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  1. If you haven’t seen, Split, it is definitely worth a look -The beautiful waterfront, the ancient Diocletian Palace and wondering the old town. Here is a sample of photos from my blog. Split photo blog
  2. Wow, why did they get a refund at all. I thoroughly get that the Athens to Athens cruise went to all ports. - a full cruise. On the Previous cruise, Malaga to Athens, there was a much shorted day in Chania, and Santorini was missed. The Canadian passengers received $400 CAD. The lies and denials were what ticked most people off. Never a mention of broken engine, or even a new captain. Cruise director Alison, was useless with any kind of communication. Also, the Captain did tell folks that the ship had to be inspected and tested in Chania before it was allowed to depart. Apparently, no one is allowed on the ship when this inspection takes place, so all on-board passengers were sent off the ship. ( majority of passengers were on the bus trip to Heraklion.). The rumour was that the people taken off the ship received a bus trip into town with lunch, $500 US, and a bottle of champagne. This rumour caused a lot of hard feelings— how could being removed from a ship for 2 hrs, be worth more than losing a highlight port? Sounds like lots of inconsistencies !
  3. Just got back from Malta, and in my opinion, you would miss out on a fabulous city if you used it as a beach stop. But I certainly get it with teenagers. If they are into Game of Thrones, the ancient city of Mdina was the filming location for Kings Landing in Season 1 before it moved to Dubrovnik. Maybe go there on way to beach?? Here is the photo blog from our day stop in Malta - Malta - Mdina and Valletta tour. This may help you decide. Good luck
  4. We did the 4.5 hour tour last month and loved it. You just drive by Etna, but if the sky is clear, the views are fantastic. We didn't go to the beach, but I heard that it is very nice and pretty cool. I think Isola Bella beach is at the base of Taormina and is beautiful. I think that might be a good option. Here is the link to my photo blog on our 3 stops in Sicily. The pics of Taormina are at the end - just scroll down. sicily photos
  5. If you are looking for a waterproof camera that takes very good stills, what about an Olympus GT-4 or GT-5? These little cameras will fit in your pocket and are a good option for a point and shoot when you don't want to lug around your DSLR. Videos are good also. By the way have you ever been to Oktoberfest in Munich before? ....be prepared, it's not what you think 🙂 😄
  6. I just came across this today and I think there are some good tips here for all of us who are amateurs. Maybe we can start a list of other tips you have and use. Tips for better landscape photos
  7. This repair really needed to happen and I'm not sure why that ship is still putting along and why it took so long to come to this conclusion. I'm guessing that the Captain probably resigned in the middle of our cruise over this as we secretly had a new captain after our stop in Malta. Anyway, I would say by 2 1/2 months the engine will be repaired or it will be trash. But we will know one way or another.
  8. Yes, we are still being well looked after. Santorini was going to be a highlight for so many, so lots of disgruntled pax. People are very fed up that no one was telling them the real story of the engines. Also, a big surprise - we got a new captain a few days ago (we were wondering who that man was at the helm in Chania :-). Anyway, tomorrow is Athens and the beautiful Grand Bretagne Hotel - a great way to end the cruise.
  9. XOn board right now. We have been running on one engine for past 4 days. We were 10 hours late getting into Chania, but still had some time to do a late afternoon tour. We were not towed there. We did have a tug ready to help us dock. Spent the night in Chania and we were bused to Heraklion for full day tours with included lunch.... a great day with nice vistas of Crete. Never once has had the captain admitted that we were having engine problems. Chania was an administration problem so we did an overnight🤥. Now we are missing Santorini because of alleged high winds. 🤔 Seas are pretty calm in the Aegean right now. We are very slowly making our way back to Athens. 5.8 knots Mary
  10. Agreed, that you have to be all over the ship. It's a long day to just stay in one spot. It's crowded on top for the first lock, but remember you will get lots of views as you pass through the different parts of the canal. Here is a view from the top, and one of the mule driver from the promenade deck.
  11. The port for Athens is Piraeus. ...you will need a tour or taxi ride into Athens.
  12. Here is my photo blog of Mykonos. Everything you see in the photos is within an15 min walk. When you walk along the waterfront, you will see most of the charming old town, the maze of streets, windmills and little Venice. https://maryandnormtravel.blogspot.com/search/label/Greece Mykonos
  13. I will be on the Aegean Odyssey in April. The brown water concerns me. We were on last spring and we never saw any rusty water in our bathroom. Will the ship supply bottles of drinking water free of charge in each stateroom? Also - Is Richard still the cruise director?...he was great!
  14. Glad I found this thread. I am going to move to a bridge camera from an SLR for my next Med cruise. I am sick of lugging a heavy camera and lenses everywhere. I want a zoom with really good quality photos and is light to carry. I was settled on the Lumix Fz1000, but the price of the FZ300 is so much more appealing (and it is weather sealed). Anyone have any opinions on these two. The reviews of the FZ300 are quite complementary, so is the 1000 worth it?
  15. Yes, very clear that this is the time you show up. Have had lots of cruises and I know that it takes as long as it takes to get registered and on the ship. Anyway, we did show up early. There were 2 lines only - one for priority and one for everyone else. No problems getting in a line when we arrived . By 1pm, the lines were very small too, and all lines moved very fast.
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