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  1. Our friends from Canada always book with our U.S. TA. They get 10% OBC after taxes & port charges. For example, if your cruise costs around $3500, taxes & port charges will be around $500, so my TA gives us $300 in OBC. If we don't spend it, it's refundable and gets credited back to our credit card. We're experienced cruises, so don't need a CVP to take care of us. Don't really need a TA as I make all the arrangements myself, but why give up free money? πŸ˜‰ 🍷
  2. Actually, we fell into it by mistake. We booked a last minute cruise to Bermuda, and the guy who had it upgraded to a suite, and it happened to be available when we booked. It was a C2 at the time before they Solsticized and added AQ and Blu. 🍷
  3. I remember when my local pub was afraid to go to non-smoking because of losing business. Well guess what -- they gained business, and the smokers stayed but just went outside to get their fix. The bartender, who has been there for years, said he knows of only one patron who hasn't come back. I'm sure a lot of people won't go into the casino because of smoking. I won't, unless I'm running a slot pull, and then choose a non-smoking side of the casino. It's too bad the smoke won't stay on its side of the casino. I would think the true gamblers would still go, even if they had to take a break and go outside to get their fix. I complain every time I board a ship to the casino manager (who doesn't really care), and to guest relations. Maybe they'll get the word. 🍷
  4. We had a stateroom under the solarium, 9043, and there was the T-pool pump room across the haul from our cabin door. The only noise I heard was a sporadic towel cart rolling across the floor above. 🍷
  5. The smoke would draft out from the casino entrance into the elevator area, and you couldn't avoid it. There was one guy sitting on a stool by the slot leading into the casino just smoking and reading a book. Those people should be sent out to the outer decks. 🍷
  6. β€œRepeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” -- Joseph Goebbels 🍷
  7. Just be aware that Westbound TA's early in the season are subject to hurricanes. We did a Westbound on 1 September out of Amsterdam, and halfway across the Atlantic the Captain came on to announce that there are 4 hurricanes around us, and we are going to miss them all. We ended up in Tampa, and the hurricane hit in the Carolinas. It was nip & tuck getting back home avoiding the flooded areas. 🍷
  8. Sorry, but there are no staterooms on Deck 4. Not sure what your budget is, but the O/V's on Deck 3 are a good bang for the buck. Stateroom 3115-3127 are newly added since their last refurb. They are in a great location on the ship, and have a huge picture window. They are in a private area of the ship with little to no foot traffic except for those who stay there. Based on your itinerary, not sure you would get a lot of use of the balcony in a balcony stateroom. P.S. This is a popular cruise. Don't expect any price drop. 🍷
  9. Those are just their typical/normal stateroom attendant duties. Doesn't sound like anything above & beyond to me. 🍷
  10. Depending on the ship, some of the wines with the premium package can be iffy. I always bring on 2-4 bottles of wine especially for beef nights and bring a glass or two from our stateroom to the MDR. 🍷
  11. I was on Brilliance and earned my block on day 11 of a 15-night cruise. When I inquired about it with the loyalty ambassador, I was told that the shore side had sent them a number of blocks for this cruise, and mine was not among them. I would get it on my next cruise, Explorer. I told him I didn't want an Explorer block -- I wanted one where I earned it. One showed up in my stateroom the next day. 🍷
  12. I would stay put with the aft location. I like being near the aft elevators. 🍷
  13. The bed if by the balcony, and you can take that to the bank. 🍷
  14. The OP never specified what class ship, as each is a bit different. Bottom line, it's location and whatever Celebrity can get the most money. 🍷
  15. There hasn't been a lot of good reviews, especially concerning the noise from the Sky Lounge. When they were new, I think they were AQ staterooms, but now they are 2C, I think because of the noise and location. Personally, I would look at getting a Sweet 16 if going for a 2C category. The Sweet 16 cabins are the first 8 on the port & starboard side on Deck 6. They have double the balcony size. (6016-6030 and 6021-6035). P.S. Welcome to Cruise Critic. 🍷
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