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  1. Just a question for some piece of mind or a plan B. Does anyone know if we can get laundry done in an “emergency”? We have 4 kids and last time we sailed (on Carnival so they had laundry facilities) my son got a stomach bug so we had to do several loads of laundry. TIA
  2. When they do open how is it listed? Under dining I assume- does it specifically say MTD?
  3. We have MTD but are on the waitlist for early dining. Cruise planner has all of the specialty restaurants open for reservations but I can’t see any way to book our MTD reservations. Am I missing something? Does the main dining room show up for reservations or is it listed under some other name? Or is there a way to check online whether we were moved to early dining? TIA
  4. Just a couple of random questions that I couldn't find the answers to on these boards. We will be on the Symphony sailing out of Miami if that matters. 1. What is the earliest and latest we can get off the ship? We will be able to take our own luggage off with us. What time do they stop serving breakfast in the "main" dining room that day? 2. We have a Central Park balcony that comes with a "free" lunch for two. Do we make that reservation when we get on the ship or can we do it ahead of time through the cruise planner? 3. Is 2 hours enough time between the start of dinner and the start of a show? Or is more time recommended? 4. Is there a limit to the number of alcoholic drinks per day with the ultimate drink package? We just sailed on Carnival and they limited it to a certain number in a 24-hour period. TIA
  5. I just repriced one of our two cabins with the "Kids Sail Free" but had to do a non-refundable rate to save any money. Even with 2 kids sailing free in a cabin with 4 people the price of the refundable rate went up by $15. But saved almost $400 changing to non-refundable. Also, the price has dropped 2 more times since the sale started so I've called RCCL 3 times to change it... guess this is my new full-time job!! LOL
  6. Our cruise doesn't sail until February 2020. Does RCCL run periodic sales on beverage packages, activities, etc. like I see that they are doing right now (but doesn't apply to my cruise yet). We just sailed with Carnival and they had a Black Friday sale where I got a great deal on a spa treatment. Does RCCL do something similar for Black Friday or other times of the year? Just don't want to miss out :)
  7. My kids are getting super excited about our cruise on Symphony. Could someone tell me what activities cost extra onboard? I’m not worried about extra food charges- we can avoid those- but don’t want to be the kids super excited about something that costs and extra arm/leg (we have 4 kids). TIA
  8. Wondering if this has happened/is happening to others. We booked the Symphony for February 2020 way back in October of 2018. At that time, they said only My Time dining was available and waiting list "wasn't open yet" for the early seating in the main dining room (which is what we want). So, we booked that and I called back yesterday and they told me the same thing. This is the weirdest thing I've ever heard! The waiting list isn't open yet? And the early dining is already full almost a year and a half early? Can anyone shed some light on this? If we do get "stuck" with My Time dining, is it easy to make reservations before we get on the ship for every night of the cruise or is it a walk up only (like Carnival)? We haven't sailed with RCCL since before My Time dining was a thing. TIA
  9. Yup- we are getting almost 10% cash back on our cruise by using a TA. FYI- I called Carnival and explained the situation. They said I could either change to a new TA or release the booking back to Carnival but I have to contact our TA and have them write a letter on original letter head, blah, blah, blah. Seriously not worth it at this point especially since we are so close to the final payment date and if anything gets screwed up and I lose this cabin (it's right across the hall from our other one on an almost-sold out ship) I will lose my mind! Good to know for next time that I won't transfer my booking till last minute. We just recently found out about the AMEX discount so it was too late by then. Oh well...
  10. Our deposits are listed as “Carnival” on our credit card statement so doesn’t look that way. Does anyone know whether the card I use for my Sail N sign account shows up as a “Fun Shop” purchase or a Carnival Res one? I am not able to find another TA so far that is offering us the same perks- which outweighs the $100...
  11. Ugh- they confirmed they won’t take AMEX and I’m in the process of trying to find another TA that will match or come close to the perks we got with the current one. So disappointing!!
  12. Tried to make my final payment and get the $100 off $500 AMEX discount and our TA doesn’t take AMEX! Has anyone else done something different to get this discount? Can I use it for our on board account- does the charge show up as “Carnival”? Considering even switching TA’s but we got such great perks with this one that it probably isn’t worth it... any other suggestions? Never thought to ask if they taken AMEX... grr!!
  13. We are working on getting more 10% off ones with all those pesky quizzes on AARP for our Sail and Sign account 😉
  14. We are approaching the final payment deadline for our March 2019 cruise and just wanted to make sure we have gotten every discount known to man :) Also, thought this would be helpful for those who are looking for discounts. Here's what we did: 1. Booked an Early Saver Rate just a little while ago so we know we are definitely going (since it's "non-refundable")- also came with a $50 OBC. 2. Transferred our booking to a travel agent and will get cash back after our cruise is complete. 3. Bought AARP gift cards to save 10% 4. Opened a Carnival Mastercard to save $200 after one (small) purchase. We used it to buy Cheers and already got the $$ back. (I know we can also get 10% off shore excursions with this but we booked them with private agencies) 5. Added the AMEX $100 off $500 credit and will use it on 2 AMEX cards to make our final payment. 6. Bought a spa treatment with the Black Friday discount. 7. What else am I missing? TIA
  15. We booked 5 and 1 because there was a balcony cabin available with an inside right across the hall (and I was willing to suck up the extra $180 I would be paying if they wouldn’t let us move) we have since been able to move one more person into the balcony cabin so now we have what we want- 4 inside and 2 in the balcony- but it was such a mess to even get to where we are right now. Just glad it’s done!
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