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  1. Paid a $500 deposit to NCL a few days ago and the $125 credit has already appeared! Yay!
  2. Yes, apologies. I’ve been looking at the Carnival Radiance. For an example of this “convertible bunk” phrasing =, take a look at the deck plans’ description of Cabin 2347. In contrast, Cabin 5301 would be an example where Carnival describes an “upper pullman”. I’m puzzled as to the difference between these two bed styles.
  3. Looking into booking a short “back-to-cruising” cruise with Carnival for the first time in quite a few years. We will be travelling with a 12-year-old and were looking at an Oceanview or Balcony. We’d like to keep the sofa bed in its “sofa” setup for our trip, so I was poring over the deck plans to see what our options are. I noticed that some rooms indicate they have a “single sofa bed with convertible bunk,” while others list “one upper pullman and single sofa bed.” Can anyone explain the difference between Carnival’s “convertible bunks” and their “upper pullmans”? My Google imag
  4. So when a cruise gets cancelled, am I correct in understanding that NCL will give one 10%-off coupon to each person booked on that cruise (or at least the first 2 guests)? Unless I misinterpreting, the responses above seem to indicate this is the case. So when my May 2021 cruise eventually gets cancelled, I should expect one 10%-off coupon to end up in my Latitudes acct, and one in my wife’s acct?
  5. Speaking of percents-off discounts, this came up in one of the other threads I'm on, and I was wondering if anyone on here knows the answer: So, if NCL cancels one of my cruises, their practice has been to offer me 10% off a future cruise. Question: If NCL cancels another one of my cruises, can I "stack" the second 10%-off discount on top of my first discount for 20% off a future cruise? #askingforafriend
  6. Hold the phone! Does that mean the 10%-off discounts are stackable? So if I have a cruise in May and a cruise in June that NCL cancels, then can I use both discounts to get 20% off a future cruise? Or will it just be 10% off each future cruise that I book?
  7. Aha! So it would seem my May cruise will shortly turn into a 10%-off coupon.
  8. I wonder when NCL will make a decision on May. Think it will be mid-February?
  9. I seem to recall having seen a third-party cruise price tracker out there recently, but I can’t remember what it’s called at the moment.
  10. This is true, but I don't think a vaccine for the under-16 set is on the immediate horizon. (We were recently asked if our daughter would want to join the clinical trial, so at least one kids' vaccine is still gathering participants.) I guess it will depend on whether and which cruise lines establish a vaccine requirement to embark on a sailing.
  11. Am I crazy or did the "30% off" deal remain while the kids sail free offer was ceased?
  12. Also worth keeping in mind is that a vaccine-required cruise will affect the demographics of who can cruise at that time. As no vaccine for kids under 16 is ready yet, mandatory-vaccine sailings will probably only be open to those aged 16 and older.
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