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  1. Yes- that’s exactly what I mean- thank you. I was worried that the interior cabins opened up towards the other interior cabins instead of the balcony cabins.
  2. Could someone help me out with which way the doors open in the bank of interior room at the front of the ship on Harmony on decks 7 through 11? Specifically, do any rooms open towards the balcony rooms on each side of the ship? We usually book ourselves a balcony cabin and the kids an interior right across the hall, so want to make sure the interior cabin doors open up towards our door and the kids don't have to go down the hall and around the corner to get to our room. Thanks in advance!
  3. Funny you should mention price- it is actually cheaper to book Oasis and we get a better cabin for the kids- Central Park balcony on Oasis vs interior on Freedom. Thanks for the feedback- think we book Oasis this time!
  4. Booking our next cruise for spring break 2022. Looking at Oasis vs. Freedom. We just got off of Symphony in February. Is Oasis basically the same ship? How much smaller is Freedom (or how much smaller does it feel?) My family loved Symphony! We have four kids who will be 7-14 at the time. Is Freedom a "disappointment" after Oasis class ships?
  5. We have 4 kids- the youngest will be 7 when we are in the DR. The kid really want to do Damajagua Falls. Are there tour companies that will take a 7 year old? I saw that the website said "over 8" and "under 7" but that doesn't cover 7 or 8 year olds... Any help would be much appreciated. TIA
  6. We had to wait until the day that my son turned 6 months on every cruise line that I found so we postponed our trip a couple of weeks.
  7. No deal for ANYTHING on my cruise that sails in February 2020. I actually got better prices on some stuff before today. Another "fake sale". Pretty disappointing!
  8. Just a question for some piece of mind or a plan B. Does anyone know if we can get laundry done in an “emergency”? We have 4 kids and last time we sailed (on Carnival so they had laundry facilities) my son got a stomach bug so we had to do several loads of laundry. TIA
  9. When they do open how is it listed? Under dining I assume- does it specifically say MTD?
  10. We have MTD but are on the waitlist for early dining. Cruise planner has all of the specialty restaurants open for reservations but I can’t see any way to book our MTD reservations. Am I missing something? Does the main dining room show up for reservations or is it listed under some other name? Or is there a way to check online whether we were moved to early dining? TIA
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