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  1. I just checked Carnival website and it still says our 9/4/21 cruise on the Mardi Gras has not been cancelled. Hope it's true!
  2. If this is legitimate, it is really good news. Now the cruise lines have to bite the bullet and require all passengers must be vaccinated. How else will they be able to determine who can and who cannot go without a mask outdoors or go into port independently.
  3. You can cruise some of the inland rivers now! The ships are not quite the same but it gets you on the water. Since most of our booked ocean cruises have been canceled, we have decided to cruise the Mississippi this summer. It will be our first time for a river cruise in the US so we are really looking forward to it. Also, the American Queen Steamship Company is requiring proof of COVID vaccine as of July 1 so we feel we will be safe. They also cruise other US rivers besides the Mississippi. Of course, we are still hoping that sanity will prevail and the ships will be cruising out of Florida so
  4. I don't know if you in the UK are treated differently, but last year I had no trouble cancelling a booking and then rebooking to take advantage of a promotion. Of course, the cruise was eventually canceled (it was for New Years) so I lost the advantage of the promotion anyway. We have rebooked on the Meraviglia for Christmas this year so have fingers crossed that this time it will go, even though the price was higher and much less advantageous promotion than last year. Are you within the final payment period? That could affect their willingness to make a fare adjustment. If not, I'd try again
  5. We've been very happy with our PVP, especially as we work through a number of cancellations. She recommends the best cabins available in the category we want to book and follows up with us on any changes. If possible, it would benefit you to establish a relationship with a PVP before you are ready to make a new reservation.
  6. Unfortunately, some of the above suggested round-trips never happened due to COVID. Our last 2 transatlantics were in August 2019 on Cunard. We took a leisurely 19-day cruise on QE from Ft. Lauderdale up the East coast through Canada, Iceland, and the British Isles to Southampton. Spent 3 weeks in England and Scotland then cruised straight back from Southampton to New York in 7 days on the QM2. Cunard usually crosses either east or west every week so you can combine this with any other line's crossing to cruise both ways. I agree, it sure beats flying!
  7. We have done 9 transatlantics and 2 transpacifics so far. We were booked to leave for a Sydney to LA transpacific in 2 days when COVID cancellations hit. Although we have cruised most often on Princess for these we have also done long cruises on Cunard, Holland America, Costa, MSC, Celebrity, and Carnival so have experienced a variety of onboard activities. As mentioned before, there are usually some very interesting lecturers on the sea days. We've done a variety of arts and crafts, book clubs, afternoon tea, dance lessons (hula lessons when cruising into Hawaii), contests and games of all so
  8. Amen! The latest requirements sent out by the CDC might have been relevant 6 months ago, but there have been many changes in the last 6 months not the least of which is availability of the vaccines. Instead of adjusting safety measures to account for the decrease in cases, thereby decreasing the chances for exposure to the virus, they are advocating unreasonably strict rules for cruise ships. In other venues they are relaxing the safety measures, such as not requiring masks when outdoors if you are vaccinated, but continue to "punish" the cruise industry. I am one who hopes all the cruise lin
  9. It appears the CDC proclamations get crazier and crazier. Have any of them ever been on a cruise ship? First they say that the ships have to do test cruises--just what would that prove since every group of passengers is different? Then they offer the option to skip the test cruises if (almost) everyone is vaccinated to make it unlikely that the virus will spread. But then they add regulations that might have been appropriate before vaccines were available but are unreasonably restrictive if vaccinations are required. Nobody wants to become ill on a ship and we are aware that safety precautions
  10. Another here with fingers crossed that the Sept. 4 Mardi Gras will be a go. I suspect that the July cruises and maybe even August have a good chance of cancellation, although I hope not. I'm in the require the vaccine and let's get the ships cruising group, but even that is uncertain here in Florida under the current legislation. Hoping the CDC or some federal agency can overule that stupid law..
  11. I hope all of you above will get to cruise in October and November, because if you do our Christmas cruise will be a go 🙂! We were booked on the Seaside last New Years, which obviously was canceled so are hoping for better luck with the Meraviglia this year.
  12. Since the medical community around the world thinks that the vaccines are the best chance to come out of this pandemic, I don't understand the reluctance to participate in controlling the disease. From the trials that have been completed the risks for a fully vaccinated public to contract the disease are extremely rare. Not impossible, but what in life is without some risk. I hope that all the cruise companies will adopt a requirement for their crew and passengers to be vaccinated, as many already have. It may be the only way to get out of the grip the CDC has on the cruiselines. For those peo
  13. We are also casualties of the cancelled Emerald cruises to Fiji then to LA. Third year in a row our Fiji cruise has been cancelled and 2nd time for the Trans-Pacific, plus this year we were booked to stay on the Majestic to Hong Kong. The cancellation email suggested switching to a Jan. 2, 2022 date for Fiji, but that won't fit our schedule. Plus I would guess a Jan. date would be less likely to cruise than a late March date. Don't understand the logic of these cancellations, but Princess is making it difficult to even plan a year ahead. We're ready to give up on going back to Australia any ti
  14. Our alternate plan is a cruise on the Mississippi River with American Queen Steamboat Company. Since those boats are small they aren't under the CDC conditional sail order and have already restarted cruising. Also, beginning July 1 they are requiring that all passengers and crew be fully vaccinated for COVID. We cruise August 2 from Minneapolis to New Orleans.
  15. Carnival just changed their stance on the possibility of home-porting ships in the Caribbean, so I think they will follow the other cruiselines in requiring vaccines, at least in the first few months of restart. The decision may be out of their hands if the ports they plan to visit require the vaccine. Hopefully, if they do require the vaccine this will enable them to again cruise from US ports earlier. Personally, I think the CDC has been unreasonable in their treatment of the cruiselines when other forms of travel have been continuing with little interference. With the vaccine rollout it is
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