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  1. I am signed up for it....I have it on different islands and really enjoyed it. every place is different
  2. My DH and I enjoy dressing up so we will continue to do so. We enjoy it and if anyone else doesn't, that is ok. Just don't make snide comments to us. (which unfortunately has happened, we just ignore them)
  3. I have a guarantee cabin on GOS for October 17..my e-docs list a muster station but no cabin yet!
  4. I do have a strange question and maybe no one has an answer, but here goes: This is the first time we have booked a guarantee cabin and I read some of the threads saying we might not know what our cabin is until the port. I have the luggage tags---should I just put our last names on the luggage tags if we don't get the assignment by the time we pull up to drop off our luggage? I have not experienced this before and there is always a first time, right?! I am so excited!!! On GOS October 17th!!!!
  5. The crew of GOS is very accomodating! They will help you
  6. My DH and I will just do the Diamond Happy Hour and possibly bring the two bottles of Michigan wine that we love....other than that, zero alcohol!!!!!
  7. My adult daughter and her fiance are going on GOS with us in October for their honeymoon (they requested we accompany them). One of their wedding registries is the RCI Honeymoon gift registry. I am printing all gifts to the registry "in case" they disappear. Currently, they are not posted as OBC yet, but we were told it would be once is gets closer to the cruise. I also printed the emails I have been sending back and forth with RCI. Has anyone ever had any experience with this? Just curious! I printed everything available to me because of issues I have read about here on CC.
  8. Grandeur is a favorite of our family---The crew is outstanding, gracious, and fun-loving. I think the quality of service and food on the smaller ships in Windjammer and the main dining room is much better IMHO. But as you can see from my signature, we are not into the newer mega ships.
  9. We never buy drink packages, but on our upcoming GOS cruise with our honeymooners, we got the soda package for them as a surprise. I initially bought it for 9.99 per person. It recently dropped to 8.99 per person. Did I call and rebook? Heck yes, I did. Quick and easy! They refunded the original (takes a couple of days to hit your statement) and repurchased. I have done the same with excursions, etc.
  10. WOW, what a mess!!! So sorry you had to be put through this. The hat they gave you was absurd!
  11. Does anyone have photos of the Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Compasses for their 9 day Bahamas run? We are going on October 17 out of Baltimore!!!!
  12. Grandeur has an awesome Diamond club! You will really enjoy it!
  13. Bottomless Galley experience is very good! Lots of room in the specialty restaurants on Grandeur. I have never seen a hat in the main dining room on a women on Grandeur. They are a great crew!
  14. WE are back on Grandeur on 10/17! We love her!!!
  15. I am not sure how far up she complained. She was pretty vocal and dragged someone out to the pool deck to show how a few other ladies had theirs.....no results. The needles were identical to hers.
  16. My sister-in-law had knitting needles confiscated for the entire cruise upon boarding. However, that same day, we saw 4 other ladies knitting with the same knitting needles. She tried to retrieve by showing other had them, they gave them back to her on the day before the cruise ended. She was not a happy camper. They were in her checked luggage. This was on Navigator of the Seas.
  17. We did guarantee cabins because it was cheaper....hopefully will not be near the anchor!
  18. We love the GOS! It offers a more traditional cruise experience and the best crew in RCI!
  19. PooPouri! I have a portable that I can slip in my bag or purse.
  20. I think we all need to be more patient and courteous regardless of abilities. I have MS and RA. Sometimes I use a scooter, sometimes I use a wheelchair, sometimes I use my wheeled walker, and sometimes I just use a cane. I have a noticeable leg brace (think cheetah or leopard), It's all relative in the scheme of things. Be courteous, smile, and be patient. EVERYONE. We need to start caring about each other. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone run me over or end up in my lap due to distraction. I do not think a dedicated elevator would solve anything, but the video idea that was mentioned was great!! Subliminal messaging at its greatest! Maybe a PSA in between items on the tv for 30 seconds or less as a reminder to be courteous.
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