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  1. 4 minutes ago, ziggyuk said:

    You know, I find it incredible.

    I was just looking at horrific pictures of mass graves in New York with coffins 3 deep, something I never imagined would ever be seen in the west again.

    Then I flip to Cruise Critic and see these threads about May sailings 😵

    Coronavirus 'harms the brain and nervous system of HALF of severely ill patients and a third of all cases' — causing symptoms such as stumbling, slurred speech and seizures.



    I'm starting to think it isn't just the flu. 

  2. Remember a couple of years ago some of the cruise lines (incl. NCL) pulled their ships out of the China market for no obvious reasons, and thousands of people died of the 'flu' around the same time? I'm wondering if there wasn't a COVID-17 that wasn't publicised. China and the Wuhan Health Organisation aren't about to tell if it is true.

  3. I don't think Governor Inslee will want a Ruby Princess on his record when he comes up for re-election. With what is going on here in Seattle at the moment, cruise ships are probably not even on his agenda. Boeing have shut down 30,000 workers. Foreign crewed cruise ships possibly bringing virus into town? We have plenty of dead people already. Stay home. Good luck.

  4. Here is a head scratcher. What if NCL pulled the Joy out of the Chinese market because they were getting unexplained illnesses popping up amongst passengers and crew. Why exactly they pulled out has been subject to all sorts of theories, all seemingly minor. What if there was an elephant in the room, and they decided to scrub out the ship, and get out of town permanently before anyone noticed something bad was going on. I thought a couple of other Lines pulled ships out around the same time. Was there a COVID-17 flare up that we didn't hear about?


  5. We only 'know' that COVID-19 came out of Wuhan in December because China said so. The other thing is, before a test was available for it, no one officially had it. We have only been testing reliably where I work for just over two weeks. 


    I work with a guy who got a severe atypical viral pneumonia before Christmas. So did his girlfriend and her young daughter. All of them go to church a mile down the road from the Kirkland WA care home that had the big outbreak. Even he says now that he thinks they had it. We started seeing severe atypical pneumonia's at work before Christmas. That is what made us think he had picked it up from a patient. But now it looks like it was at Church. That being said, a lot of staff became very sick around the same time. Before Christmas. Management now plans to antibody test some of us that are in key clinical positions to see if we can relax our infection control regime slightly, as it has destroyed our productivity, and if any one of us go down it will severely affect our department.


    If this is an emergent disease and not an accidental lab release, it is fair to assume that it has been percolating around China for quite some time. I have read research articles written around 2011 where the exact same bats were being studied, and concern was being expressed that long ago. I'm sure thousands of people die in China every day. I doubt a few thousand more here or there would get noticed unless someone was really paying attention.


    There may have been small outbreaks of different strains going on for years that we would never know about, and all or a sudden we hit the jackpot with an especially virulent one that started jumping on planes and ships. Or, the Chinese knew all along, but didn't care to tell anyone. People die from pneumonia, and the 'flu', all the time. We have no idea when this one really got moving, but whenever it was, it had probably spread around the world within about 24 hours - as that is how long it takes to fly from China to anywhere else. That makes it November, or December at the very latest. If we believe the Chinese. I don't, and suspect that a milder version could have popped up at any time without us knowing.

  6. 5 hours ago, chengkp75 said:

    And yet, the decision was made based on incomplete data, as even the CDC report states.  Covid-19 RNA was found on surfaces that had not been cleaned yet, and no determination was made as to whether the RNA was from viable virus or merely left over RNA or fragments from non-viable virus, nor was a determination made as to whether those surfaces that had the RNA found on them were contagious or not.  This is a serious crisis, but making huge economic decisions based on incomplete data is irresponsible.

    I think the CDC has more important things to worry about than cruise ships. I hope so, anyway.

  7. I'm at work now, and just about every patient in the ER is a rule out COVID. Most will come back negative, but it only takes one person who is positive to get on a ship to start infecting people all over again. They may lift the cruising ban, but I wonder how many people will want to take the risk of handing over a lot of money, or getting stuck in quarantine somewhere for weeks with people getting sick around them.

  8. 18 hours ago, krittykat said:

    I live in Washington state. I wish the our governor would order a lock down. While there are closures of restaurants and the like, requests for social distancing....we continue to see family groups playing together at the park...going to the beach...etc.  20 somethings feel this whole infection does not effect them...only older people so they don't need to follow. And infection numbers continue to climb.

    He is making the announcement at 5.30pm PST today.

  9. 2 minutes ago, robsmom said:

    It is a nice sentiment, but not economically sound.   Even if millions of dollars were pumped into buying the stock, it just raises the stock price.  It changes who owns the company, but not the underlying economic value of the company.  Typically, there is a correlation between the stock price and the economic value (or at least the perceived or anticipated value).   If a group of cruise enthusiasts artificially inflate the price, this will benefit the investors already owing the stock, who will see that the price is now higher than what they value the company at and will now sell.  Selling will drive the price back down.   Without huge financial backing it would be nearly impossible to sustain an artificial price for any period of time.  Regarding the banks,  They will make loans based upon the balance sheet and projected income statement, not the share price.   

    The thing with any industry geared for discretionary expenditure like Disney, Universal Studios, or NCL, etc., is their value is totally dependent on their market, and the willingness of their consumers to pay. Would I want to get on a cruise ship any time in the next year? No.


  10. We were considering a few different options. New Zealand and Australia, A East coast/Panama Canal to LA, a Viking Switzerland to Amsterdam type thing this Christmas, a UK or Norway cruise, Alaska again, or maybe just a land trip to London - Scotland, or maybe even Singapore. Too many options, and we were just beginning to start to discuss it with tech support (the kids). One wanted Hawaii, one wants Singapore. Either would get on any ship if the day of the week had a 'y' in it, and there was water involved. Me too.

    Realistically, I think we are going to see the industry shut down for an extended period of time. There will be a severe cull of the smaller, more marginal operators, and maybe even some of the niche operators disappearing. I see major mergers. NCL-Carnival, Princess-Holland America, type of mergers. Maybe someone like Bezos stepping in and buying a couple of operators and calling it Amazon Lines. Who knows. He seems to have a monopoly on everything else.


    I think the world is about to take a step backwards in time by about twenty years. Not technologically, but financially, and in our ability to travel like we have become used to. I see this situation as just getting started, and we will all be deeply changed at the end of it. What really saddens me is countries with large and dense populations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Even some of the South American mega-cities like Mexico City and Sao Paulo. I fear the death toll there is going to be biblical. Africa. Maybe even Russia.

    At the end of the day we on here will still be able to travel if we want to. But I suspect that in a year or two the world will have changed, and so will have we. I expect that nearly all of us will have lost someone, and will have suffered in some way, and we will be busy getting back on our feet, and carrying on. Cruising is for the good times. I don't think we are going to see many good times for a while. I hope I'm wrong.

  11. On 3/17/2020 at 6:10 PM, blueslily said:


    Is there an update on this person that is ok to share here? The situation sounded sad.


    No. Once care passes I am essentially forbidden to go into someone's chart unless I have a direct reason. HIPAA. Big fines, and unemployment for offenders.

  12. 10 hours ago, ziggyuk said:


    Hi really hope you are OK, all medical professionals are the real heros, selflessly putting themselves in danger to help and treat the sick, thank you for what you, and all other front line staff are doing.

    No biggy Ziggy. Life is a rollercoaster. -Ronan Keating, 2000.


    I have been buying my own PPE. I have probably spent close to $800 so far. If you have enough money you can still get masks and gloves. You just have to think outside the box. You order industrial N95's, and gloves from hardware suppliers, that are actually better quality than what we get at work, and you can wash them without taking them off. EMT's use them. 


    What is bothering me though, is people are becoming risk adverse where I work. They are backing away from COVID patients. I'm talking dudes with young kids, who are trying very, very, hard to dodge dealing with them. It is understandable, but if you accept the paycheck, you need to be prepared to step up and share the burden. There were incidents on the weekend, and another that I was involved in last night.

  13. 10 minutes ago, blueslily said:


    Ok. Hopefully he will recover and that can provide good info about younger, older adults if it is indeed due to the virus.  But, as you said, it could be something else as well. 

    I was reading a study in the Lancet today. 97% of patients that went onto a ventilator didn't survive. Another study had said 86%. This clearly isn't just the flu, and just because you aren't 80 doesn't mean you should be out licking door knobs. I fear that China may not have been entirely truthful with what they have been telling people. 

  14. 13 minutes ago, blueslily said:


    From the virus? Thats a common response for someone who is not showing any symptoms? (I am assumming that he wasnt showing any symptoms since he was at work.). Is that an example of the norm for the virus?



    The nursing home in Kirkland has reported people going from walking around, to being in hospital in a very bad way in just over an hour. We have seen quite a few others who were much the same, but that was before they started testing, so they could have had anything. It is nothing to take lightly though. He was 50, not an 80yo.

  15. 51 minutes ago, ceb65 said:

    The reason CDC guidance not calling for N95 is because there is a shortage, not because it is safe. I guess as long as we have some protection that will have to do! Just received my N95 mask today, we are told to wear them for as long as we can because once they are gone, they are gone. 

    Just had a 50yo man come into work. At 3.00pm he was sitting up talking. At 5.00pm he was intubated with his eyes rolled back in his head. Sedated. On his way to the ICU now. Doesn't look good.


    You can still buy N95's on Amazon. My wife ordered 20 friday for $180. Arrived yesterday.

  16. 8 minutes ago, mking8288 said:

    Sad to hear about that ... universal precautions wasn't adequate ?  Latest CDC guidance not calling for using N95 along with the full PPE set, unless ...  So, you will be staying out of your MC & won't be returning to duty until cleared by HR after recovering ... wish you a speedy one, an extended period to rest up and take care of yourself first, etc. 


    Thanks dude. I still get to go to work unless I spike a temp or start trying to hack up a lung. I started wearing a mask a couple of weeks ago, and my own N95's last week, so I'm hoping I'm OK, unless one of the window lickers that I work with have been licking door knobs.

    I actually had two days off sick last week, as a staph infection that I picked up in a London hotel bathroom two years ago is back and trying to kill me again. Winning!

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