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  1. Reminds me of the Norwegian Epic. To me, that ship with those cabins above the bridge is ugly and Oasis is now looking similar. Still, excited to be on her back to back 1st and 8th Dec - we had 3 weeks of cruises cancelled in April due to the incident so will be nice to finally get aboard
  2. We always take our towels back but we've had charges for towels posted to our account on the last day. We had to wait in a large line to get them removed. Many others were doing the same thing - its happened once or twice.
  3. Not sure if it was because the new terminal in Miami had just opened but we did our first back to back last year and the process seemed a bit of a shambles. We all lined up to be led through an empty immigration area with no one there to look at any documentation and lots of starts and stops and it felt like an age before we were allowed back on. Lots of yelling about not opening our new key envelopes until we were just about to board the ship etc - felt like cattle being led around 1. Is the process a bit slicker now? 2. I'm travelling with some family on Oasis soon and they've never been to Miami and I'd like to take them to South Beach or another day trip. Can we just ask to leave the area so we can head out for the day as quickly as possible and not reboard the ship? Thanks
  4. I hope they keep a ship in the Middle East but with their prices so cheap at the moment then it may not be profitable. I've got 2 weeks late Jan/Feb on Jewel in a balcony for a really good deal. I'd do New Year as well but the flight prices are too high!
  5. We always shower before and after the pool but many others don't unfortunately. We'll need to disagree but would love the same rule change as Norwegian.
  6. I'd prefer it wasn't allowed. I've seen drinks being spilled and think its a bit unhygienic. Hope Royal follows Norwegian on this. Also don't see the fascination for people sitting in the pools for hours on end drinking and sometimes the pool becomes too crowded!
  7. I've only ever started or ended cruises in Barcelona and never had time to visit properly but intending to do so. If you haven't done so, next time you're over in UK recommend you try to get a couple of days in Scotland where I live - only an hours flight from London - it's beautiful. Have a great cruise
  8. Hi I would play it safe and get a later flight. I've done this journey before several times and nearly missed my flight once due to an accident. The M25 can be a nightmare and is ALWAYS busy. I'd go for the later 2.20PM flight as you need to allow for check in etc.
  9. You probably can't use it now unfortunately as you haven't booked within 30 days. They're strict with this now. They did make an exception for us when there was a mix up with the voucher so no harm in trying your luck.
  10. Find your comments one-sided. I've seen plenty of Americans and other non UK passengers queuing up to remove auto gratuities. RCI should only adopt a policy like this if it applies to ALL bookings - not just those in UK. To introduce a policy just for UK based cruisers is discriminatory and I doubt Royal would get away with it if it was a UK company.
  11. When booking on the UK site and you select MTD it forces you to prepay tips. I just booked 2 cruises last week. Even calling UK number the agents say the same.
  12. Hi We're thinking of doing a 7 night Empress cruise next year and have read that there are no Diamond or Concierge lounges on the ship. I know we'll get our 3 drink coupons as D+members, however will miss my free cappuccinos in the lounge and the continental breakfast somewhere quiet. Does RCI give any additional extras to make up for the lack of lounge etc?
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