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  1. That is not an option for those who cancelled before the cruise was actually cancelled. FCC is the only option you have. We cancelled our August cruise right before final payment was due, it ended up being cancelled anyway. But because we cancelled, we had to take the FCC.
  2. This is exactly the issue. Because we have 2 kids in 2 different schools with 2 different holiday breaks, we are VERY limited on when we can cruise. We can basically do Christmas or summer. For summer, we can do the last 2 weeks of August because of sports. So we have about 4 weeks a year that we can vacation as a family.
  3. My 2 bedroom Aqua on Harmony in August was $14,000 for 4 people. I was expecting a little higher than that for Christmas, but not $52,000.00 Yikes!
  4. My FCC has to be used on a sailing by December 2021. What are the chances that I will actually get to use it? We had a 2 bedroom Aqua Suite on the Harmony that we cancelled for Aug 2020. We had to take the $1000 FCC because we were in a suite. We have to vacation when my kids are on vacation from school, so I thought I would look at maybe booking something for this year between Christmas and New Years in the same kind of room. I found a cruise on the Symphony in the same room and do you know what they wanted for 4 people in that room? $52,000!!!! But hey, that number included a $23,000 discount so the original price was $75,000. They have GOT to be kidding! So with ships still not sailing and ALLLLL these people that have FCC's to use, what are the chances that we are all going to be able to use them? And then what happens if we can't? They need to really extend these FCC's for 2 to 3 years so everyone has a chance to use them.
  5. I didn't have any good options for lift and shift. The only one that had my room available was going from an Oasis class ship to a smaller ship for the same price. No thanks. 😞
  6. Unfortunately I think you are right. But the final deposit is $10,000 so I am not really wanting to shell out that kind of cash and then hope I get it back in a timely manner. I checked to try and book a cruise the week between Christmas and New Years to use my FCC from my August cruise. For the same type of room we had booked (2 bedroom Aqua Suite) they wanted. $52,000. You read that correct. And that was with a $23,000 discount! Ummmm no. Not gonna happen.
  7. Right, so if I apply my FCC that expires in Dec. 2021 to my March of 2021 cruise and then cancel.....then I should get 2 FCC's that both have an exp. date of March 2022, correct? Or does the one that originally had an exp. date of Dec. 2021 still have that exp. date. Does that make sense? I am confusing myself just by asking. And no clue if we will even be able to use both with a March 2022 exp. date either. I really wish I could just get my money back.
  8. We currently have 1 that needs to be used buy December 2021. We cancelled the cruise (which ended up being cancelled anyway) but had to take that FCC because we were in a suite. We have another cruise (in a suite) booked for March 2021 that we are iffy on. If we cancel that we will have another $1000 FCC that we need to use. My question is, what if I apply my current FCC to my March cruise and then cancel? Will my exp. dates be different giving me more time to use them? There is no way we will be taking 2 cruises by December of 2021 and I don't want to lose $2000.00. Going forward I will most likely not be cruising with RCL as we only sail suites (that is what works best for us) and I hate that there is no refundable deposit option.
  9. Thank you all so much for this information. I used the online form to see what is available and unfortunately only 1 ship had the same stateroom available and that would mean going from the Oasis on a Western Caribbean/Perfect day cruise to the Freedom of the Seas Southern Caribbean, which we would not be interested in.
  10. But my FCC has to be used on a sailing before Dec 31st, 2021 so I could not use it for a March 2022 cruise. That is why I am concerned that I am going to lose that $1000 because I do not see us being able to cruise before it expires.
  11. We are booked on a March 2021 cruise and I am thinking about doing a lift and shift to 2022, but have a few questions. BEAUTIFUL30 We are in a 2 bedroom royal suite and those rooms are very hard to come by. What happens if I cannot find the exact same room? Am I just out of luck? Can I even do a lift and shift with a March 2021 cruise? It seems like maybe they are only allowing it for 2020 cruises. I am just really confused about all of it and not really sure how it all works. It seems impossible for me to find the exact same itinerary with the exact same room available within 4 weeks of my original cruise, for a 2022 cruise. I have looked and nothing is available for that room and we only really have a 1 week period that will work for school schedules. So I would have to find a Western Caribbean/Perfect day that leaves out of Port Canaveral in a 2 bedroom royal suite. Seems next to impossible. All of this has been really frustrating with the non-refundable suite deposits and it all makes me feel like I will not cruise for a long while after all this is settled. We cruise in suites because that is what works best for our family so it really sucks to have money sitting out there. We cancelled our August 2020 cruise because we could see the writing on the wall so have a $1000 FCC that is sitting out there that we have not been able to apply to anything yet (and I fear that it is going to expire before we can) and now with this March 2021 cruise, if we cannot lift and shift we may have to cancel that too. From what I understand we cannot use both of these FCC's for the same cruise so will have to book two separate cruises to be able to use my $2000 in FCC.
  12. Never mind, I just noticed that they revised my exp. date to Dec. 2021. I do still wonder if they will extend these as more months go by and there are no cruises sailing. It seems when they finally open up it will be a mad rush of people trying to use their FCC.
  13. So we have an FCC ($1000 for the suite deposit) and it expires 05/28/21. Any thoughts on if this will be extended at all? I don't anticipate booking a new cruise anytime soon and would hate to lose that
  14. Got it, thanks for the quick reply. I didn't think so, but knew that someone here would know WAY better than I would.
  15. We have a cruise booked for March of 2021. We are thinking of moving that to the same week, just a different ship, with the new ability to do so without penalty. My question is about deposits. So we currently have a suite booked with a non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 for the 4 of us. There are no suites we are interested in on the cruise we are looking to move to. So my question is, if we move to 2 balcony rooms can we choose a refundable fare and then that deposit becomes refundable if we decide to cancel the cruise all-together? Does this question even make sense to anyone, because I am getting a headache reading it myself! LOL
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