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  1. We had originally chosen Traditional Dining when we booked our cruise months ago. We have been able to access dining choices on the app, but I fail to see this option, but instead only DMW. We chose a time and the restaurant and it even gave us a table for two. Is this their version of Traditional or is it the same as the standard anytime dining option we always had available? We prefer having the same table and waitstaff, but we’re okay if that is no longer offered. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Well, that is certainly true of Leaf fans, but me, not so much. Here’s to smooth sailing from now on!
  3. Well, I was probably the loudest complainer about this app and was ready to cancel my Princess cruise. Decided one week ago to give it one last shot and then I’d be done with it. Hallelujah, it started to cooperate! As of today, I’ve been able to accomplish as much as possible, considering our cruise isn’t until May, and I’m so darn pleased with myself! As they say “Patience is a virtue”.
  4. Got it! Thank you for your quick reply, much appreciated. I’d planned on taking my iPad on our cruise so I can keep in touch with family and I also have books downloaded, as well, so not an issue carrying it around.
  5. I have downloaded the Princess app to my iPad and it seems to be functioning they way it should (finally, I figured it out). We do not have a smart phone, just a Samsung Galaxy to keep in the car for emergencies with a ridiculous cheap plan that offers not much more than bare bone basics. Is my ipad a good substitute for a smart phone? Sorry, but I’m not very tech savvy, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything properly and I don’t have to go phone shopping. Thank you so much for your advice!
  6. Yup, as of this morning I feel the same way. I was finally able to access the app and put in our details and book dining! Unfortunately, our cruise is not until May, so a long way off, but lots of fun exploring excursions and such!
  7. That’s why you can access dining choices early. Platinum, Elite and Suite guests have this benefit.
  8. Are you Platinum or is your cruise coming up in the next couple of months? If not, then I have no idea….I just heard about it this morning from another CC poster. Our cruise is May 2022.
  9. Thanks for this! I booked our dining time this morning on the app and I was surprised because our cruise is not until May 22, so not paid in full. We are Elite, and I did not realize this was a perk for us. Sometimes it pays off to have locality status.
  10. Success! Finally after two weeks of installing and deleting the app I decided this morning to give it one last go. Went about it slowly and methodically and everything just fell into place. I was also able to select our dining time and table size! I am so excited! I have no idea why all of a sudden it worked, but just so relieved that I can move on from this. FYI I used my iPad, because my phone is not compatible with the app, so I never tried to use it. I assume having the information on my iPad is just as good. Thanks to everyone who offered advice and kept me calm and focused……we d
  11. From your lips to Princess’s ears! Agree with you 200%!
  12. There are currently numerous threads regarding the Medallion app on the Princess boards. You will be kept busy for days reading all the posts. Have fun!
  13. You are absolutely correct. No cruiseline accepts any form of payment onboard other than your personal cruise card, or for Princess, the medallion.
  14. Very good point, so thank you. It just keeps getting more complicated all the time.
  15. Yup, my thoughts exactly. Our embarkation port is Copenhagen. I would be so stressed out on the plane wondering if we would be allowed in or turned away. I really need absolute assurance from Princess that there will no problems or issues. I thank everyone here for trying to help, but Princess has to step up and tell exactly how they’re going to deal with this and preferably in writing.
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