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  1. I think it is far more economical to cruise there - you can easily cruise there for about $250-$300/day (in an inside) that will include your transportation, accommodations and food...where that will likely only get you a hotel room on the island. You can see a lot in 2.5 days if you pick the right itinerary, and whatever is missed means you get to plan another trip back.
  2. Kazu, I'm assuming the Master Cellar dinner is only offered once on board? Any information on what is has cost in the past? My husband and I are doing an 11-night on the Eurodam this fall as she repositions from Vancouver and begins Mexican Riviera runs - our kids did a 'Master Chef' dinner on their Carnival cruise and raved about it, and told us we should definitely consider it. I'm guessing I'll need to check at Guest Services right after we board.
  3. Still hoping to grab a sailing on Grandeur as it is only about 2 hours away for us - would go really to enjoy the ship, not the itinerary, unless it was one of the longer 9+ night trips into Canada or down to the Caribbean. I'd do Bermuda, but not on a five-night cruise. As others have said, just not enough time on the island. Not a fan of the Bahamas which severely limits my options on ports out of the Northeast.
  4. I have checked with my PCC multiple times over the past few months and asked her to make sure I still have the 'best' deal...we booked when there was an air credit being offered and was able to combine with our casino rate and so far, nothing has trumped the price enough to give up the sweet air deal we got (current price of tix to buy on our own would cost us almost $1,000 more than what we are paying HAL now, so even though the cruise fare has dropped about $200pp we're still ahead by $600). She happily checks for me every time I ask...I love my HAL PCC.
  5. I had no trouble seeing "Non-Refundable Deposit" on every single page of a mock-booking (shown at the bottom of the page) and then again when I got to the page that showed all the pricing details. Pretty obvious, IMO
  6. Agree with this. My husband sends nearly all of his shirts out for pressing as soon as we unpack - all of the dress shirts (he normally wears these at dinner) and his cabana shirts, which normally don't survive packing without wrinkles. We've always had them all returned by the next afternoon. We love HAL's laundry service and use it fully. It's so nice to arrive home with very little laundry to face when unpacking.
  7. I have always received credit for my pre-cruise purchases made through HAL.
  8. My husband and I always request a table for 2. We both work long and varied hours and our home life can be rushed some days - our cruises are a chance to slow down and reconnect, and we want it to just be 'us time' at dinner. I always ask my PCC to request the table for two, and I even have her request a specific table after I review the dining room layout (if available). She always tells me that it isn't guaranteed, but we've always had our request honored, right down to the table location.
  9. Can anyone with experience tell me if the casino line of credit works like a regular marker in a land based casino? We have marker privileges at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, and it was very easy to request fund with only a signature at the tables - no fees. We simply paid off the marker at the end of the trip with a personal check from the bank used to verify the marker before we arrived (or we could have just let the casino deposit the marker-checks we signed at the time we received the funds). The key here though is it didn't cost us anything in fees or interest. Hoping to set up a line for our fall Eurodam cruise to avoid the need to carry a lot of cash, or pay withdrawal fees at the casino.
  10. You make a very valid point - we certainly would be vocal if HAL (or any cruise line) told us we had to pay more. That being said - cruise lines are well within their rights to deny any price adjustment. Airlines have that model, and they take a 'too bad' attitude about price drops that you see just 24 hours after the refundability of a purchased plane ticket passes. The cruise lines haven't adopted that pricing model yet, and as long as they are willing to give the price drop then there's nothing wrong at all with a passenger asking for it.
  11. That's great! I'm a big believer in "If you don't ask, you won't get"...and it certainly doesn't hurt to ask. I know back when we booked on the Westerdam I noticed that the fares for insides had dropped below what we'd paid, and I called my PCC to see if there was anything that could be done. While I couldn't get a price adjustment, we DID get upgraded to a verandah guarantee category. We'd never sailed in a verandah before, so I was pretty excited...even more so when we ended up assigned to an aft on Deck 5 with a HUGE verandah. We haven't sailed an inside sinde… 🙂
  12. Do you have a HAL Personal Cruise Consultant? Years ago when I called to book a Westerdam cruise I dealt with one who has been with me ever since. Any time I have a question, she is the one I email or call direct - about anything HAL related. She turns around responses within 24 hours consistently, and if she's out of the office she has a backup who handles things. I still remember emailing her on a weekend about switching to the Explore 4 promotion, not expecting to get a response until Monday. I heard back from her within hours, and she took care of everything for me right then. I would pick up the phone, call...and get yourself a PCC. A good one can be a great partner when dealing with HAL.
  13. Just went through the process and got the information - the cruise I'm looking at is $259/room more for a refundable deposit, so just about $130pp. Am I correct in assuming that with a refundable deposit, I can ask for and receive price adjustments if by chance the fare goes down? (Been a while since we sailed RCL).
  14. Thanks all for the information...I didn't think to add all the personal information and thought I'd be able to make a choice somewhere earlier in the process. I'll give it a try tonight and see what comes up.
  15. Anyone know the best way to find out pricing with a refundable deposit without making a phone call to RCL? I was hoping to just see where pricing is at before making a call.
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