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  1. Norovirus is transmitted by surfaces. It's been a perennial risk on cruise ships, but norovirus didn't kill self-serve buffets. They just used servers during outbreaks. Apparently many people like serving themselves. Unlike norovirus, coronavirus is mostly (almost exclusively?) transmitted through the air. The risk of buffets lies in the crowding, which is much like the risk posed by the theater, tenders, and many other things. Once they "solve" the virus problem in a way that allows a restart of cruising, buffets will still be around. I'd expect to see servers, etc., during a transition period, but even those steps could fade away over time as normality returns.
  2. Well, I too have just learned how to use the "ignore" function. So happy I will no longer see someone's selfish, self-absorbed, impulsive, simpleminded and unhelpful posts!
  3. Good point on the luggage. Taking everyone's temperature sounds like an easy step until you think through the ramifications. Fever is a common symptom for all sorts of infections and chronic conditions. If everyone with a fever is denied boarding at the last minute, will they (and their travelling groups) get their fare refunded? Who would pay thousands of dollars for a cruise if they risk forfeiting everything if they get a cold the day before it leaves? Travel insurance often provides coverage only when there is hospitalization, not just a mild fever. Then of course there are the facts that many infected people won't have fevers. Or could be taking medication to reduce a fever.
  4. All these ideas would mitigate the problem, but frankly this makes me more pessimistic that cruising will return before a vaccine. These ideas nibble at the edges, but nothing here avoids the big problems: 1. Presymptomatic or asymptomatic people can still board with the virus (and pick it up in ports). 2. A ship is an inherently crowded place. To create real social distance, the number of passengers would have to be reduced so much that fares would be too high. 3. All the wiping and sanitizing is well and good, but of limited effect on a virus that primarily transmits by air. 4. The crew lives in crowded quarters and can carry/transmit the virus even if the passengers board virus free. 5. What exactly is supposed to happen when people suddenly get diagnosed w/COVID during a cruise? Free medevac home? Put them off at the next port? Confined to quarters? Stop the whole cruise and sail home ASAP? Confine everyone to quarters? The virus is prevalent enough that cases will often arise mid-cruise.
  5. I count 14 pallets of supplies, which they wouldn't need to deliver if they were docking somewhere asap. I'm guessing another night cruising in circles for these poor people.
  6. The meeting between cruise executives and VP Pence is set for 2:45 pm ET. I suspect it's more show than substantial meeting, as it's also supposed to include Florida's senators and other politicians. There is also reporting that Pence will announce a plan for the Grand Princess at that time.
  7. Another possible destination is Oakland/Alameda, including next to the USS Hornet. A lesser used dock would be desirable as the ship may be tied up for some time. If they continue sailing in circles tonight (as they have all day), it suggests they are staying closer to the Bay Area.
  8. Apparently they are awaiting test results on 45 people. Something constrained them from testing more. Logically, the 45 people they selected for testing would be those who were most likely to test positive, including the 10+ passengers and 10+ crew reporting symptoms (especially the B2B passengers among them). The question is--what are they going to do if they get a bunch of positives? If they get many positives, it means there are lots of infected people on the ship.
  9. The timeline would be consistent with possibly many people being infected on board right now: 2/11 Grand starts 10 day Mexico cruise 2/19 passenger starts to show symptoms ( and thus became infected early in the cruise) 2/21 Grand returns to SF; leaves for 15 day cruise to Hawaii soon thereafter: passenger is hospitalized (news says he had "very little" community contact between cruise and hospital) 3/3 passenger dies Apparently 62 passengers to Mexico did B2B and are on the ship now. It is possible, but seems unlikely, that the deceased passenger was the only one infected on the Mexico cruise. Current infections on the ship could have three sources: (1) 62 B2B passengers; (2) crew; and (3) "new" passengers who boarded 2/21 (this category would be independent of prior infection). Bottom line, it's entirely possible there are many cases on board now. The problem is that people who were recently infected (and asymptomatic) can test negative. That's the point of a longer quarantine. Even if you get immediate medical care for all positives, what do you do with everyone else? You can't keep them on the ship after the Diamond Princess--but there is a risk involved in letting them all walk off. So unfortunate.
  10. This makes sense, although I'm hoping we get some clarity by June, at least as to the Millenium. I'm not sure what outcome to wish for at this point (cancellation by X or not). It certainly seems like this virus will get a lot worse before it gets better. And people from all over the world will descend upon Tokyo for the Olympics.
  11. We booked our airfare using points, so if the cruise ends up being cancelled we'll have to pay a fee to American to cancel our flights and restore our points.
  12. What are your thoughts: will Celebrity return to Asia this Fall? I know I'm asking for speculation. But since I've got a Best of Japan cruise booked on the Millenium for Oct. 11, I'm naturally curious and a bit anxious. Both Millenium and Eclipse have Asia itineraries in the Fall. Any thoughts on what will happen? Our final payment is due in July.
  13. Flight to Texas (CKS581) just took off. Flight to California looks to be a few minutes behind. Trackable on Flightradar24.
  14. We're booked on the Oct 11 2020 Best of Japan on the Millenium. Final payment is due July 6. We wonder what will happen in the Fall and figure we'll know more by the time we have to pay the balance.
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