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  1. 1st Packer game is against Houston on the 8th of August-- 16 days away. Whatever the satellite feed is, games are shown all over the ship especially during the playoffs and the Super Bowl. GO PACK
  2. Probably somewhere around 9:30 to 9:45 would be last call to leave the ship.
  3. (1) Yes there are places to eat when you board: (1) the buffet, (2) one of the main dining rooms and (3) O'Sheehan's (2) Both the Restaurant Reservations Desk and the Shore Excursion Desk should be open when you board. (3) For me there are so many historic sites to see, I probably could not get to all of them. I would do a tour to get an overview and go back and further explore the ones that appeal most to you.
  4. I have only had Guest Lecturers on a Panama Canal cruise. The Alaskan cruises have either have someone from the Forest Service or National Park Service on board for your time in Glacier Bay.
  5. I did a NYE cruise on The Getaway several years ago-- booking 9 months in advance. I will NEVER book another New Year's Eve cruise-- way too many people. A Christmas cruise I would book in a heartbeat. Any cruise over a holiday like Christmas and New Year's is always very crowded and expensive.
  6. One change I know--- Jose Contreras is not Beverage Manager-- not sure who is.
  7. Just tried Google--- gives nothing current. Directs you to the CC Thread which is only current if people add to it- most do not.
  8. No So far no official announcement has been made as to who the Opening Officers on The Encore will be.
  9. As earlier today, 18 July for Her next regular scheduled cruise.
  10. The Jewel went through dry dock this past Winter. You have to clear Canadian Customs before going upstairs to the boarding process. On other ships as they have come out of dry dock O'Sheehan's has become The Local.
  11. Boarding in Vancouver, B.C. is slightly different than boarding in the US. You have to clear Customs in the basement of Canada Place before going upstairs into the boarding area. From there it is just the same, except that in the Great Hall more than ship may be boarding passengers at the same time. More than once, I have had computers crash from the overload. In addition to the buffet, one of the Main Dining Rooms, the Local (formerly O'Sheehan's) will be open for lunch. Enjoy your cruise on The Jewel. She is a great ship with a wonderful staff.
  12. They are still having lots of glitches in their new system wide computer system also.
  13. Since you have a hotel voucher, then you would also have a transfer voucher as part of the package. Check with the Hotel Concierge is to what time your transportation will arrive at your hotel. I have had anywhere from a 9:30 A.M. to an 11:30 A.M. hotel pick-up time.
  14. WOW!!! Interesting story-- I hope it works. Wonder what the cost will be ? The joys of modern technology. THANK YOU as always for your inside.
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