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  1. We stayed a few days in Bucharest after a land tour and used the Hop On Hop Off bus to get around. One of the stops was at a lake and we enjoyed an afternoon there. We stayed in the old town and walked around that whole area. If you will be there a few days you might look for a tour up into Transylvania. Lots of history and some interesting castles. We really liked the area.
  2. According to Wikipedia (don't they know everything?) the American Duchess can carry 166 passengers and 80 crew. That keeps them below the 250 maximum! Here's hoping it will soon be cruising.
  3. For river cruising in the US, American Steamboat Company will require the COVID vaccine for both passengers and crew as of July 1, 2021. Their website says that maritime workers are in one of the priority groups so they expect the crew to be fully vaccinated by July. I am hoping they will be cruising by then! We are booked for an August 1 cruise from Minneapolis to New Orleans and really looking forward to it.
  4. Last week we booked the August 1 cruise on the Duchess. Are really hoping that this one will be able to cruise as we have had 8 ocean cruises canceled and are giving up on booking those again until they actually restart cruising. We have had the vaccine, both shots, so are good on that issue. I'm not sure how important the testing will be if everyone is vaccinated, but our package includes a hotel stay the night before and says we will be tested when we check in. Hopefully by the time AQSC requires the vaccine most of the US population will have it available.
  5. We just booked the Minneapolis to New Orleans cruise on the Duchess for August 1 so are hoping that all the fleet will be cruising by then. Of course, we hope all the major cruise lines will also be sailing by then. We have been fortunate to already have both doses of the vaccine so that is not a worry for us. AQSC must feel that by July anyone who wants the vaccine should be able to get it.
  6. Our longest cruise so far has been 43 days from Southampton to Perth, Australia. Never got tired of it. Have also done a couple 25 days and several from 14 to 19 days, frequently combined with land travel extending the trip to 6 or 7 weeks. We have a 41-day cruise booked for 2022 ( to replace the trip we had to cancel last year). We enjoy the sea days and love traveling the world. Really hoping we will be able to do it this time. Have looked at the world cruise for 2023. Can't do the whole itinerary, but am hoping we might be able to do a segment when Princess decides to break it up. It tak
  7. Well, this opened my eyes. We've cruised with both Princess and Cunard multiple times and I never noticed that the member number is the same. I just checked and it is. With all the numbers and passwords I have to memorize, cruiseline member numbers are not one of them. I know that Princess and Cunard share office space, and at one time my Personal Cruise Consultant could make reservations for either of them. Sure would be nice if the perks were shared.
  8. We were expecting this. It doesn't say anything about requiring the vaccine YET. We are now on the inaugural sailing of the Mardi Gras since everything prior to May 29 has been canceled, but we will be surprised if it happens. Not thrilled with the requirements, especially the limited shore excursions, but will be on the cruise if it goes.
  9. Usually OBC does not transfer. However, when you rebook you can try to negotiate to have it reinstated or at least find out if that promotion is still in effect. I don't know about Carnival but I when I rebooked my canceled cruises on Princess to next year I was able to get part of my lost OBC transferred, but I had to ask my PVP to request it.
  10. Intrepid, sorry to hear your Legend cruise was canceled. We were planning to book that cruise but fortunately hadn't done it yet. We have FCC from previously canceled cruises but every time we think we have something we want to book it gets canceled. We booked the May 29 Mardi Gras cruise last fall when our New Years cruise was canceled and now it is the next to go. Still hoping we will actually be on what will now be the inaugural Mardi Gras cruise, but not counting on it. Hope your refund comes through soon.
  11. I am hoping they are only working on the website. We are booked on the May 29 Mardi Gras but it's looking less likely all the time. It was a rebook from the New Years cruise canceled some time ago. We've been considering a Sept. Mediterranean cruise but that has also disappeared this evening. Looks like it may be 2022 before we can cruise again--if the cruiselines are still in business by then.
  12. We are booked in cabins 5385 and5389 which were recommended by our PVP for their quiet location. It looks on the above plan that they are located below the restrooms adjacent to the Fortune Teller bar. Guess we'll find out how quiet they are IF we get to cruise on May 29. We like the cove balcony from the other ships we've been on and have never had a noise problem. I hope the diagram above helps you to make your choice.
  13. I suspect there will be some vaccination requirement to travel, such as the yellow card I carry with my passport any time I go to a country with a risk of yellow fever. My husband and I were fortunate to get an appointment and received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine last week and will get the second dose 4 weeks from the first. I know from others that the rollout of the vaccine varies from county to county in Florida and some have been very disorganized. We are lucky to be in a county with a good appointment system, so far only for healthcare workers and anyone over 65. When we received
  14. We have cruised all over the world and consider encountering other languages part of the experience. We have done only one Mediterranean cruise on Carnival and as I recall all announcements were in English. However, if you cruise on Costa or MSC expect that all announcements will be in multiple languages. On one ship when the cruise director made announcements each sentence was repeated in six languages before he went on to the next sentence. You really had to listen closely to catch what you could understand! However, on most ships the entire announcement was made in one language before goin
  15. It's a gamble. If you book Early Saver and then cancel you lose the $50 each change fee, but if you book the higher rate to assure a refundable deposit and you cruise you will probably pay at least $50 more in the fare. Look at all the fare possibilities to see what perks might be offered with each, such as onboard credit or reduced deposits. Everything is so uncertain right now it's impossible to know when it is safe to book. I'm hoping our Mardi Gras cruise at the end of May (rebooked from canceled New Years cruise) will be going this year but it doesn't look promising.
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