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  1. We are your parents' age. We have been on over 50 cruises on various cruise lines, of which 10 were on HAL & included both NA & K'dam. Personally I would suggest Nieuw Amsterdam out of the 3 you have proposed. (Also we enjoy Princess & Celebrity). After 10 years of saying we would "never" go on Royal Caribbean's large Allure of the Seas or Oasis of the Seas, we went on Allure in February (5 wks after K'dam) and LOVED Allure, the entire ship is lively, its wonderful shows and has a vibrant atmosphere.
  2. bakcd: The 1st 21 day Alaska cruise of Maasdam in May started May 7 and ended May 28. You may want to change the title of this topic or start over. The 2nd 21 day Alaska cruise of Maasdam started May 28 and will end on June 18. There is a live blog being written by a woman on the current cruise. You 2 & we are both sailing on the 3rd 21 day Alaska cruise of Maasdam which starts June 18 and ends July 9. So far not much info from the 1st cruise that ended on May 28....
  3. Where did you find that? Wish they would offer a discounted-cost package to people already booked as a pre-cruising special, like Royal Caribbean does.
  4. What did the frig cost to have in your cabin? Great idea to get it!! Where did you put it -- under the desk? THANKS SO MUCH for the information, RuthC (see you on board 6/18) and Rajkr74. Rajkr74: Do you have any comment or suggestions about the ports, excursions, weather, clothing, etc.? When did ship hold Trivia? And was Happy Hour 4-5.....heard it was in both Crow's Nest & Ocean Bar?
  5. We have often found that the US & European outlets are so close next to each other, such that it is hard to use both at same time....you think that might be the case on Maasdam??
  6. WOW, that could certainly affect my 2 upcoming cruises this summer!! We have a 21 nt Holland cruise all around Alaska mid-June and a 13 nt Princess cruise up east coast of US & Canada to Quebec!!
  7. Before posting my question here, I called into HAL today to about outlets -- I don"t know if I got a NEW gal or what, BUT she said the ship had only US outlets, and had one at head of the bed. I was concerned that might be wrong, so that's why I posted. The duct tape is a GREAT idea!! Hoping someone who just got off Maasdam today might possibly see my question & chime in.
  8. Anyone know how many regular US outlets are in Oceanview cabins (not Lanai) on the walking deck, where head of bed is up against window. Hubby has a CPAP machine to plug in. I am sure there is 1 or 2 at the desk. We will need to plug in chargers for my cell phone & tablet, plus run the CPAP machine. We may also be bringing his SoClean machine too. (In case I decide on an upsell & end up in a Lanai or Verandah, how many & where are outlets in those cabins.) THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  9. YES you should BLAME Celebrity for the departure design -- Celebrity built an entire NEW terminal just for the EDGE. Considering Celebrity & Royal Caribbean are "sister cruise lines", I would have thought Celebrity would have been more successful at this new design of ship & new terminal. I thought there was much closer communication in management of those 2 lines. We think RC "hit the ball out of the park with the bases loaded" when they created Oasis, Allure, etc. Class and the new terminal in Miami for those ships. After years of swearing we would never take a cruise on those monstrosities, we swallowed our negativity & went on Allure this past February. We were shocked how easy & quick it was to go through the embarkation in Miami at the new Terminal, and a week later disembarking was a breeze!! (And how much we loved the layout, atmosphere, and especially the shows.) One month prior to Allure, we took a cruise on Koningsdam. Embarkation was an unbelievable massive mess with a nightmare of a long slow line and total lack of efficiency!! Holland needs to go watch how RC gets people onto Allure and get busy solving their problems. Koningsdam may be HAL's "biggest" ship but has considerably fewer people than Allure.
  10. Just heard on my local TV news that 2 flight planes in Ketchikan collided mid-air today.....4 people all dead from cruise ship on one plane; 10 people on other plane & 9 were rescued.
  11. Just heard on TV news that 2 flight planes in Ketchikan collided mid-air today.....4 people all dead from cruise ship on one plane; 10 people on other plane & 9 rescued. (Off Topic somewhat but had to mention....)
  12. KWB: So sorry to read your disappointment with the excursion to Worthington in Valdez. We have been to Valdez on an RV driving trip to AK. It was the last week of May and we drove down the highway to Valdez and were after passing the Princess Copper River compound, we were stunned at the glaciers so close to the highway and seeing the pipeline along the road. We stayed 2 nights in Valdez in the campground across the road from the marina. Going back to Valdez is one reason of several as to why we booked the 6/18 cruise at the last minute.....what's so interesting about Valdez is that the whole town had to relocate to its current location after the 1964 earthquake and tsunami that obliterated the original location of Valdez.....back on our RV trip, we took the Columbia Glacier trip....
  13. RMLincoln -- I am very glad you posted your question here because I learned some very good info from others' responses!! I am sorry you weren't able to work out a satisfactory cabin and enjoy this unique itinerary. We also got the last H category on the 6/18th sailing. You ought to rethink your latest decision. We have stayed in HH & H cabins in years past and were perfectly happy with the location. (Of course, if they wanted to upgr me to a lanai, I would not object. But was NOT ready to pay the extra $1000pp to get one.)
  14. Last Wed. we booked the June 18th sailing of Maasdam 21 nt to AK. So I have been checking on the various stops. (We did the 14 nt AK 4 years ago, stopping at many of the same places. Now I am especially interested in the new stops for us: Haines, Valdez, Wrangell, Port Alberni & Astoria.) Last night I found a Port Alberni local newspaper article that says the community is planning a big festive celebration for the day the Maasdam visits this year, 1st cruise ships to their city since 2013!! And the article apparently 4 Indian tribes will be "escorting" the ship through part of the 25 mile long inlet closest to the city. I am intrigued how FAR our ship goes into that inlet to get to that little city! Our cruise is at Astoria on a Sunday, and each Sunday Astoria has a huge Sunday Market downtown, covering several city blocks with various vendors (art etc), food, music, wine tasting, etc. Learned about this last night too. I posted links to each of these activities on our Roll Call last night.
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