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  1. I just the other day booked a cruise for April 2022 and used my FCC for deposit. My FCC was for $1545, and the deposit would have been $900. I didn't want to shell out that much money that far in advance, so used my FCC for a fully refundable fare. I booked this direct with Royal and then transferred to my TA. A couple days later the price went down, and I got the price adjustment, but they had to reissue me a new Res #. 🍷
  2. Yes, I remember, and the captain plotted a course close to shore to avoid most of the weather. We were having dinner back in Tuscan when the ship turned and hit a swell. We could hear all the dishes from the kitchen crashing on the floor. When we got up to the stateroom, I had wine bottles on the floor that fell off the shelves. Luckily nothing broke. It was probably the worst weather we've had in all our cruises. 🍷
  3. You can purchase a "Coco Beach Club Full Day" pass to an area with private pool and upscale buffet thru your cruise planner. Depending on the sale, it could be anywhere from $122pp to $70pp. 🍷
  4. Just google Anthem of the Seas off the coast of NJ with 30 foot seas and 100 mph winds. We've had extreme seas just from the 2-day transit from NJ to Bermuda. 🍷
  5. I'm surprised they book out over 13 months +. I just did a dummy booking for $438pp for 24 Oct 2021. Not a bad price. 🍷
  6. We did the L&S for our B2B in January 2021 as we don't think they will go and don't want to make final payment. We opted for the L&S because we also had non-refundable fares. Don't forget, that option ends on 30 September, unless they extend it, which is no guarantee. 🍷
  7. Yes, Barcelona to Port Canaveral. This is our first time on this large of a ship. We do love both the Millennium and Solstice Class. 🍷
  8. Harmony of the Seas is doing a 14-day TA next Fall with only one port. If you don't like sea days, this would not be the cruise for you. 🍷
  9. All the Fall 2021 TA's are available for booking. 🍷
  10. I can't recall this ever happening before, but it seems when I tried to access a Roll Call, I had been logged off from Cruise Critic and had to relog on. It happened twice today. I hadn't cleared cookies, cache, history, browsing data, etc. Anybody else have this issue? 🍷
  11. I booked a cruise direct with Royal using FCC. I had a balance of around $500. I transferred the booking to my TA. A couple days later, I was checking on prices, and when I added up my FCC and Balance, there was a price reduction. I contacted my TA to get it adjusted, and Royal adjusted the price but had to give me a new Reservation Number. That was strange. 🍷
  12. We did our first Eastbound TA, and my wife didn't like it at all. In addition to all the 23 hour days, we had 7 days of relaxation, then boom, boom, boom, 4-5 port visits then hop on a plane and fly back to the U.S. She likes the Westbounds. Take care of the ports first then then 6-7 days of relaxation prior to arriving back to the U.S. The six 25 hour days also helped. On one sailing we arrived back in port the day daylight savings went off, giving us a 7th 25 hour day. 🍷
  13. Usually items in your Cruise Planner will go on sale. You need to check it out to see. I know last year on Black Friday, excursions, dining packages, internet, etc., went on sale with some nice reductions. On one of our sailings we had 2 perks, and they offered all 4 perks so we were able to upgrade. 🍷
  14. For the one that was denied, you have to have booked on 1 June 2019 or after to be eligible. You have to look at the guidelines regarding a couple other caveats to see if they applied to that booking. I submitted my requests electronically, and received responses within a few days. 🍷
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