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  1. Many thanks for the thoughtful input.
  2. Stay far clear, above or below, of the music venues.
  3. It seems that the last Reflection dry dock was in January 2018. Will there be any dry dock (or substantial updates) prior to its revolutionization in 2023?
  4. Thanks. On which side is the hawsepipe?
  5. We're considering a C2 cabin on Insignia, Deck 4, cabins 4000-4007, but are concerned about noise from the lounge on Deck 5 just above. Any information? Thanks!
  6. Were regular cabins updated or just suites?
  7. Yes, but in what spaces? Thanks.
  8. Where are Billboard Onboard and the Lincoln Center Stage located after the refurb?
  9. I've been snorkeling in the Caribbean for almost 30 years and have never seen a shark. And I'm quite pleased about that! This forum (and others) regularly mention the number of sharks in the South Pacific, and so I'm wondering about the likelihood of encountering them during a PG snorkeling excursion or even just from a shore snorkel. Thanks.
  10. Recently disembarked. The discount card was NOT available on the ship.
  11. Can be better if you're obstructed by a tender than by a lifeboat. See photos at http://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/.
  12. HAL agent told me that the promo was capacity controlled.
  13. Would these cabins be noisy from the casino below? Thanks.
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