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  1. With just 65 minutes, I wouldn't count on any time at all. By the time you get parked at the gate, it's going to take a good 10 minutes or more to debark the plane you're on. They will begin boarding your onward flight 40 minutes or so before departure and may shut the doors with 10 minutes to go. Depending on how busy the airport is, you may find yourself with barely enough time for a bathroom stop, never mind waiting in line for food.
  2. Martincath, such a wealth of wonderful information. I truly appreciate your knowledge! How safe and 'populated' is that area around the hotel at night? Will there be other people wandering about?
  3. I saw the 10,000 point offer, but already had the $100 offer loaded on the card. Was just waiting to decide on the excursions before using it. This is the second time I've been able to take advantage of this offer. First was about 18 months ago.
  4. Thank you so much - this is wonderful information! Good to know there are restaurants near the hotel we would easily be able to walk to. It really will be quite a long day of travel as, including the 3 hour layover in Toronto, we'll be on the road about 10-11 hours. It will be nice to move around a bit.
  5. Traveling to Vancouver in October to catch the Eurodam for 11 nights...never been to the city and unfortunately will not have much time at all to sightsee this time. We fly in from the east coast and arrive to YVR around 6pm. I booked a room at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Downtown on Howe Street (on my IHG points) based on proximity to Canada Place. I noticed that have an on-site restaurant so husband and I can get a bite after we arrive, as I imagine we'll be dog-tired from the day of travel to go out and do much more. The one thing I'd like to find, though, is a place to purchase two bottles of wine to carry on-board the next day when we board. Any locals or folks familiar with that area know where we can go? Walking distance, or short cab/uber ride?
  6. My husband and I have been getting the casino rate on all our HAL cruises ever since we finished our first on the Veendam back in 2011. We have never considered ourselves 'big' gamblers and have a pretty strict budget for the casino when we cruise. The only slot-type machine we play is video poker (and that is limited to one $20 bill each day) and for the rest we are on the tables. But even that, we do not spend a tremendous amount of time or money there...we're just there every night, even if it is to watch others play. We also play in the Blackjack tournaments where a $20 entry gets your name on a list. Win or lose, they now know you play. (We've won or placed in two of the tournaments we've participated in too!).
  7. I purchased excursions for my fall Eurodam cruise and had notification of the Amex Credit almost instantly...so yes, as long as you charge at least $500 on the Amex for anything and the charge is for Holland (or any of the other cruise lines this promo is for), you'll get the credit.
  8. Even when the special offers of free/heavily reduced casino fares are not around, my husband and I have had the benefit of casino fares on our bookings. For us, we've always been able to combine the casino rate with whatever promotion is currently running.
  9. If I try to book a 2021 cruise, I can see that the fare code is showing as NX3 but nothing is said about Explore4 or what is included. Do I have to go all the way through the booking process to see the benefits?
  10. Let it Ride is my favorite table game...won that title when I hit four of a kind and saw a LOT of $100 black chips come my way. I it is harder and harder to find it in any casino...I think casinos have learned that letting people claw back bets isn't good for the house. We were at Parx in PA back in December for my birthday and on their huge casino floor we found one Let it Ride table amidst a sea of everything else. I suspect that one will not last long.
  11. Every upgrade offer I've received came after final payment.
  12. When I read about upsell offers like this I realize how different the pricing is based on the ship...itinerary...and just plain luck. I had an upsell on the Westerdam from an inside to a balcony for $50pp on a 7-night that I scooped up, and a Signature Suite to a Neptune on the Zuiderdam for $299 on an 10 night that I took. OP, based on others saying how small the inside is I would definitely go for the balcony if you can. On these longer cruises it is so nice to have a private space to relax.
  13. It wouldn't matter what airline you chose - this situation is not unique to Jet Blue. You cannot just change airports and expect to pay the same price. Most all airlines will allow you to reject a schedule change and choose alternate flights that will work better with your schedule at no additional cost...as long as your departure and arrival airports are exactly the same. Once you want to change the airport, you are changing the trip. As another poster suggested, if there are no alternative flights that will work then Jet Blue (or any other airline) will offer you a full refund and you will then be free to find another airline that offers flights that will work...but you will pay the prevailing rate.
  14. I normally book air on my own but for the Eurodam cruise my husband and I are planning for October we couldn't pass up the savings. We will need to fly from Philadelphia to Vancouver to embark, and then home from San Diego at the end, When I started checking prices for tickets, two seats in Economy were going to cost me upwards of $1500 putting the cruise on the list of 'maybe some other day'. With the air credit though, two tickets dropped to just $400, saving us $1100. We could have saved even more, getting two tickets for just $198 but that had a flight into Vancouver on day of embarkation. We wanted a cushion so asked for a flight the day before. We were able to get a casino rate on the cruise as well, and we had $150 in OBC through our Next Cruise certificates... so the cruise and flight turned quite reasonable so we booked
  15. Finally planning a trip on another blue-hulled beauty...my fourth HAL ship! October 15, 2019 Eurodam 11-nights (4-night Pacific Coastal and 7-night Mexican Riviera)
  16. Those of you who have suggested travel insurance...it likely will not help in this case. The flight is booked, and leaves only a small window for delay. Most travel insurance policies will only cover where a delay is four hours or more...many are six hours...which means one would have to build in at least that amount of time to cover a delay in the travel schedules. If the last time to board is 3:30 then the OP should have travel arrangements that would estimate an arrival at the ship to board at least four hours earlier, or 11:30am. The flight isn't scheduled to land until 11:55, so no way to meet an 11:30am arrival the insurance company would be looking for. The insurance company would have reason to deny a delay claim.
  17. My daughter and her husband had a similar experience with Alaska Air on their honeymoon. They had a carryon that was just slightly larger than the stated sizes...on the outbound they did not get stopped and were able to take it onboard themselves. For the return flight, they opted to not take the chance at being stopped (it was stuffed a little bigger with some souvenirs) and decided to check it from the outset. While I don't fly as often as some others, I find that on almost every flight I take the gate agents offer free gate-check because people are trying desperately to avoid bag fees. I happily gate-check for free - anything to avoid trying to (a) find bin space, and (b) hoist bags over my head in that confined space.
  18. Looking to the travel experts here... My husband and I are flying from PHL to LAS in April on American Airlines - it's a business trip for me (conference) and husband is tagging along, so my ticket is on the Company and husband's ticket is on me. On a whim, I decided to see what I could get with my Amex points and discovered I had just enough to get a first-class ticket for him. Thanks to the incredibly generosity of my boss, he told me I could buy a ticket in first as well and expense it. There wasn't a way for me to get one ticket for cash and one for points on the same locator - I had to get them separately. No issues getting same flights, and was able to immediately select seats for both tickets. I'd like to somehow make sure that AA knows we are traveling together because, well, you never know what can happen. Is there a way to do this, and if so is it just as simple as calling AA and asking them to link the tickets?
  19. On of my most favorite reads this time of year...thank you for taking the time during your travels to paint such wonderful pictures with your words. Can't wait to read about your adventures this trip!
  20. There's a big difference though when it is YOU cancelling the trip vs. the cruiseline. In the case of your Oceania sailing, if the cruise line cancelled the trip then you definitely have a case to roll the insurance to another voyage. The other poster mentioned that you are in 100% cancellation phase...is this true? Have you already made final payment? If so, then you are indeed 'using' the policy to obtain the refund and would not be able to transfer it to a new trip.
  21. The free cruise offers for casino players are almost always last-minute deals, after final payment. They are not always offered on every itinerary and it's always possible that the cruise you booked wouldn't be available. They are designed for people who can cruise last minute and take whatever rooms are left.
  22. We were on St. John four weeks ago, and toured the island. I suggest checking to see what, if anything, is available at Trunk Bay for you to enjoy your beach time. Our ferry crew told us that there were no concessions at all available at Trunk Bay yet due to the hurricane damage. They were selling water, soda, chips and hot dogs for the people to take with them as they said nothing would be available.
  23. It's been a while since we cruised Carnival but are looking at a holiday 2020 sailing for the family. I gather the Radiance is a new ship? We want to sail out of Port Canaveral and it looks like that is what will be offered out of that port.
  24. Just three weeks ago we were on a cruise that stopped in St. Thomas, and took an excursion to St. John's. No one asked for any passport. Just the usual photo ID so we could get back on the ship.
  25. The pages become valuable when one travels to a country that requires a visa. To each his own, and if someone wants to spend the $$ on a card for convenience that's certainly a valid choice. The only convenience I see, though, is that it fits in the wallet. My passport cost works out to $11/year to be able to easily travel wherever I want, whenever I need to. In an emergency, I won't have to spend time in an embassy or consulate to get one. I spend far more per year on a AAA membership to make sure I don't get stuck somewhere needing a tow. My passport is cheap compared to that.
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