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  1. When reading about The Radiance - several things are mentioned in the "Things to Do" section -but I don't see them in the cruise planner so I an purchase. Specifically - Murder Mystery Dinner, Jewlery Making and Scrapbooking. Some of the others are there - and I bought them like Cupcake Class, Sushi Class etc. Is this typical? When do these things show up usually? Thanks!
  2. What is a tutti salad? (I hope this doesn't have some inappropriate meaning and I'm going to be embarrassed I asked this question lol)
  3. I will be cruising to Hawaii in September 2019. The first 5 days are Sea Days. What do YOU like to do on Sea Days?
  4. Last fall on Vision of the Seas - I fell in love with the Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita found in the R Bar. My next RCCI adventure will be on Radiance of the Seas. There is no R Bar on Radiance...... Does anybody know if any of the bars on Radiance have the Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita?
  5. @johnamac - Thanks for the reply - I want to make sure I understand - the Surge Protector portion is the problem? So I can just bring a plain old power strip and that will be ok? In my head - I thought surge protectors may be required or something........
  6. My group travels with a bunch of devices. Tablets, phones, Apple Watches, etc.. How do you handle keeping things charged? How many plugs in a room are there that can be used for charging? I've heard there is one in the bathroom - but it goes out when the light goes out - is that true? Can you bring a power strip? Can you bring a Surge Protector? Has anybody tried the tower things that have a bunch of USB ports but only needs to be plugged into 1 outlet? Help!!!
  7. I renewed mine via mail in April - 2 weeks from when I dropped it at the post office until it arrived in my mail box. You can do the whole thing via the mail - just fill in the forms on line, print, attach your pic and check and send on out. They even send you a confirmation via email and a link to track it with.
  8. What are the laundry options available on board? Going on a 12 night cruise - Will need laundry at some point......
  9. About to do 12 night RCCL - on October 9th - - My first RCCL cruise - here is the itinerary: Quebec City, Quebec Sea Day Corner Brook, Newfoundland Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Saint John, New Brunswick Portland, Maine Boston, Mass Bar Harbor, Maine Rockland, Maine Sea Day Newport, Rhode Island Cape Liberty, NJ
  10. On RCL - Vision of The Seas departing 10/11 - - - we were notified of slower speeds - but the only change is we arrive an hour later in Corner Brook - at least that is the only change so far......
  11. Yay - I'm glad to hear that my pink sweetener will be available!! Thanks everybody!
  12. Can anybody tell me what sweeteners are available? In particular I am hoping for Sweet and Low........ If it's not there - I'll plan to bring some..... I'll be on the Vision of the Sea's if it varies by ship........ Thank you in advance!!
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