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  1. They made the announcement that our rooms were ready shortly before 2pm. We are in room 9242, which is a Club Balcony Stateroom, which basically just means we get a slightly larger bathroom with a double sink. There's less storage than what we typically have and no drawers at all (besides in the bathroom). Not ideal, but we'll make do with the storage available to us. -----
  2. We made it onto the ship shortly after 11am and one of the odd things about it compared to other embarkations was that once you boarded the ship, you had to walk down the length of the ship on the exterior between the ship wall and the lifeboats. This perhaps wouldn't have been a big deal except that we were stuck behind a very slow walker so it seemed to take forever before we actually made it inside the ship (on Deck 7). The very first thing we had to do upon boarding was check-in at our muster station, which for us was E-2 on Deck 6.
  3. We ended up being the 2nd group boarded (following ADA) so we did get on the ship a bit early so that was nice. If you have an early check-in time then maybe it's not worth it, but if you have a later check-in time and want to get on early, it may be worth purchasing. I'll let you know how things go beyond that as the week progresses.
  4. This is a strange way to look at parents providing opportunities for their kids. Boomers were gifted the greatest economy the world has ever known, and I'm truly happy you guys had that opportunity, but it's weird to think we're the ones raising kids to be entitled (with a silver spoon). However, simply because we choose to give our kids experiences that we didn't have growing up, doesn't mean our kids are growing up with a silver spoon. The reality is we (Millennials) simply value different things than your generation did as parents. We value experiences and want to have them with our kids while they're still young... But that's not spoiling them, that's simply recognizing that making these memories is more important than anything else to us.
  5. The fun begins! We had a 9:30am check-in time and they promptly started letting people in at 9:29am. We made it through Security and Check-In before getting settled in our seats to await boarding in just under 30 minutes. They notified us boarding will begin shortly after 11am so we have around an hour to hang out while we wait. Note: We purchased Priority Access, which I read is probably not worth it (but I'm stubborn). So far nothing we've experienced has been any different than anybody else (outside the Haven), but that isn't an issue since it was quick enough already. I do think we will get an earlier boarding time when they start calling zones, so there's that. ----- Arriving at the Terminal / First Look at the Encore ----- Bag Drop ----- Clearing Security ----- No Lines at Check-In (yet) ----- Obligatory Embarkation Photo Op ----- Boarding Lounge ----- Refreshments in Boarding Lounge -----
  6. Yes, that's what we've all been discussing in this thread the past couple days.
  7. It was what convinced us to book on the Sun Princess but it's definitely not going to ruin our cruise that it's no longer available. We sailed on the Celebrity Ascent with our kids over Christmas last year and they had an amazing time, so I'm sure this will be no different!
  8. It's interesting how we all find our own reasons to like/disklike things. The dynamic pricing of things with RCCL/Celebrity is one of my favorite things about them as it gives me a reason to check on pricing each day, keeping the excitement alive as I try to find the best deals. It's like a game and I definitely enjoy that.
  9. That is my fear! I'm sure there's a correlation between people who smoke and people who gamble, but I wish they'd have a separate casino for smokers like some other cruise lines. We went to Vegas last year and my wife was coughing for a week following our trip and her doctor said it wasn't a cold/COVID, it was just due to breathing in the smoke in the casinos for a week when her body wasn't used to it. On a positive note - it's great to hear your grandkids still enjoyed the Sun... I'm confident mine will as well as I know Park 19 would have only filled a few hours of 7 days at most anyways!
  10. I appreciate that, thank you! We have a check-in time of 9:30am so it won't be long now!
  11. That's even cooler... My son would probably ask you a hundred questions if we met 😂 Happy sails wherever you're off to next!
  12. Thank you for the heads up on the go karts... Hopefully we'll have a similar experience! Are you in the sign industry by chance? Or are you a designer?
  13. It was a busy day in the city with such perfect weather but we really enjoyed it. We're doing az Boeing factory tour before we head home, excited about that as my son (8) loves aviation. We're fortunate we only had a 15 minute delay on the trip here... There are several I've seen in our roll call who are going to miss the cruise and have to meet us in Juneau 😔
  14. When was the last time you sailed on Celebrity? That definitely has not been our experience. We are looking forward to trying the Sun Princess (our first Princess cruise, which we booked specifically because of Park 19), but I fear the smoking in the casino will be too much to enjoy it. Such a nasty habit and I'm disappointed that what's supposed to be a premium cruise line still allows this.
  15. I'm not saying you're wrong, but don't you think they would have known about the costs and associated risks with this in advance? I suspect it's something different they didn't anticipate (i.e. maybe the rides were louder than they thought it would be and they realized it would upset a lot of their passengers). Either that or there was a defect in the construction that they determined could not be overcome. The press release also seems to blame the builder (they won't accept delivery), which I don't think they could get away with if it was related to liability or maintenance. I'm guessing we'll never know for sure.
  16. Do you guys think we'll ever know the reason WHY this fell through? This is a pretty epic failure and I'd be genuinely curious to understand what went wrong.
  17. I agree with your healthy skepticism but Cruise Fever said the information came directly from Princess. I'm not saying they're right, but they'd be doubling down on a bold-faced lie to say that if its not true (vs. crediting the source to another blog or whatever).
  18. Looks like they say the statement was sent directly to them by Princess. "Princess Cruises sent the following statement to Cruise Fever:"
  19. Disappointing but at least now we all have closure knowing these will not be opening. Now to decide if we still want to set sail on the Sun Princess with our kids over Thanksgiving! (I'm guessing the answer will be yes)
  20. I'm sure we will be back in time to get the shuttle, but if an Uber/taxi are available (as numerous people told me there were), I'd much rather spend a few bucks for that than wait in a long line for a shuttle.
  21. I guess we'll be the guinea pig to see if there's enough time! I asked in a roll call group on FB for a recent sailing about getting to the ship and they said Uber and taxis were available, but I will confirm once we're there.
  22. Got it - I'll see what I can do to get you some answers! I can answer a couple of these for you on already based on my research: Ketchikan: The Encore docks at Ward Cove which is roughly 7 miles from the town. The last shuttle back leaves at 11am but All Aboard isn't until 12:45pm (so we'll likely grab an Uber vs. waiting in long lines for the shuttle...taxis are also an option). Formal Night: Surprisingly, there doesn't appear to be a formal night on the Encore. The theme nights are Glow, 80s, and Latin Night. Their branding is "Free at Sea" so I guess having a formal night doesn't fit into their vibe. I'll get you answers about Chai Tea Latte + Cart/Laser Tag reservations!
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