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  1. Both Carnival and RCCl have made very generous offers to those affected by this Cuba policy. Just waiting to see what Virgin offers. Crossing my fingers and would be happy if we can get our $900 non-refundable deposit back. Definitely do not want to spend $5,000 to visit Key West or Nassau.
  2. We just got back from the Seaside on Saturday the 22nd. Balcony cabin on the 11th deck with the "Deluxe" beverage package upgrade. No Diet Coke in mini-bar was an issue for us also and made no sense. Plenty of Spring Water and Corona lessened that inconvenience. Frederick was our cabin steward and he was one of the best we have ever had. Service at the Sports Bar was terrible and it's too bad they charge for bar food, I guess we were spoiled by NCL's Sports Bar offering complementary items 24 hours. Enjoying your take on the cruise and looking forward to reading the rest.
  3. Thanks for posting all the pics! Sailing on the 15th and thinking about bringing my pool stick and bowling shoes! 😎
  4. Are the elevators air conditioned on the Seaside? Seems like I read on a earlier post they were not. Thanks!:cool:
  5. After many emails with MCS customer service, I found out they would not give the 10% discount after final payment. I had already booked and paid for two staterooms with all passengers being eligible for the 1st responder discount prior to knowledge of the available discount. I reviewed the CruiseCritic comments and saw that there had been one cruiser who after payment had O.B.C. credited to their account. After forwarding the screenshot of that post to MSC and asking for the discount that is given to law enforcement, I was told that no discount would be available due to payment being paid in full. I asked if there was a possibility that a discount could be given on the upgrade to the "Deluxe" beverage package in lieu of the 10% discount on the cruise fare. I received a terse response via email that no discounts could be given after final payment. Just wanted to let my other 1st responders know to get your 10% off before you book.
  6. Here is the e-mail I just received from MSC Customer service in reference to my request for the 10% 1st Responder Discount after I had made payment in full for 2 cabins on the Seaside. I had been told no a few days ago, but asked for O.B.C. or a discount to upgrade to the "Deluxe" beverage pkg. I also sent a screenshot of the CruiseCritic member who got the discount after full payment. Good afternoon, There are no discounts for on board services. I am unable to verify the circumstances of the guests on cruise critic who indicated that information. The only discount applicable after final payment is the MSC Voyagers Club discount. In that case, guests can have the difference refunded or applied towards prepaid services. All other discounts must be applied prior to final payment. The 2 cabins I booked were for 4 passengers and each person was eligible for the discount. Not very happy with the customer service, but at least I tried. Best of luck to others!
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