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  1. I have had several birthday dinners on The Getaway in Ocean Blue. Love that restaurant-- small, has outside seating if it is warm enough. Great staff.
  2. To my knowledge he is currently on vacation. I understand that the staff will begin in arrive Germany about the 3rd of October and continue to arrive until about the 20th.
  3. I also stay in touch with a number of staff members. Always, nice to travel with them.
  4. Check your Freestyle Daily for an insert for Port Day Spa Specials.
  5. On Embarkation Day, tours are offered for free-- check it out and then make your decision. For me the itinerary I would be sailing would also be a factor-- if you have a number of port days, how much would you actually use the spa compared to what the cost of the spa might be. Do they have a "Day Pass" to the spa-- sometimes on port days they do.
  6. Yes, sometimes Studios are more expensive. Sometimes a promotion is run where a Solo passenger in a Inside Cabin is less expensive than a Studio. A Sail Away cabin is the cheapest priced cabin available and does NOT come with any of the promotional perks. If you book a Sail Away, you have NO say in where the cabin is located. Sometimes they are in a good location, other times not.
  7. There will be New Year's Eve parties all over the ship. Very loud and crowded.
  8. There is no need to reserve seats for the shows. That is required only on the larger newer ships. Yes, there will probably something to celebrate Halloween-- Costume Party probably. Enjoy
  9. No Norwegian ship has a self-service laundry. There is a "Pressing Special" on Embarkation Day and mid week there will a "Fill The Bag Laundry Special". I think it is about $20 for everything in the bag.
  10. What was your weather Thursday night? Might not have been able to get a satellite feed.
  11. There are some staff changes that occur every single week. Different staff have different length contacts ranging from 10 weeks (10 weeks off) to 8 months on (2 months off). When their contact is finished , they leave sometimes to be assigned back to the same ship and sometimes to others ships. Right now, with getting close to time for The Encore staff to begin arriving Germany for the opening, there is lots of staff movement happening. Almost every week brand new crew members board. For the most part passengers can not tell when staff has changed.
  12. My guess would be that from now until Miami-- they will do a deep cleaning everywhere that there is never time to do with passengers on board and have a night to party.
  13. How did you book this cruise: travel agent, PCC, etc.? Go back and ask them to walk you through the process.
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