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  1. For Alaska I would choose HAL hands down. We did Alaska on Solstice and although it was very nice, it was just not the same as HAL sailing into Glacier Bay. We love Celebrity, but not for Alaska.
  2. Funny, but we were on that sailing a week later and the crew told us all about the hurricane! We had extremely calm water and bright, sunny, hot days each and every day. Loved that ship......small but very elegant and the food back then was to die for. We loved that Celebrity had their own private, free ferry boat to Hamilton numerous times per day. Ahhhh, memories of what cruising used to be like back in the day.
  3. Tried Blu twice and we just never enjoyed it. Tables too close......I could have buttered the bread for the lady next to me. Food was okay as was service, but for us, not worth the extra cost over a standard balcony. You can eat in a specialty restaurant each night for less and get better food and service. Just my opinion.....lots of other folks love Blu!
  4. Not always the case. Our Infinity cruise to the Med in May went up (for our category) $600.00 per person after final payment date. It's now $800.00 per person higher! We always book as far out as possible and then watch for reductions.
  5. I was just at the Viking boards for updates. One engine is working and Viking Sky is moving slowly to Stavenger. All passengers and crew are being evacuated as a precaution. The helicopter evacs will continue into the night. A passenger onboard is giving updates when possible. Praying for the safety of all.
  6. Yes, you will have the opportunity to choose your disembarkation time when you receive your disembarking papers a few days before the end of the cruise. It usually depends on your flight times, if you want to do self-assist disembark or if you are staying at a post cruise hotel. Book your transfer (I'm assuming a private car) in advance and then advise Passenger Services what time you need to get off the ship. Depending on a whole bunch of variables, you should get through customs quickly. Private transfer services monitor ship arrival times and will wait for you to get off the ship and through customs. Since check in times at hotels are usually in the afternoon, I would choose the latest time possible to disembark.
  7. Nice to hear that Celebrity has stepped up to the plate for you in the past. Unfortunately, depending on which Celebrity phone rep you get at the time, this would not always be the case. I wish there was a system in place that price reductions could be recognized by Celebrity without the TA being involved in the moment.
  8. Yes, this would be true in a perfect world. However, there are many times when a TA is not available for more than 24 hours. Just check these boards and you'll see how many people were left out in the cold by their TA because they went away for the weekend or due to illness could not work. It happens all the time. Perhaps, you have a TA that is available 24/7/365, but that is rare. Many folks are disappointed by the service, or lack of, by travel agents.
  9. I also never use a travel agent just because these type of incidents can, and often do, occur. Your booking is out of your control and you must rely on your TA to get the job done immediately. If you had booked yourself directly with Celebrity, you could have received the lower price right away. Sorry this happened to you, I'm sure it's very frustrating.
  10. No longer 3 drinks. Now it's unlimited drinks on your card in the hours mentioned and in the venues mentioned.
  11. There's nothing to stop you from getting a glass of wine at one of the bars and taking it into the MDR. We've done this many times and never questioned. The second glass, ordered in the MDR, you'd have to sign and pay for.
  12. M class Concierge cabins are slightly larger, S class they are the same size. You do get upgraded linens/towels and robes, if that matters to you. You get a bottle of bubbly awful stuff they call wine and a plate of fruit (3 pieces). Also, daily canapes (really awful) delivered to your cabin every afternoon and the extra Captains Club loyalty points. Up to you if think these goodies are worth $150.00.
  13. So sorry for the loss of your son-in-law. It's nice that Celebrity stepped up and helped you through this most difficult time.
  14. I'm always amused at people who think that the crew would love to have silly trinkets/candy, etc as gifts. Why would you even think this is a good idea? These hard working folks are doing their job and they would be very appreciative of a small cash bonus. Please just think about it before actually doing it. Pack some extra cash to give to those who deserve a little recognition for making your cruise memorable.
  15. Looks like this will effect many cruisers trying to get to Florida for the weekend's sailings. I wish all of you well and hope you can quickly make alternative arrangements to get there.
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