take 5-7 days for the refund to come back to my card. I thanked him, but truly was prepared to wait 90-120 days. Got notification from Amex yesterday - 7 days later - that NCL credited back my deposits. Very fast for me.
  5. Finally pulled the trigger and called NCL to cancel our December cruise. Booked through Casinos at Sea, I called that number and call was answered within a minute by a real person...he cancelled the three reservations quickly and told me my deposit refund would hit my card in 5-7 business days. I'm prepared for a long wait based on what I've seen here by others. We'll see....
  6. Final payment for my family's holiday cruise on Escape is due August 28th (departure Dec 26th)...and I am cancelling this week. This would have been our first NCL cruise, and first long-anticipated holiday vacation together. I booked three Club Suite staterooms (before they were called Club Suites)...so for a holiday sailing not a small amount of money. I simply cannot consider sending NCL a five-figure final payment before a single cruise ship starts to sail again. I'm not willing to gamble this special family trip on what I 'think' or 'hope' cruising will be like. I don't even think a 60 day final payment would change my mind. Thankfully we booked during a $50pp deposit special, all fully-refundable. I only have $300 tied up in the reservation so perfectly content to wait 90-120 days (or more) to get it back.
  7. Meeting the guidelines to safely sail aren't the only problem here...with so many ships normally sailing out of Florida the caseload 'on the ground' becomes a significant issue. There are a lot of states imposing quarantine requirements for travelers from many states. Here in NJ, there are 16 states that, if travelers are entering NJ (or residents returning from) these states, we are supposed to quarantine for 14 days. Florida is likely not prepared to deal with an influx of passengers coming into the state to board cruise ships, or deal with getting them out of the state upon the ship's return. Tomorrow I am cancelling my December holiday reservation for a family cruise we'd been planning for 18 months. Leaving out of Port Canaveral, it was supposed to be a wonderful holiday for us all. I know that December sailings having changed...yet...but I'm not willing to risk over $10k on three staterooms for us in the hopes that (a) we'll actually be able to cruise, and (b) that the experience will be even remotely connected to what we're used to. No, I'll take a wait-and-see approach before I'm ready to test the waters again. We'll go again...someday...once we know better what to expect.
  8. With huge sadness, please remove my December 26th Escape cruise as we're canceling. With final payment due next month, almost two months before cruising even starts up, I'm just not willing to gamble on what cruising will be like on a holiday sailing that is going to cost me $15k between staterooms and airfare for the family. We so looked forward to our first 'holiday vacation' and are now looking at a Plan B, something on land. Not even sure we'll be able to pull that off either. We'll certainly cruise again - my husband and I love it so much.
  9. Not sure I would be excited about a cruise to nowhere, but I will say that sea days can be my favorite...and I'm more than happy to consider cruises that have many of them strung together. A very big appeal of cruising for me is the forced separation from normal daily life, especially when it comes to the internet. We don't buy access packages - we use our phones only as cameras. It's much easier to avoid the normal checking of emails, logging in to update status, etc. when the internet really ISN'T available.
  10. Generally, the initial 'credit' is only provisional. Credit card companies will gather all the information they need to make a final ruling, and if the merchant (in this case NCL) makes a compelling case that the credit is not due, the credit card company will re-charge the account. Credit card companies have three billing cycles or 90 days to issue a final decision. It isn't safe to assume a credit is permanent until it's been there for 91 days without reversal.
  11. Thanks so much for all the great advice. To answer your question, first name Jennifer....
  12. Would have been my first NCL cruise, a special family trip over New Year's. Friend of a friend gave me the name of an individual in the Casino department who might be able to book for me and sure enough, she was kind enough to help...so I have three staterooms booked through her in early spring 2019. Set them up...and let them sit. I learned about six-seven months ago that the agent I booked the cruise with is no longer with NCL. I wasn't concerned and figured at this point, I'd do my planning and make final payment without really needing the agent. We are now opting to cancel the cruise - just too many unknowns with when/how cruising will restart and our trip would only be a few weeks after the Escape goes back into service. Bigger issue is that due to the all the issues with ships when COVID broke, for health reasons at least one member of the group can't risk this type of vacation without a vaccine in place. So...now I need to cancel. I've never cancelled ANY cruise before, so this is a new thing for me. Do I call the Casino department because I booked through them? Will I be able to cancel the staterooms I booked for my kids as well, even though they are not in my name, or will they have to call? The deposits were all paid with the same credit card (mine). Will the deposits be returned that way (my preference)? Fortunately for me, deposits were only $50pp at the time so I don't have a lot of coin tied up here. Thanks to all who can help. Maybe another chance to try NCL in the future...
  13. This is yet another reason we are going to cancel our December cruise on Escape. I am simply not confident that, for the significant investment in this vacation (three balcony staterooms during a holiday week - over $10k) I am going to feel like it was money well spent. Final payment will be due in August, and I don't think any of the lines will be up and running by then so there will still be some significant unknowns. The cruise product that we see on the other side of this, once they are able it re-start, IS going to be different. I really want to have a better idea of what I'm going to get for my money. Fortunately, I booked back in early 2019 when deposits were only $50 pp. I've only got $600 invested in this so far, so if I have to wait 90-120 days for my refund, I'm OK with that.
  14. Hi Steve, Thank you for the reply. The plan is for one person to cover the entire cost of the rental - well, really two I guess...my husband and I. It's our gift to our kids and families for the holiday. Everyone will be flying, but on different schedules. Daughter and her husband will likely fly down (from VA) a day or two before Christmas because her husband's parents live in FL. My husband, son are planning to fly in on the 25th from PHL, closest airport to our home. Biggest concern for the insurance is the rental on the house. Would CFAR require me to insure all the flights too?
  15. Hoping to rent a vacation home the last week of December this year and will want to insure the investment. Right now, there is a travel quarantine requirement for individuals coming from certain states into FL, and one of those states is mine (NJ). I'm really hoping that the restriction is lifted soon (and anticipate that by December we should be fine), but what does this mean for insurance now? Assuming I can find an agency willing to rent to me for a seven-day period in December (some are currently requiring 14 day rentals), can I still get a CFAR policy? Is the mandate today requiring a 14-day (or length of stay, whichever is less) quarantine in FL for NJ residents going to preclude me from getting valid coverage? Will I need to wait to make any reservation until the mandate is lifted? It's a family vacation too. What if a family member living outside of NJ makes the reservation? How does that change the insurance? Thanks for your help
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