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  1. The one issue on Brilliance is the casino entrance by the elevators on Deck 6. There was a guy smoking, sitting at a slot machine reading a book. His smoke drafted into the entire area of the elevators. I complained to the casino attendant but to no avail. He couldn't have care less. On Anthem they at least moved the smoking area away from the entrance through the Music Hall. 🍷
  2. I haven't a clue, but I can tell you this -- you will get way more sun in the Aft than you will in 6143. 🍷
  3. My first TA years ago when I first started cruising was my wife's friend, and I didn't get anything either. Now I have a new TA, and I get 10% OBC after taxes & port charges. 🍷
  4. The afts on the M-Class have huge balconies -- 1/2 covered with canvas for shade, and the other 1/2 you can sit out in the sun if you like. I would switch to an aft if one is available. 🍷
  5. You need to check on the ship when you go back off when you should be back. They will have posted times for the crew and for passengers. If you miss the ship, my guess is you are on your own to get back at the next port. 🍷
  6. I would plan in parking in the outside overflow parking. 🍷
  7. We bought one on Millennium in July. It wasn't the latest model, but had oodles of memory for downloading lots of movies. Yes, you can get a cheaper ipad model at Costco, but you have to do your homework ahead of time. It was worth it for us because we had so much Celebrity OBC to spend. 🍷
  8. You just go to the roll call connections page, pick the ship, then scroll down to the roll call date. It's not rocket science. 🍷 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/127-celebrity-β€œconnections”-roll-calls/
  9. If there is no Roll Call, start one yourself. Other than TA's I've found that most Roll Calls are very slow. 🍷
  10. It depends on itinerary and whether or not your ship stops in a non-EU port. 🍷
  11. No. They add VAT only if you "purchase" a drink at the bar. You will get a slip to sign for the cost of the drink, the gratuity for the drink, and the VAT for the drink. 🍷
  12. We did a TA from Rome with a port visit to Barcelona. We were warned by the crew that while in port we would be charged the VAT on bar purchases. 🍷
  13. We're doing a 7-night Med cruise next month out of Barcelona and not stopping at any non-EU countries. I've been warning everyone on the Roll Call to purchase your food & beverage packages thru the Cruise Planner ahead of time because they will be subject to the VAT once we are on board. Most likely the VAT will include purchases in the shops when they are open. 🍷
  14. I would stick with 6294. Your obstruction is most likely looking down as part of the Qsine/Tuscan dining area sticks out and you can't see down directly to the water, but no obstruction looking out. With 6270 you are more likely to be obstructed with a lifeboat and/or its davit. 🍷
  15. We have stayed in the Starboard ones many times, but now with the new refit, the entrance to the Tuscan Grill is back aft by the aft elevators. You can only get there by using the aft elevator (of course) or from Deck 3 down the starboard passageway where 3112-3144 are located. It just makes it a tad less private. Other than 3112, I think 3115-3127 are more desirable, in my opinion. 🍷
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