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  1. Hi- I haven’t looked lately but when I was trying to decide the schedules for the fjord tour and the train schedules weren’t available. I have a general idea though now and after your input I changed our plans a little so thank you.
  2. Thanks! I was thinking I may need to bring two jackets. I was trying to avoid that but after seeing both of your responses I think I will need both the parka and a lighter jacket. Between being too cold and overheating it's a challenge to pack light.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and help. Yes NH is home but you'd never think it was NH these days as we have zero snow and it's quite warm!
  4. First time to Norway and first time on a cruise. We are doing a roundtrip Havila cruise from Bergen in mid May 2024. I’m struggling with what to pack. I understand the layering concept but how warm do I really need. Ie a parka? I realize this is a well discussed topic but I can’t find much on the Havila string and the excursions and nights on board on deck aren’t really discussed much as far as clothing. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ah so true. I forgot about the time schedules of those two in Flam. Hard to fully decide when the schedules aren’t out yet for May. Thanks for the insight
  6. I am now thinking about the Norled ferry from Bergen to Flam, seeing that area and then taking the train to Oslo. over 2 days. We'd have the afternoon in Flam to do the Naeroyfjord and viewpoint I think. We will have just gotten off a roundtrip Havila cruise. Does this make sense and do you have any comments about the Norled ferry Thanks again!
  7. Thanks again. Not knowing anything about disembarking from the shop would it be crazy to try to get a train the afternoon ie 15:30 to Flam? Saves us a three day stint of one night stands in different hotels
  8. Wow fast response. Thanks! I was looking at Norway in a nutshell and staying over in Flam. Thought it might be too much of the same (as the cruise). Sounds like it’s worth it. We fly in and out of Bergen. And we are doing a May cruise so booked the winter excursion to Geiranger. Hope May wasn’t a mistake. Airfares are crazy so opted for half the price in May.
  9. If we do the Havila roundtrip cruise is it still worth going to Flam from Bergen. We have three days after the cruise before we fly out. Choice would be to see more of Bergen or take a train etc to Flam and back in 2 days. Thoughts? Thanks?
  10. First timer to Norway. Looking at May, June or July on Havila. Probably round trip. Any thoughts on the best time to go? Mostly interested in seeing the fjords at their best but would love fewer people.
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