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  1. On my last RCL cruise I fell in love with the jalapeño cucumber margarita. Only one bar had it and that bar is not on Radiance. Does anybody know if this amazing drink is served on Radiance??
  2. When reading about The Radiance - several things are mentioned in the "Things to Do" section -but I don't see them in the cruise planner so I an purchase. Specifically - Murder Mystery Dinner, Jewlery Making and Scrapbooking. Some of the others are there - and I bought them like Cupcake Class, Sushi Class etc. Is this typical? When do these things show up usually? Thanks!
  3. What is a tutti salad? (I hope this doesn't have some inappropriate meaning and I'm going to be embarrassed I asked this question lol)
  4. I will be cruising to Hawaii in September 2019. The first 5 days are Sea Days. What do YOU like to do on Sea Days?
  5. Last fall on Vision of the Seas - I fell in love with the Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita found in the R Bar. My next RCCI adventure will be on Radiance of the Seas. There is no R Bar on Radiance...... Does anybody know if any of the bars on Radiance have the Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita?
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