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  1. What it comes down to is the ship's Hotel Managers aren't doing their jobs. I had the same meal two times at Cagney's, and the same cut of steak was cooked totally differently each time. One was cremated, and the other was cooked the way I had asked. The cremated one should never have been sent out. Poor QA. That means the senior chef either isn't training his crew properly, or the crew don't give a damn, and know they can get away with sending out Golden Corral coupon day food. Who does the senior chef report to? The Hotel Manager. I served in a foreign navy, and spent a lot of my 'spare' time working in the Junior Sailors Mess. Our chefs were truly gifted. They could turn very mediocre ingredients into stuff you wouldn't want to serve to a Junior Sailor who had no choice but to eat it or go hungry. On the other hand, the exact same ingredients went to the Senior Sailors and Officers Messes, and they ate like kings. We used to fight to do cleanup duty for the Officers Mess. We used to eat their leftovers when the cooks would bring it out to the loading dock out the back where we were supposed to throw it all into the dumpsters. We ate it all. Every bit. With our hands. Almost nothing was ever thrown away at the Senior Sailors Mess. The cooks used to take it home for themselves. We used to get one good meal a week. That was on Sunday after Church Parade when the cooks would often do a barbeque because families were invited to attend, and a few Officers would turn up to put on a happy face. We used to eat off their plates after they had finished. It was awesome. Have you ever physically fought for food? I have. Do you think the Captain and XO get served cremated steak, and cold plastic cheese on their nacho's? You and I know they don't. But no one cares if the Junior Sailors, I mean passengers do, so long as they keep booking cabins, and not too many people get sick from the raw duck.
  2. It is like they don't know how to use their microwave or something. 'Bing!' Dinners ready. That plastic cheese that they use is pretty horrible when it is straight out of the can and hasn't been warmed up.
  3. The nachos were as cold as the pools, and the fried chicken was dripping in old grease. The mac and cheese was decent. Most of the time the place was utterly deserted. I went in to take a picture out the window one time, and I startled the guy on the front desk. He seemed surprised that someone had actually come in. Go to Cagney's.
  4. Take a couple of cartons of MRE's and you will be fine. I don't know if they will let you take the heaters though. You might just need to let them sit out in the sun for a while. And if you do insist on trying the duck, make sure you take a long charging cord with you. Good luck. (Marko Hoxha, Albanian human trafficker in Taken, 2008.)
  5. Customs and Border Protection is just Welfare with a uniform supplied. It gives them something to do. We were on the Joy in September, and there was some little things that really made me scratch my head. There was smoking allowed on the Haven sundeck. We discovered that when it started blowing into our cabin before we had even left Seattle. F@#king, seriously? There is a doorway between the Haven and the sundeck next door that is left unlocked, so the dudes with the gold chains and their stripper girlfriends would sneak in, drink for hours, and constantly occupy the hot tubs. I never once saw a wet footprint headed towards the bathroom though. I guess they just held on. And on. I expect that was why my 13yo wasn't allowed up there. Not enough piercings and tatts to fit in with the cool kids. And that hot tub water must be saltier than the Dead Sea. Our baked beans were full of bits of capsicum, and so much vinegar that they were inedible. And they were colder than a mother in law's handshake. Did no one actually taste them before they went out? Open can. Heat. Done. Maybe I can get a cooks job with NCL. Open can. Heat. Done! Simples. While I was at the Concierge desk one of the girls had taken a picture of her bare thighs in her mini skirt, and was showing it to the other chick. I really didn't want to see that. No one wanted to see that. I pity the poor person that she sent it to as she clearly wanted to take things much further. All week we saw her do precisely zero that required actual work. SelfieLOL! When we boarded there was a pallet with about a year's supply of carrots on it. Tons of them. I have never seen so many huge bags of carrots. But not once on the entire cruise did I see anything vaguely orange. Except for the dudes with the gold chains and their stripper girlfriends. Someone on there must REALLY like carrots, and is keeping them all to themselves. Maybe it is the Navigator, and he sits up at night on lookout because their radar is broken, and they don't want to accidentally run into a whale. Or a country. The food in the Haven restaurant was so unspectacular that we had room service pizza three times. It was really good. Had vegetables on it. We even ordered it in the Haven restaurant after seeing other people doing it. That was after I had the undercooked (literally bleeding) duck. One single bite enabled me to enjoy the view out of my bathroom window for about four hours from 3.00am one morning. Beautiful sunrise! I have always told people that plan to travel to third world countries to stay in the hotel with the best bathroom, as you will be spending a lot of time in there. Despite my warning, my son and daughter had the same experience a couple of nights later. Luckily we had two bathrooms. Otherwise one of them would have been using the bathtub. NCL really needs USB charging points next to their toilets, because my iFone went flat, and it was only by sheer luck that I had taken an extra long cord with me, and I could reach it back around to the powerpoint near my bed. Otherwise the bathroom was very nice for an extended stay. Top notch. Good ventilation. Thank you Mr NCL. Someone is clearly paying attention. When we got off the ship in Victoria our kids went straight to McDonalds. We never eat McDonald's. I was still struggling after the duck a few days previously, so I just had water. It was very nice water. I must do a review. Instead of letting kids take the 50 foot long protected walkway from the exit of the aquaracer straight back to the entry of the aquaracer the attendant makes them run down a steep flight of steel stairs in bare wet feet, run 200 feet abound the back of the funnel on the windy, dark, freezing cold and slippery mixed general use and jogging track, and then go forward and up another flight of steel stairs so they can go again. Needless to say, the smooth walkway behind the funnel gets covered in water, so they have to put out those little yellow signs warning everyone to not slip over and break their hips. Safety first! I suspected that it was because the attendant's boyfriend who was supposed to be on safety watch when people got off the bigger slide thing kept coming over to talk to her, and she wanted to make sure that he could walk over out of the wind on a nice and dry deck in case he slipped over and hurt himself, or got knocked over by some shivering, wet kid. Another theory was that she just couldn't be bothered to have to keep putting down her Fone and pick up the slider things, and was doing her best to discourage kids from keep going on the ride. It worked! Our kids bailed, and never went back for the rest of the cruise. Mission accomplished. SelfieLOL! It was a pretty good cruise, but they need to put a grown up in charge to watch over the children. I mean, employees. And give up on the faux Gucci food if they can't be bothered to do it right. Maybe even stick a McD's on board, so people can get something hot and edible that won't land them in their bathroom half the night. That was pretty annoying. Or let people cook their own. I would have made a carrot cake. Maybe some carrot scones. Carrot soup...
  6. Don't count on the bar service. Most times if we wanted a drink we got to walk back to the bar and get it ourselves. The servers were very few and far between. Many times they just weren't there.
  7. It was on the Joy. No one was smoking in the Haven Observation lounge. And a cabin is a cabin. Unless you are in the DOS it is still not unlike being in a submarine with a balcony. We had a two bedroom, which is really just three cabins connected. It isn't like one huge hotel room. The key to the lounge was that there wasn't 5,000 of our new best friends in there trying to have the whole wilderness experience thing with us. Many times it was just us.
  8. The best thing about the Haven pool is that it attracts the kids away from the other areas like the observation Lounge. We used the pool area once, but we used the Observation Lounge almost constantly.
  9. We had a young lad next door who was generally either on their balcony screaming because he wanted to be in the pool, or screaming in the pool. Fortunately, or perhaps coincidentally, the pool was freezing cold, so he was usually the only one in it. I hope has parents had a delightful trip. As for the 18+ sundeck, I made the decision early on that if we could be on our balcony and experience passive smoking from the Haven sundeck, then my 13yo daughter was going to have one or two visits to the hot tub. Between smokers and drunks constantly in the hot tubs she only had one visit, but after a week of passive smoking my position had become rather non-negotiable on their 'rules' regarding the age restriction.
  10. Three of us will comment on the 'duck' for quite some time. Unfortunately. Go to Borough Market in London if you want really good duck. Otherwise throw the dice, and take your chances.
  11. We came back from the Joy three weeks ago. It says on the bottom of the menu that there are risks in eating raw or undercooked food. I HIGHLY recommend that you give this disclosure deep consideration. Especially where the duck is concerned.
  12. No. They are pretty good at not getting in your face. If you need them you can phone them, otherwise they come and do their thing when you aren't there. It isn't like you have a couple of new best friends who turn up at random just to hang out. We didn't need/see our butler for a couple of days at a time, and the concierges never left their desk.
  13. Our two bedroom on the Joy was essentially three cabins. A small Inside with bunks and its own bathroom, a balcony with sofa bed, and a window with king bed and the nicer bathroom. It was three or four times the price of what we possibly would have paid for the three cabins if booked seperately. Buuut, all the other stuff was thrown in. Was it worth it to us to not be tripping over two kids for a week, and them having their own spaces? Sort of. Did the other stuff like the restaurant, bar, and lounge being right outside our door, and the lack of crowds make a difference? Yes. A big yes.
  14. The card thing? It doesn't work at all. Only for the crew. Only when we boarded did I ever see it used.
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