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  1. As I'm holding the line went dead.....that was at the 45 min mark.
  2. Been on hold for 33 minutes...... What's the longest anyone has stay on hold?
  3. Gosh, I love cruise critic. We normally send in our shareholder info 30 days before sailing. We have 3 - 7 day cruises in April 2020 and read that you can do it earlier from this thread. We also used the free fax link that was mentioned on the page one of this thread. We faxed the info and within one hour we have our OBC for all 3 cruises. Now I can book a couple of excursions that I have my eye on. THANK YOU!!!
  4. Update We called Princess and they said the only seats available for the flight we wanted are the economy seats "at this time" . We questioned whether other seats would be available in the future and she said they maybe, but not at this time. She did say that things change daily. We checked Delta yesterday morning and didn't want to book because the price was a little high. We checked again in the afternoon and the price had gone down to a comfortable price for us. We decided to book directly with Delta. We have the seats we want, the price we can afford, and using points. This morning I went on Princess to see if anything was available. Same thing. We can get First Class if we want one or two stops but the price is more than if we book directly with Delta. We are happy with what we did. Thanks everyone for your advise.
  5. Ok........got that. Second question - I know there are non-stop flights but it is saying none are available. Do they limit flights using EZ Air? We will be calling Princess later on. I just like to have the info from cruisers before I call. Thanks
  6. My husband and I are flying from JFK to Rome in April on Delta. We went online to check flights using EZ Air and all we can choose is economy seats. Is that correct? Are we doing something incorrect? We have been saving our credits to use towards Comfort plus seats and "maybe" first class but we weren't able to check those prices on Princess. Do we have to call Princess directly?
  7. Quick post to let you all know that Princess WILL NOT let me transfer the booking. I did connect with them and my TA did also. They said too much time had gone by from when we originally booked.
  8. Sorry....I did miss it. We had sickness in the family and didn't cruise or read cruise critic during that time. We have multiple cruises booked right now.....we won't be able to transfer any of them to our agent. I always liked how easy it was to book on line with Princess and then I would transfer it at a later date. I guess I need to pay attention to dates, etc.
  9. My husband and I have booked cruises with a travel agent and directly with Princess in the past. We have one booked for this October, which is still with Princess. We decided to move it to our travel agent. I just received this e-mail from Princess. We have received your request to transfer your booking ###### to your travel agency ######. The request cannot be processed as per our policy a booking can only be transferred to a travel agency within sixty days of creation of the booking. Your current booking was created August 11, 2018 and unfortunately can no longer be transferred to a travel agency. For additional assistance please contact the reservation team at 1-800-Princess. Thank you for your time. Is this a new policy for Princess? I feel like we have transferred our bookings in the past later than 60 days. We have no problems keeping the booking with Princess.....just wondered if this is new. Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. My husband and I are booked in a window suite for October 2019.....our cruise is listed in this sale. Will we be able to move to a different suite? Maybe a vista suite??? I've never understood the stateroom location upgrade. Sent from my SM-T820 using Forums mobile app
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