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  1. Where does everyone find these amazing travel agents? The one I use only offers me $100 OBC, and that is in a grand suite.
  2. Thank you for this. Our last cruise we were star class so had no issue getting an OTW cabana. This time though, we are not doing star class. It is great to hear that you loved the ones on Nellie's. Do you still get an attendant that brings you drinks?
  3. We are staying in a grand suite, which I know allows us access to the suite beach on Labadee. However, we really want an over the water cabana and those I know are reserved for star class people first. Our plan is to reserve one on Nellie's beach and hopefully luck out and get one on barefoot beach instead. If that does not happen, our plan is to just keep the one on Nellie's beach and go there instead. I am afraid we will be missing something if we do this but OTW cabana's are the ONE thing that we really want to make sure we have on this trip and I don't know that I really want to chance it with waiting. Has any suite passenger not gone to the suite beach and regretted it and can give me some guidance if this is a good move or not? Thanks!
  4. We went on Oasis in 2016 and our 7 year old at the time LOVED the kids club. We literally could not get her out of there. We loved all the staff in her room. Our son was 13 and he thought it was OK. He met some friends and hung out with them quite a bit. Fast forward to 2018 and we went on the Harmony. We were really excited because we thought the kids would again like spending time in their rooms and we could have some alone time. They both HATED their time in the kids club. My son never went back after the first night and did not meet any kids he wanted to hang out with. My daughter went 2 more times, just to see if she would like it better, and she didn't. The staff in both the kids rooms were indifferent and not very friendly at all. I really think it is a crap shoot with what you get as far as counselors and kids in the room.
  5. That is correct - we needed instruction as none of us had been on one before.
  6. We booked a private hour when we sailed her in October. I believe the cost was $500 per hour for the private.
  7. We are in Sky class on our October cruise and would really like to do an over the water or close to the water cabana. I know those are first come on the suite beach for the Star class guests and we have to wait until on the ship to be able to book one. My question is, can I book one on Nellie's beach and then cancel that if I end up getting one on the suite beach? Would I get a full refund for the Nellie's beach one?
  8. Good idea! We will have access to the suite deck which is normally a quieter place to relax. Maybe the bartender there can mix me up something wonderful.
  9. That would be awesome. I mean, I love my frozen fruity drinks, but there is so much sugar in them and sometimes, I just want something light and fruity.
  10. White Claw is 5% alcohol, so not just regular seltzer water.
  11. They are really popular and strangely refreshing. I am not usually an alcohol drinker, but I do love these little cans of sunshine.
  12. Well that really stinks. We are Sky class this time (in October) and were going to book a cabana over the water like we did last time. We were star class last time so got first pick, but that really stinks that now only star class is allowed to book them. If any suite class is willing the pay the same price for them, then they should be able to book them if they are available.
  13. They get first pick, but other suites can book them if star class does not. That is how I understand it.
  14. It is hard seltzer water with a wonderful light flavor. It comes in Black Cherry, Raspberry, Grapefruit, Mango and Lime. I really dislike regular seltzer water, but this stuff is amazing. 100 calories, 2g of sugar and low carbs.
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