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  1. Fly to Venice and take Rhapsody 23-30 Oct to BCN (very port intensive), spend the night in BCN, then embark Harmony. We're on that one then taking Vision back to FLL on the 30th. 🍷
  2. I called and just paid for the Air only so I could book seats. Will just pay for the cruise itself on final payment 90 days out.🍷
  3. Just departing Europe and purchased 100 Euro thru the ATM. My bank did the conversion, and it charged me the Interbank rate of $110 and change. The ATM asked me if I wanted to let them do the conversion into dollars. It would have cost me $123 and change. Always charge in Euro (or local currency) and let your bank do the conversion. 🍷
  4. Glass doors after the refit. Still small, though. 🍷
  5. We booked choice air flight to Venice on Swiss Air. Tried to get seats assigned, and Swiss Air would not let me select seats until flight paid, so I went ahead and paid instead of waiting until final payment. 🍷
  6. I'm wondering the same. Maybe there's some info on the Ports of Call board. 🍷
  7. Oh, the Hubby is right again. The ship will escort you off and back on. Not your luggage, though. LOL. You should be able to get off in FLL to head to Publix to get your provisions. There will be a separate line for you guys, along with crew to reboard. 🍷
  8. Unless they've changed it since this past July, Elite gets 30 items (20 on shorter cruises), and Elite+ gets two 30 items. It doesn't matter whether you use 1, 2, or 3 bags, it's the number of pieces (a pair of socks = one piece). You have to turn it within 3 days prior to the end of the cruise. Check with your stateroom attendant for the cutoff date. 🍷
  9. The ticket machines are in a little alley way that separates the main terminal from the parking garage. When we returned there were a couple of guys assisting. 🍷
  10. The Key on our Brilliance 7-night Med cruise was $19.99, and just the other day it dropped to $17.99, so I cancelled and rebooked. Right now as we speak, it inched up to $18.99. I booked it because we are on a port intensive cruise with two tender ports. Just the convenience of getting off the ship earlier is worth it for me, not to mention the internet. The lunch is a plus, but won't be able to take advantage of breakfast and early disembarkation since we are staying on for a B2B. 🍷
  11. I seriously doubt they will be cutting a connection into the bulkhead between the two cabins. 🍷
  12. You start from the Hump and count from there, both forward and aft. Here's a thumbnail of what I mean. 1249 would correspond with 9243. Forget about the connection as it won't apply unless you are actually "connecting" with the stateroom next to you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1136984-equinox-cabin/?tab=comments#comment-23009392 🍷
  13. For a Sky Suite, you should have gotten more than $200 from your Travel Agent. If you paid (for example) $6,000 total for your Sky Suite, a good TA would give you, at a minimum, $500. 🍷
  14. Some folks want to do that. 🍷
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