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  1. My cancelled cruise was paid in full so it completely covered the minimum deposit on the new cruise. Maybe that is the difference? Just seems odd they couldn't make the new booking for you and just have you pay the difference from the previous deposit. Sorry, I was unable to PM you, I guess that's disabled here.
  2. I went through this two weeks ago. My PVP made the new booking and transferred all the money from the cancelled cruise to the new booking. No additional money needed until final payment. My new cruise is 13 months away.
  3. I also just had a good experience with American. We were scheduled to fly back from Barcelona-Atlanta on July 9th. AA changed my flight landing in Atlanta almost 24 hours later. I was able to get right on with someone at AA Reservations. She cancelled my flight and directed me to the prefunds.AA.com website where it took less than 10 minutes to request a refund for our 4 tickets. Twice it did ask if I wanted a voucher instead and even offered 20% more than the ticket price if I took the voucher. My only complaint is I would have expected an e-mail from AA notifying me of the flight change. Instead I had to look online to determine that.
  4. My mom has cruised a few times with oxygen. Once she found a company that delivered the big tank to her stateroom (it was already there when she got to her room). The second time she brought her tank in her suitcase (it fits perfectly into a hard-sided suitcase she has). Then she uses her portable oxygen concentrator for walking around the ship and shore excursions. She also carries an extra battery for that. She doesn't do any long shore excursions, but requiring oxygen has not stopped her from cruising. She does call the special needs desk on Carnival to let them know she's using oxygen.
  5. Hi, we are on this cruise with you. I see you are from Georgia. I've been looking at multi-city flights out of Atlanta for a few months now. (ATL-LON then BCN-ATL). We are going to London a few days early then staying 2 night in Barcelona. The best I've seen is about $1265 on American. It's non-stop ATL-LON. BCN-ATL stops in Charlotte. Delta has a similar cost but it's a later arrival into London. The Delta flight we want with an earlier arrival is much more expensive ($1800). These prices are for tickets with 1 free checked bag and ability to pick your seats. There are cheaper options on both airlines but with 4 of us traveling, I don't want 4 middle seats. We are staying in London and taking the National Rail to Dover on Sunday morning.
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