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  1. In 2016, we got Royal Caribbean credit cards when booking a family cruise for 17 people. We used some points for onboard credits on our Allure cruise in 2019. Now in 2021 points are expiring and I would like to use them, but there are NO cruises to take and the only other options for using points is RC merchandise (not interested) and charitable donations (which RC chooses). I can't buy onboard credits since I haven't booked a cruise and that's because I see no hope of any cruise ships going anywhere anytime soon!! So I am about to lose $150 worth of on-board credits. I am caught bet
  2. I am sure I will get alot of negative comments about my statement below, but I am saying it anyway: Honestly I don't understand what the issue is now with Canadians not wanting Americans in their city/country. The covid # are getting lower & lower. Schools in many areas have been open. Things are opened up. It's CNN & major media that are hyping covid, which was the worst in the larger cities. So did the covid virus not show up in Canada? (FYI: I am 79 yrs old, and educated.)
  3. Every one of us assumes risks every time you go out of your driveway, or take a flight, or go anywhere. You could have an accident, you could encounter germs anywhere....
  4. What will happen if Canada doesn't open its borders in 2021 for cruises that begin or end in Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver? And also including stops in places like Victoria, Halifax, Sydney etc? We are supposed to be on Zaandam mid-April for the repositioning from Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal for the Canada-New Engl sailings. Since it is departing from Ft. Lauderdale, is it conceivable that the "foreign port" could be Bahamas or Bermuda if Canada still closed, and cruise would skip Canada cities and could end in Boston. OR guessing HA would be likely to have to cancel us. Anyone hav
  5. Our "last cruise" was Feb 5-19, 2020 on the Veendam, 2 week B2B. We went with good friends we had met on Veendam June 2013 & vacationed with several times a year since. We also were on that "last cruise" with our dear neighbors, who have cruised with us for at least 11 cruises on HA, Princess, Celebrity, Royal & Viking. This group of people planned & booked to go on Veendam again the last week of Jan 2021, but before V was sold, we all decided the cruise atmosphere probably would not be to our liking, so we cancelled. Instead we are going to rent a large home beachside in F
  6. We were last on Maasdam in summer 2019 from June 18 to July 8 for a wonderful 3 weeks cruise from San Francisco up to and all around Alaska. It was a fabulous itinerary that we booked only a few weeks prior to that cruise! Orig I wanted us to do it in 2020, but it was never listed for 2020. Very thankful we grabbed a spot on that cruise! And met some wonderful new friends through our roll call and on board!!
  7. We plus 5 friends cancelled Jan 24 Veendam cruise a week before the announcement of sale of Veendam. All 7 of us got full refund of deposits & insurance within 5 days of cancellation, despite being told refunds would be in 30-60 days. Bookings were made directly with a Holland PCC.
  8. We and 5 other friends had placed deposits for a cruise on Veendam for Jan 24, 2021 for a week cruise. Then we worried that the 7 of us would not be able to congregate on the ship as we have done every year in the past, so we all decided to cancel and rent a large house in Florida. Called in to cancel just after 4th of July. We found our deposits credited back to our credit cards by July 10!! We were told it might take 60 days!! I was amazed when I saw the refund so soon! Interesting to note, we had not used a travel agent as we typically do -- we all used a HA Personal Cruise
  9. There are 7 of us, close friends (3 couples and a solo), who have booked a HA cruise for last week of January 2021. We have all booked oceanview cabins located fairly close together on same deck; we like to gather together for dinner, for drinks, for trivia.....maybe not all 7 together for breakfast or lunch. Some want room service; others like to go to dining room. We all have been on numerous cruises (we have done 60) and none of us have ever been sick and never have gone to the medical facility on any cruise. We don't use public restrooms too often, preferring to use it in our c
  10. We were on Maasdam last summer, late June 2019, for the 21 day round-trip Alaska from San Francisco, and we found NOTHING at all wrong with the ship, except smoking odors wafting from the Casino into Explorers area and Mix. But that's going to be the case on the R & S class as long as there are no doors on the Casino area and as long as smoking is allowed there. I wish the Casino would have several No-Smoking days/nights at the Casino.
  11. Restricted means non-refundable deposit, which means you cannot re-fare it if better deal comes along b4 final payment. You have to buy the HAL insurance to be able to have right to cancel b4 final payment, but you only get 90% of deposit back. For our next January 7-night cruise in H category, the difference betw the 2 fares was only $100, but both refundable & non-refundable fares had "Have It All" amenities. In balcony categories, the price difference is more.
  12. I am researching this topic now for a late January 2021 cruise on Holland America. I looked at https://www.porttb.com/parking about parking costs at the port, based on which cruise line you are using. I learned that our 7 nt HAL cruise will cost $105 for self-parking or $125 for valet parking. At https://www.porttb.com/cruise I found a brochure about the Port of Tampa that includes information including hotel advertisements: https://en.calameo.com/read/004673538f6dce564bb4. I also checked a private company, Park Connect, which I learned costs $10/day. Apparently
  13. As I said over a week ago, I was "going to book" a Zuiderdam Canal, but my "special offer" expired quickly for those cruises. Instead we and some "Veendam friends" booked the 7 nt western Carib cruise Veendam Jan 24-31 sailing from Tampa, with the Have It All amenities. We prefer the Spring sailings for the Atlantic cruises, whether going north or going to Europe, because those Aug-Sept-Oct sailings are subject to possible hurricanes.
  14. Booked 14 night Zaandam Apr 17, 2021 up east coast to Montreal. Going to book a 10 or 11 night Zuiderdam to Panama Canal roundtrip FLL in late Jan or early March 2021.
  15. I was thinking perhaps some have headed to whereever the ship is supposed to be for the summer/fall sailings if & when cruising begins again. For example, some might be waiting in Europe, some on the west coast in case Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico cruises begin. But I can understand about sailing to Phillipines or Indonesia to pick up crew.
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