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  1. Who was your concierge? We were on the Dawn in the GV last March and had the absolute BEST CONCIERGE EVER, Roel. He came to our villa multiple times a day to check on us, and personally escorted us off the ship when we left the ship. He also personally escorted us to dinners while on the ship. Let’s just say, he was amazing! Our butler, Jane, was also fabulous! We are almost all meals in the villa and she was always there serving with a smile. She would always leave the villa with a “ Just call Jane!” She truly enjoyed her job and it was evident in her level of personal service. She even figured out r4al quickly what our favorite snacks were and brought them every day.
  2. Thank you! Yeah, we probably won’t do it, but I thought I’d get some input on it.
  3. Has anyone done this? Does it really allow you to stream Netflix, Amazon, etc? We are going on a 11 night, many sea days cruise next and I’m thinking about this upgrade. If anyone has any experience with it, I’d love to hear about it!
  4. Another thing I noticed are the owner's Suites with 2 balconies will also Now be charged differently for deck 9 and 10. Deck 10 has the larger living area with the bump out for the dining table, and deck 9 does not have that. They will now be charging more for the deck 10 owner's Suites.
  5. We were on the Dawn this past March in a suite. Granted, it was the Garden Villa, but we loved the Dawn so much we booked her again for March of 2020, next time in an Owner’s suite with 2 balconies. Here are the reasons, in my opinion, why suites are an absolute must if you can afford one: 1. Priority embarkation and disembarkation - I personally despise lines, so any way to avoid them I’m all in. 2. Butler service - I love having breakfast in the room and love the special treats, and treatment, aka service, the butlers provide. 3. Concierge service - this can be spotty, depending on the concierge, but Roel is on the Dawn and he is FABULOUS! I mean, he trains the butlers...he is that good. 4. The suite itself - I like having room to spread out. I know many people say they spend zero time in their cabins, but we are the opposite. We spend a lot of time in our cabin/suite. For us, cruising is about alone time spent together relaxing. We do venture out, but we enjoy movies in the room, alone time on the balcony, etc. Hope this helps you!
  6. We have been in the same suites on deck 10. We used the balcony while sailing, no issues.
  7. I’ve stayed in the Garden Villa on the Jewel, Dawn and Star. The Dawn was my favorite, Star next, Jewel last, mostly due to the huge outdoor area on the Dawn and Star. All are nice though.
  8. It was the white hot party in March.
  9. We have stayed in one of the deck 10 owner's Suites on the Pearl (similar to Dawn). The deck 10 suites have a larger bathroom and larger living room area, with a bump out for the dining table, leaving more room in the actual living area. The front balcony is still huge, and the bridge is above deck 10, so it is very quiet. I highly recommend deck 10 over deck 9, if you have a choice. We liked it so much on the Pearl, we have booked a cruise next year on the Dawn in a deck 10 owner’s suite.
  10. We left San Juan at 9 pm, and the muster drill was st 4:30. They had a makeup drill the next day for those who missed it.
  11. OP - did you see the drunk guy on the stage with the dancers at the white hot party? He totally messed up their performance. We were on the ship the week before as well and saw the dancers perform at the party. To bad that guy screwed them up. Although, he was fun to make fun of. Lol
  12. Do they not give any more bottles for a longer cruise? This is an 11 night cruise I’m asking about .
  13. Does anyone know how many bottles of liquor you get for an 11 day cruise in an Owner’s suite or GV?
  14. We just spent 2 fabulous weeks on the Dawn in the Garden Villa. It was the trip of a lifetime! The villa is amazing, but even more amazing was the service and friendship we received from our butler Jane Sartin and concierge Roel Gonzalez. These 2 are absolutely the best and I hope to see them again some day! If you’re lucky enough to be sailing the Dawn in a suite in the near future, hopefully you too will get to meet these 2 amazing people.
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