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  1. We loved every minute but got a bit wet first day in New York on Liberty Island. We'd do that cruise again😁
  2. Amazon have loads at various prices but as you've said in plain colours or paisley colours mainly. I saw some great silk ones in Bloomingdales and Saks on a recent Aurora cruise but put them down quickly when they were more expensive than my Cerutti suit.
  3. Thanks very much for all of your advice I think we shall take our suits as I've just learnt to tie a bow tie and it's a shame to waste the skill 🤣
  4. Thank you for your reply It's much appreciated. Having cruised on mainly P&O, Royal Caribbean, Thomas Cook & NCL We don't bother with all the prissy cocktail parties we have had our fill of tuxedos and suits especially in the hotter countries and didn't want to pack one, just smart casuals. We use the ships like a means of transport, they offer us little in entertainment they get us to where we want to be in relative comfort as we can no longer fly I really wanted to know if we were going to be escorted out of the bars like we were on P&O's Arcadia a few years ago for wearing just black shirt and trousers as was the woman who reported us to the head waiter who then asked us to leave she was allowed to stay. So I would like to know if this is going to happen again🤣
  5. Hi I'm trying a Fred Olsen Cruise on Balmoral for the first time in November. We are getting a bit fed up with enforced formal nights and have been banned from certain areas on other ships in the past. I would like to know if it's only the main restaurants and or bars, lounges and if so which ones, thank you.
  6. Since you are of "neither eilk" why worry? I am not a recovering alcoholic but I am gay and I wouldn't be going to a LGBTQ+ meeting on any ship they aren't very well attended in the main
  7. What I got refunded in OBC wasn't anywhere near the difference in price between the two fares. What I am saying is the Saver fare in my case would definitely have been the better choice in the long run you live and learn.
  8. Thanks Jeanie that's why I was a bit disappointed that I could have done the same at saver rate and saved more not really benefitting from select fare as I said
  9. Not enough on board credit to pay for the select dining🤣. Sindhu on Arcadia was fabulous, on Aurora not so. We had fabulous meals in the Glasshouse and Beach House though with wonderful staff and service. Yes the bill was a bit of an eye opener and I was a bit annoyed they took a payment without letting us know until after it was taken two weeks into the cruise. Yet some people struggled using their onboard credit go figure🤔
  10. No I had to pay extra on top of the select fare to ensure my midships cabin wasn't moved. I could have paid extra at saver fare for the same.
  11. We have just returned from a 30 night cruise on Aurora R318 to Canada and North America. We booked Select Fare but received no benefit from it We never ate in the main restaurant only speciality dining which we paid extra for. They did not put on any shuttle buses apart from a free one in Boston We had to pay extra for a central cabin to prevent us being upgraded? to a cabin aft or stern So we may as well have paid saver fare we won't be bitten by that one again😥
  12. Formal nights tend to fall on sea days so most people have time to get ready. They are very rarely on days in port as most people are off on trips. The final formal night is usually the evening prior to the final sea day so everyone can get packed ready to disembark. Things can change though at a drop of a hat nothing is set in stone. Although we always pack formal wear we often forget formal nights in favour of complete comfort and do our own thing away from all the stuffiness.
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