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  1. Call them and ask. I donโ€™t recall the range of dates/seasons it included last time. I bet they can tell you if the last time it included the following fall sailings. I do see that the Princess 2019 sip &sail included Jan 2020 to May 2021 sailings.
  2. CC member "Dides" did a recent "live from" on the Sky Princess and posted lots of photos including bar menus. Not sure which ships will have these menus, but I saw many drinks I will be trying!
  3. Just prior to the Princess sip & sail, a large, well known online travel site does a sip & sail that also includes free gratuities (and some other small perks I cannot remember right now). We booked a couple cruises with them so far.
  4. Guilty! Usually when we are people watching and we don't want the "people" to hear us. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Actually making/taking a call in a restaurant (depends on the restaurant though) is bad manners according to most people. However, looking at the phone or taking pics of food is all too common and not bad manners. I think it is just a way of life now. I do see people in restaurants on their phones and while I don't make it a practice, I try not to judge since I have no idea what their purpose is. I also do it sometimes and wonder if people think my husband and I went out to eat to not talk to eachother. We are empty nesters and do EVERYTHING together so we talk A LOT most of the time. Now, when we've gone out to a nicer dinner I definitely give my husband all of my attention since that was really the point in the first place. Just because I would not do something though, does not mean that other people think or feel the same way about it. To each their own. I enjoy looking at my phone or tablet and reading, texting, emailing when I have downtime. It's amazing to be able to do that in my opinion. I do like to people watch as well and just observe people's quirky ways. We all have our quirks!
  6. We got the bands from Princess that we ordered to come with our medallions. They are a nice, soft silicone that must have something magnetized in the holder are because the band sort of sucks the medallion into place. I think they are $12 on board and $10 + shipping (that amounts to a total of $12 each) if you order them when you order your medallions.
  7. I assume you were on the same aircraft we will be...747-400/combi? We are in the upper deck. Kind of a bucket list thing for me. How was it?
  8. Pretty sure you donโ€™t. You just order whatever you want! When you check your stateroom account you will see that you are not charged for them.
  9. The CA Dept of Consumer Affairs does not regulate cruise lines. They regulate specific professions such as doctors, nurses, architects, engineers, auto repair facilities, etc.
  10. You are very knowledgeable! Thank you! I'm going to try not to stress and just make sure I ask questions before I go gallivanting off to the wrong terminal and/or gate. I am NOT too proud to ask for directions! (sigh)...I think a private jet is the only solution to my problems. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I am flying in less than 2 weeks. So confusing. All the flights have a "DL" not KL. I also called KLM just a bit ago and asked about my concern and the rep said it was fine, that according to their system I only need 15 minutes to make that connection in Amsterdam. Now I need to worry about where to go at LAX when I get there? I get very stressed out in airports, not afraid to fly, just hate the airport experience. Any help is appreciated!
  12. You can request Princess to ticket your airfare if you have paid in full. Otherwise, they don't ticket until approximately 35 days out from departure. At least that is what they told me when I called and asked for mine to be ticketed. However, you will get different answers from different people at Princess. At one point (before ticketing) I had called and noticed that my name did not include my middle name, and only had my middle initial. I wanted to make sure that was not an issue and they told me it COULD be, but that they could not change it and the only way to change it would be to cancel and re-book the air at the current price...which was significantly higher. The day I called to ticket it, the Princess rep confirmed our names and when she said my middle initial I told her, "well, it's XXX, but A is fine" and she said, "oh, let's get that corrected so it matches your passport" and I just said "OK!" and shook my head in silence. I had no words. Air was ticketed with correct name without even asking. I guess that was all more than you asked, but I couldn't stop once I started. lol
  13. I had only cruised RCCL prior to cruising with Princess. I really did not love cruising until I started cruising with Princess. Now, this is really subjective though. I do not like noisy, crowded, activity filled places. I can do that for a time, but I NEED to have places that I can get away from the noise and people. Princess has that...at least for me. Having said that, RCCL is geared toward the younger, adventure seeking. Princess is not. I think Princess offers an elevated experience.
  14. Tickets purchased a long time ago. It may be a codeshare flight (?) since our flight is Delta from Sacramento to LAX, then KLM (747 world business class, so we will be off plane first) from LAX to Amsterdam and to Barcelona. The SMF to LAX flight says it is operated by Compass dba Delta Connection. The LAX to Amsterdam says it is operated by KLM.
  15. So, we fly KLM from California to Amsterdam and then switch planes (also KLM) and fly to Barcelona. We have never flown into Amsterdam/Schiphol. My overall experience flying tells me that I cannot be sure that my connecting flight may not be in the same gate area even when it is the same airline. Those that have experience flying on KLM through Amsterdam/Schiphol, can you please weight in on this and let me know if an hour is sufficient? Thanks!
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