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  1. I packed everything that morning and nothing happened to the suitcase between our hotel and me giving it to the porter. So something happened to it between them taking it and me getting it in my room. Everything was tapped shut with packing tape and placed in a ziplock. I don’t know what else would cause this to happen.
  2. Is there anyway to make sure your suitcase is on the top of the pile? My cruise 2 times ago it must have been on the very bottom of a very heavy load because all my toiletries had exploded (thank got they were in ziplocks) and I lost about 1/2 of everything that was in each bottle. The time after that we did star class so didn't have to worry about that but in a few weeks I will be giving my bags to the porter to throw on the cart and wonder if anyone knows how to get them on the top of the pile.
  3. Yes for both. Only ate in the MDT once and CHOPS twice.
  4. We were on the Harmony in March and we were never charged for anything we got in any of the restaurants. We went to CHOPS and ordered many items for dinner just to try them and it was all included.
  5. I do this as well. It has come in very handy the couple of times things have not come back. We got everything back, but the pictures helped greatly. Also helped us to realize that the items were missing as we were able to compare what we sent with what came back. I can never remember that information.
  6. Are the rooms actually any different or are they the same and one just has Sky Class perks and the other Star Class perks? Also, do all Star Class CL Suites overlook the ocean and not the sport court? We are considering bidding on an upgrade from the Sky to the Star class CL Suite but would like to know the difference and want to make sure we are not getting a sport court view VS the ocean view we already have. Thanks!
  7. We are also from Minnesota and while we haven't sailed RCL out of the upper east, we have done NCL breakaway in March. For us, it is something we will not do again. The first 2 days of the cruise were really cold (jeans and sweatshirt) and the seas were rough. We all got seasick one night. We have never gotten seasick on any other cruise. Someone else might have a differing option, for us, it did not work and we won't do it again.
  8. Kind of annoying since I don't know the different between the cost they are asking and the actual price if I just did it on my own. I guess we just bid if we want to don't expect anything since those rooms are not even open.
  9. I got a royal up offer today for 3 different rooms. 2 of the 3 rooms are not even showing as available when I look it up to see the price difference between what we are already paying and what the royal up offer is. Is this normal? Why would they give us the opportunity to upgrade to rooms that are not available? The three rooms are: Star Loft Suite - Star Class Aqua Theater 2 bedroom - Star Class 1 bedroom aqua theater room - Sky class We are currently booked in a crown loft suite - sky class.
  10. We liked Oasis, but liked the shows on Harmony better. It is just my husband and I this time on Allure, so we don't need all the bells and whistles that Harmony has. I have heard the most positive about Allure and it seems that everyone loves it.
  11. That would be ideal and I looked into that. Unfortunately they are all sold out already.
  12. Bummer - thanks for the clarification. I cannot spend $550+ for just 2 of us so we will have to figure something else out.
  13. I am so happy to see this review. We are headed on her in October and I cannot wait! We have sailed Oasis and Harmony so I am anxious to try Allure!
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