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  1. OTT has mobile tickets for use on your cellphone
  2. I am extremely prone to motion sickness - cars, trains, boats, amusement rides, etc What works best for me is Bonine (generic: Meclizine HCL). Take it the night before and it lasts up to 24 hours. While everyone is different, this does not make me sleepy. Dramamine (generic: Dimenhydrinate HCL) makes me sleepy and only lasts me around 6 hours. Interesting fact - Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) is composed of Dimenhydrinate and a stimulant
  3. Just go to your ship's roll call board and hopefully you will run across more people
  4. Fuji XP130 is a nice camera for around $150. The Panasonic TS30 is also good right around $120 Both will fill the bill for a 9-year-old and won't hurt your wallet too much.
  5. For me, as I am extremely prone to motion sickness (reading in a car, roller coasters and other amusement park rides, etc) I can say that it really doesn't matter where I experienced it. Taking Dramamine or Bonine will counter the effects - at least for me
  6. LMAO!! I'm extremely prone to motion sickness and found Meclizine HCL (aka Bonine) works for me. Take it the night before and I'm good for up to 24 hours and its makes me less sleepy than Dramamine. But different strokes for different folks - what may work for me may not for you' I've tried the holistic approach - ginger chews, sea bands, etc and they don't work for me. Talk to your Family Physician - they know you best
  7. With the discount code we found online and prepurchased, with tax it was about $127 pp. this was a 3-4 hour whale watching tour and Mendenhall Glacier for as long as we want, until their last shuttle back to town
  8. We have never booked an excursion thru any cruise line and have always had great experiences with third party groups - just need to do your due diligence. In Juneau we were very happy with booking a whale watch/Mendenhall Glacier excursion with Juneau Whale Watch and it was a lot cheaper than other tour groups Ketchikan is one port where we just got off and did our own thing - walked around and souvenir shopped, walked Creek Street and visited the Totem Heritage Museum and Deercreek hatchery
  9. If you can do without a viewfinder, the Sony A5100 is a great little mirrorless. You can still find them new at Adorama or B&H or used all over the place - I've seen them on Facebook Marketplace for right around $300, and that includes the kit 16-50mm lens. Its predecessor, the NEX-5 and 7 are decent as well and you can find them sub $200 used
  10. Awesome pictures, Oakman! Howd you get the eagle to pose for you like that, lol!
  11. Sorry about your family member's illness You really need to talk to someone from a site like InsureMyTrip.com, Squaremouth.com or whomever you are considering purchasing trip insurance from. Keep in mind that the best rate and coverage, especially for your situation would have been when you booked your trip but that point is now moot. We always purchase trip insurance for any travel we do because you just never know. Good luck
  12. I do both as I handwash but also admit I don't always do it properly (at least per the CDC and Mayo Clinic) - soaping for a minimum of 20 seconds. And I'm not the only one judging by how I've seen people washing their hands - some just rinse with water for a couple of seconds!
  13. In the past I traveled with a compact super zoom travel camera - a Panasonic ZS50. Small and light enough enough to fit in my pocket but shoots in RAW, has an EVF and full controls and an equivalent zoom to 720mm. It has a 12mp sensor which I preferred for lower light shooting. I had considered a bridge camera but this little sucker was pretty comparable in a tinier package minus the extended zoom Purchased a Canon D200 - a small, lightweight DSLR that I took to Prague last year and Rome this year. I think this will be my new travel camera.....
  14. Most of the responses about passports left in the safe on this thread pertain more to Caribbean ports. European ports of call will be a different beast all together - if it were me, I would bring it on a Baltic cruise
  15. Just curious if you know that for sure. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask at Guest Services once you board, but I would imagine that if they are like other cruise lines, they sail full or very-nearly full. Higher level cabins are usually "upsold" in the week or so prior to sailing, which then frees up some mid-level cabins to be "upsold." Once the upselling process is complete, the remaining cabins are usually filled by either last-minute purchases, or by travel agents
  16. What PJK and Keywester said. The "tour" on OTT doesn't follow any chronological order and will vary from driver to driver. And purchasing a ticket will allow you to hop on at any stop - we always stay on Upper Duval and get on at stop 11 which is closer to the Southernmost Point than 12 - there is a gift shop there where you can also buy tickets. The entire loop will run about 90 minutes
  17. Honestly, I don't believe anyone is dismissing them out of hand but based more on experience. On a mega ship, available line of site plays a huge role. On smaller ships they are an annoyance to the nth degree. Nothing like sitting on Carnival Victory's Serenity Deck and listening to some woman trying to get in touch with her kids several decks below - why do people think that talking louder into the thing will help the signal get thru?
  18. May will still be cold - layers will be the key. You don't have to spend/buy a lot but you will need some warmer clothes than you are used to in FL - the outer layer being waterproof.
  19. IIRC, both go into Glacier Bay but i would much rather do it on the Ruby than the behemoth, Bliss. Princess has been doing Alaska for years whereas NCL even admits that they are the youngest fleet cruising to Alaska - whether that means demographics, age of ships or when they began cruising there I'm not sure.
  20. Not to my knowledge. Auke Bay is pretty sheltered. I am very prone to motion sickness and prefer Meclizine HCL (aka Bonine) to Dramamine. It lasts longer and makes you less drowsy
  21. It was actually on their website www.juneauwhalewatch.com. I just took a look and they have a couple of promotion codes on their homepage now We were actually on the bigger boat but as it was in early September, it wasn't full - maybe two dozen people which was fine with us
  22. Herfnerd

    Glacier Bay

    That is when you enter Glacier National Park. Typically, cruise ships spend the day cruising into and out and it won't be for a few hours before you even get to the Margerie Glacier - even then, the ship will probably stay there an hour, rotating so that both sides can view it
  23. We used Juneau Whale Watch for a whale watch/Mendenhall Glacier tour and was very happy with it. Went out on the water for 3 hours, saw a bunch of whales and then their bus dropped us off at Mendenhall to spend as much time as we wanted - we left after a couple of hours to take their last bus back into town. We did hike to Nugget Falls. They charged less than most other outfits and an online discount code saved us even more......
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