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  1. I have used the coach transfer several times. The coach times will be printed on your tickets. As stated, the coach usually leaves from Bay 1 or 2. where a CMV representative will check you in for the bus. Your cases are but on the bus and the next time you see them will be outside your cabin. You can ignore the check in time on your ticket as, usually, you will be able to check in as soon as the bus arrives and then straight on to the ship.
  2. http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/amsterdam-loses-cmv-to-rotterdam-on-new-cruise-head-tax.html My 2019 Christmas, New Year cruise on Columbus already showing Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam !
  3. Usually at the Cruise Terminal in the heart of Amsterdam, 10 mins walk from Central Station, or get a tram from outside the terminal building for 1 stop.
  4. Don't forget, if you miss the voyage into the Fjord you get the same view when leaving!! Many years ago we got up very early on QE2 while sailing up Geirangerfjord so as not to miss the seven sisters waterfall only to be told by the captain we would see the same view when leaving in the evening!! Doh!!
  5. Hi cheznick, I am also on this cruise, perhaps the Pope should have thought of Magellan visiting before he decided to come !!! I have been to Dublin several times on cruises and have never used the shuttle, always walked into town ( sorry I should not assume you are fit enough to walk). When walking you see so much more such as statues commemorating the 'starving' during the potato famine, which you would miss completely if using the shuttle. I think the visit of the Pope will add to the atmosphere, although the only way to get into Phoenix Park is by ticket only.
  6. Going on 15 night cruise to Canaries in October and thinking of doing the Chef's Table on one night, Anybody done this, if so your thoughts please, good, bad or indifferent. Dennis
  7. After 40 years of cruising, I now find that the ship I am on is the holiday and not the ports of call. I can quite happily be on a ship for 14 nights and never go ashore! Finding quiet corners to read, catch up on downloaded Netflix programmes,enjoying the food and entertainment or just chilling out doing nothing but recharging my batteries.Am I the only one with this odd take on cruising:o:D
  8. I think for the 7 to 14 days I am away on holiday I will pretend I am Spanish as their government recommends 35 units a week as a safe limit for men :cool:. By the way forgot to mention the VIP package includes a litre bottle of water each day in your cabin and a small bottle of water for each booked excursion, Dennis
  9. Thanks for the reply, I have gone ahead and booked it. It will be a long wait but looking forward to the fireworks, as you say a bucket list thing to tick off.
  10. Some great prices for singles on 16 night Christmas and New Year cruise 2019 if booked by 31 October 2018. Has anyone done a Christmas cruise on Columbus? What happens on Christmas Day (at sea) ? Is Gibraltar open on Boxing Day? and how are the fireworks and New Years eve party in Madeira? Am very tempted to book. Dennis
  11. Is the drinks package worth it? I go for the VIP package at £29 per day with every 7th day free i.e. on a 7 night cruise pay for 6 and on a 14 nighter pay for 12. Let see if you need to drink like a fish to get your money's worth. Take off £7 for tips that leaves £22. Glass of signature red wine with lunch (a very nice Argentinian Malbec) £6 that leaves £16 . Pre dinner cocktail, £4.85 that leaves us with £11.15. A glass of signature Red wine with dinner £6 leaving us with 5.15 Maybe a speciality coffee after dinner, £3.10 leaving us with £2.05. Now a drink with the show £4.85 and already you are in profit without becoming an alcoholic! and that is on the most expensive package. Also remember all the soft drinks in between! Dennis
  12. Yes Drinks Package includes 'mandatory cabin tip'. CMV do not add gratuities to drinks. If not on a package, the price on the drinks menu is the price you pay.
  13. Having sailed several times solo with CMV I can confirm that singles are indeed seated together in the restaurants.I have always requested tables of 6 or more as I am more likely to sit with at least one person I have something in common with. There is usually a mixture of male and female passengers although I was once the only male at a table for eight!
  14. Back from the Magellan yesterday. The £29 per day VIP package was well worth it as it also included gratuities that would normally be £7 per day. The Signature Red was an Argentinian Malbec, very smooth. They also had a Spanish red but never tried it.To see if you think the packages are worth it, the bar menu can be found at https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/CMV_2018_BAR_MENU-P1_WHITE2.pdf
  15. Although not an 'International' passenger, I live in the North of England and always stay a night in London pre cruise. The most hassle free way to travel to Tilbury is to take the direct bus provided by CMV from Victoria Coach Station. You put your bags on the bus and you next see them outside your cabin. You are also allowed to check in as soon as the bus arrives at Tilbury regardless of what time is on your ticket.
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