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  1. We sailed on the Regal over Thanksgiving and it was a nice dinner. There were LOTS of children on board. None were a problem, though, they were all well behaved.
  2. No, the Crown did not have the swipe screen on our March 27th cruise
  3. That could be, because our lamps were definitely not new! As a matter of fact, they were slightly loose on the tables.
  4. Did you guys know that Cruise Critic gives prizes each week for cruise reviews? I didn't until I received an email that I won! LOL I received my prize today, clear vinyl luggage tag holders for my cruise luggage tags! Those will certainly get used a lot! Thank you, Cruise Critic, I really appreciate it!
  5. We were on the Crown in March and I don't remember plug ins on the lamps. I'm pretty sure they weren't there.
  6. I was able to put my camera charger on the wall outlet behind the TV. I had to stand on a chair and really contort to get there, but if you have teenagers, it shouldn't be a problem!
  7. Onion Rings? We were on the Crown Mar 27th and I never saw any onion rings at the Salty Dog! I had a hot dog from there every day (at least one, LOL). I would have loved some onion rings!
  8. I have never purchased a Princess Transfer from the ship to the airport, but I am pretty certain I have read, in the disembarkation instructions that we all receive, to make sure that you have transfer tickets if you have purchased them from Princess. you receive this several days before disembarkation, which would have given them time to get it sorted out at Passenger Services.
  9. In 12 cruises I have never seen a crew member yell at a passenger. Never. I haven't even seen them raise their voice. Not saying it hasn't happened, it is just rare. But, if someone cut in line and grabbed a medallion off of the table, they should be scolded, LOL Just think of the problems that could happen if they allowed every pushy entitled person to cut in line and just grab a medallion off of the table! Thank you, Princess, for guarding them well.
  10. That's what I thought. maybe I should call again and get a different CSR?
  11. I called them one week after the cruise and they said it had to be done on the ship.
  12. We just got off the Crown. We typically went in between 5:15 and 5:30 with a table of 4, with a reservation, no wait. By 5:45 most of the tables were full. We liked this time, as it allowed us plenty of time to get to the first production show of the evening.
  13. I was on the Crown in March and I didn't think it was bad. I had 250 free minutes and I left with almost 100 of them. Now, I have learned a few tricks that help with my usage. I do all of my typing offline. I type FB messages to my 87 year old Dad every morning and every evening (it's my way of checking on him, because he will respond). If I am on my phone, I type them in Notes. I also type a note to my daughter and one to my son (checking on my dogs). After I have all of my messages typed, I copy one to clip board, and then I sign on. I copy/paste and then do the next one and so on. I then sign out and check back in later on it. I do the same with emails, etc. You can even post to FB offline and then it will post when you get online. Sending a lot of emails with pictures will take longer, though.
  14. I watched part of a Cirque-du-Soliel on the Regal over Thanksgiving and I hated it! i was disappointed to see it playing several times on our recent Crown cruise. No go for me!
  15. We were on the Crown March 27-April 6 and we had a Disco Pool Party
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