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  1. We went in May two years ago and we had both sunny, warm days and cold rainy days. You just never know. Fortunately, Alaska is always beautiful regardless of the weather, so don't worry about it......enjoy your cruise!
  2. Thank you! We had a great time yesterday with the family and a very big turkey!
  3. Royal class ships are my favourite. Beautifully decorated, classy ships. I can't think of one thing I don't like! So much so, we're now booked on Enchanted for 2021. We were able to book our favourite Royal/Regal cabin L102. Love having lunch/dinner on that huge balcony. Now looking at Discovery for 2022!!
  4. We booked Enchanted Princess Trans-Atlantic for April 2021 last month. We have a specific cabin in mind and to get it we need to book early. We check every day for price drops and promos and being this far out I'm sure something will come up for us. If I were you, I would book your cabin now and then monitor for reductions.
  5. Unfortunately, CC dining is only available to the guests in that designated CC suite. Personally, I would just get a standard mini-suite and you can dine together in the MDR and with the money you'll save you could all dine in specialty restaurants together. CC is very expensive for the amenities that you get. Not worth it, in my opinion, but I'm sure others will disagree.
  6. Our neighbours just returned from their cruise and had a Club Class Mini Suite. They said that it was just okay. Dining is still in MDR, just a separate location and the food was fine, but not memorable. They said that the price they paid was really not worth what they received. They had expected something "special" and it just didn't live up to their expectations. It is not like Blu on Celebrity at all! Well worth the price to have a dedicated restaurant. I'm sure that some folks just love CC, so to each their own.
  7. We always book Lido or Marina deck forward cabins on either Royal or Regal. These are Deluxe (with small sofa) Obstructed Balcony Cabins with HUGE balconies. The obstruction is that the balcony railing is metal instead of plexiglass. Other than that, the views are amazing........basically the same as the bridge! The best thing is that these cabins are priced lower than a standard balcony (tiny) with no sofa. For us the best cabins on the ship for the price.
  8. Not available on Regal or Royal. These cabins are new to Sky and Enchanted. We always try to book the forward deluxe balcony (obstructed) cabins that are far forward on Lido or Marina. Huge balconies and you get a small sofa. These oceanview cabins have no sofa, just a large window.
  9. Thank you! I always think it's just me! Just when I wanted to upgrade my cabin.......darn it.
  10. I've been trying to access the website and keep getting a "technical difficulty" alert and "try again later". Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Why would you think that? Most folks with AFIB live completely normal lives and participate in all kinds of activities. My husband was diagnosed with AFIB years ago and was prescribed meds to control it and to prevent the risk of stroke. We've have cruised numerous times since then with his physicians blessing. Please don't misinform people who have medical issues that you know nothing about. Always talk to your doctor about your own specific issues and follow their advice.
  12. We always tip $2.00 if it's just coffee. If we add some pastries and juice, then usually $4.00. If it's a full meal with a beverage, then $5.00+. All amounts are for two people.
  13. Letting us pre-book excursions, specialty restaurants, bev packages, etc. online using our OBC. Celebrity does that and we had everything paid and done with using our OBC. So convenient!
  14. Because, of course, Princess will make an exception for you and only you. Some folks are so filled with entitlement and self importance! I'm actually a bit embarrassed for you.
  15. The list is endless! I've never had to ask anyone what to do on my vacation once I became an adult. Do what you like!
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