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  1. do a Live Chat once you are on MVJ and they will answer your questions.
  2. yes, they offer different types of massages and they are wonderful. I think you can only book after your reservations open. I always get a 50 minute Swedish massage and it is so relaxing. You can also specify if you want a male or female masseuse when booking.
  3. I always get a Swedish massage on our cruise. As others have said, some massages are good and some are great. You must also request if you prefer a male or female massage therapist when you make your reservation. I didn't get the scalp treatment on my last massage and missed that. It feels so good. Also, on my last cruise, In January, slippers were missing in the lockers. I asked what happened to them and the therapist said people liked them so much they took them, so you might want to bring the slippers from your room.
  4. I was getting a burger at the Pool Grill and the lady behind me ordered a cheesesteak minus the bread. I have never heard anyone order that before but it sounds good.
  5. I was in a room on the 5th floor and there were three washers working and two dryers. One dryer was out of service last week. Separate machines.
  6. Very interesting. I have never heard of such a thing. Can you take a photo and post it?
  7. Your mom looks great for being 85. Bet she enjoyed traveling with you to help her, too.
  8. I sent several items to the laundry to be done. They still accepted items to be laundered by them when the common laundry facilities were closed. Their prices are very reasonable and turn-around is very quick. Rick, do you have a photo of you and your mother you can share? You can send it to me at my email if you want: h2otstr at aol dot com.
  9. We just got off the Viking Sea a couple days ago and this cruise was the first time we have not had a slider and I really did NOT like having that small window and the skinny door. This was our 6th ocean cruise and I just forgot to look at the door type. There is so much more to see with the sliders.
  10. I didn’t think the insects were that bad. We did see several on one of our morning walks around the outside deck. We weren’t batting them away but we did spray before our excursions. Lots of small flies.
  11. There was a man wearing his robe, no shirt underneath, at breakfast this morning 🙄. And another man came into the World Cafe at lunch and put his shirt on once inside the restaurant instead of putting it on by the pool and then walking in. Where do people learn these types of manners. 😬
  12. I am on the Sea right now and if there are two shows they are at 6:30 and 9:15.
  13. Can anyone who has done this tour with Viking describe what the tour was like?
  14. I read on MVJ that we have to complete a special form to enter Puerto Rico. I haven't gone through the whole application yet, but just wanted to alert everyone in case one doesn't know about this. I found it under Before You Go. We also have to complete the VeriFly form to enter Brazil.
  15. We did the Machu Picchu trip, too. We did the Irrawaddy with Grand Circle. I saw the new expedition ship... WOW.
  16. We are taking this cruise at the beginning of January 2023. We also did a river cruise with Vantage in 2016 and that was phenomenal. I don't expect this cruise to be anything like the river cruise, but still look forward to visiting areas that I have not been to before, and I also enjoy being on the Viking ocean ships.
  17. I do have an unlocked phone. I was thinking about purchasing a prepaid card here and having it ready to activate once in France. I didn’t want to bother getting a card in each of the countries we would be visiting. thank you for your answer.
  18. I was wondering how those who needed to call Viking's emergency number from Europe did so if they did not have an international plan? I have AT&T prepaid plan and not sure how much it would cost if I had to call Viking. I was thinking about purchasing an international SIM card and installing it in an older (compatible) phone before I leave. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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