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  1. PooPouri! I have a portable that I can slip in my bag or purse.
  2. I think we all need to be more patient and courteous regardless of abilities. I have MS and RA. Sometimes I use a scooter, sometimes I use a wheelchair, sometimes I use my wheeled walker, and sometimes I just use a cane. I have a noticeable leg brace (think cheetah or leopard), It's all relative in the scheme of things. Be courteous, smile, and be patient. EVERYONE. We need to start caring about each other. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone run me over or end up in my lap due to distraction. I do not think a dedicated elevator would solve anything, but the video idea that was mentioned was great!! Subliminal messaging at its greatest! Maybe a PSA in between items on the tv for 30 seconds or less as a reminder to be courteous.
  3. Honestly, we have never bought any packages for the specialty restaurants because in the main dining room for breakfast and lunch and in the windjammer, we are always approached by a cruise member with a heavily discounted dinner. Even after the packages, we still get approached. It is great!!
  4. How many days was the cruise--yours and the one before? My DH and I will never book a 3 or 4 day ever again as it was a "hook-up fest" and the drinking was unbelievable as well as the behavior.
  5. amazing photos of Charleston and sunsets! TY! Back on GOS in October
  6. My DH and I have not gone on either. I want to feel like I am on actual cruise ship (see the ocean). We also do not like crowds-was on Liberty once and it was too big for us.
  7. DH and I will be on GOS in October with my daughter and her new DH! We love GOS--heading to the Bahamas where they have not been yet!
  8. My DH and I booked this excursion---I have heard great things about it!
  9. I received residency (Michigan) and police officer discounts but no more than $10. It makes me sad!!
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