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  1. We were on Royal Princess a few years ago for New Years. Party hats and favors were given out and they had parties both on deck and in the atrium. A huge balloon drop was done at midnight. It gets busy so if you want a spot to be able to sit you have to get there early. They also set up screens to show other princess ships around the world and when they reached the new year. Was a very fun and exciting night and I would definitely do it again.
  2. We were on the April 29th out of Honolulu and saw a very different group at the tenders. A few times the waters were a bit rough and they had 2 people helping people to board and then get off. They were very attentive to elderly customers, and we even saw them carry a person in a wheelchair.
  3. Is there a website where we can purchase tickets to visit Pearl Harbor. Plan just to visit on our own, not part of a tour.
  4. Check out airbnb’s. We booked one that was way cheaper then the hotels, parking at a fraction of the main hotels, right by the beach and wonderful ocean views.
  5. Wanting to rent a car for our 3 day pre cruise the end of April. Which car rental company is the best to use? Dollar has the best prices, but it is the lowest rated? I assume they all have shuttles from the airport?
  6. Does anyone have info on who will be the CD on the Eclipse the end of April?
  7. Was wondering if drinks like prosecco are included in the classic beverage package? Will it cost extra above the price included? Also I see it covers frozen drinks up to $9....again, will this cover drinks like pina coladas, margaritas? Anyone have a price list of drinks on the Eclipse?
  8. first time sailing Hawaii. What side of the ship is best to be able to see the volcano as we sail past. Its hard to see what route the ship does on my computer. Right now we are on the port side.
  9. Was wondering how the high speed internet service is on voyages from Hawaii to Vancouver. We are looking to do the sailing the end of April and wondered if it was worth adding this perk as a go better? We already took the drink package and wondered if internet was a better choice or the pre paid gratuities. thank you
  10. Can someone tell me if there is a sauna or steam room on the serenade?? If so are they free to use?
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