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  1. Ha! Senior moment....sorry. Please correct my date to November 2019. Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. Yes, but this TA is hardly unique, just same old, same old. And, Reflection will be not be revolutionized til 2022.
  3. Thank you and yes we're happy. But after 25+ years with Celebrity, a 100% fluctuation in price is extreme.
  4. Yes, I agree! It's still 15 months out from sailing and to some folks booking now IS early. Glad we booked as soon as it became available.
  5. Sorry, your reply confuses me. We have the cruise booked at the low price for the 2021 TA, but if someone books it now it's 100% higher and lots of cabins are showing as available. We've been sailing with Celebrity for 25 years and never seen such a large increase in price.
  6. In November 2020, during the Thanksgiving sale, we booked Reflection 2021 April Trans-Atlantic. We booked a 1A balcony cabin with three perks and an extra $200.00 OBC for a grand total of $4500.00 (Canadian) for both of us. Today the same cruise in the same category and the same perks (less $200.00 OBC) is $8900.00 (CA)!! That is a 100% increase in 3 months! Wow, this is crazy. Has anyone else seen such a huge increase in prices? I'm literally in shock.
  7. No problem for me either. Weird.
  8. I never understand why folks need to know "the breakdown" of gratuities. The cruiseline has taken away all the guess work and done the math for us. Leave the auto tips in place and tip extra to those you feel went the extra mile for you. Simple.
  9. Lady Arwen


    Are you referring to your Captains Club Elite level perks? If so, you now get UNLIMITED alcoholic beverages (there is a specific menu for which drinks are offered) available from 5-7 pm and can be used in any bar or lounge. We were just on Infinity and took a glass of wine into the MDR with us and never questioned.
  10. Honestly, much ado about nothing. I can't see any problem here.
  11. To be honest, we just don't like the food in the CC breakfast, so we just get a cappuccino or two and then go elsewhere for breakfast. We enjoy the Aqua Spa Cafe or the MDR as we're not big buffet lovers.
  12. Recently happened to me and also to the phone rep assisting with my booking. He said that it was all over the map and some cruises/ships were fine and others not. He said, of course, that the techs were working on it.
  13. I would hesitate to sail during Spring Break. Could you not go before or after? Caribbean sailings during this time can be quite raucous.
  14. Call Celebrity Customer Service and they will arrange it for you.
  15. We just did this yesterday. Unfortunately you can't get this one category price difference online. I spoke to a Celebrity rep who did it for us.
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