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  1. Simon was the HD on the Inaugural Voyages of the first three Solstice ships and the Hotel Director of Operations for the final two Solstice ships before moving to the latter position at Royal Caribbean. For the last few years he has been COO in China for Royal. He definitely has the qualifications for the position and I agree with Jane that this will be a positive thing for all as we too enjoyed sailing with him on several cruises.
  2. No press release posted on Celebrity nor Royal yet but on a professional media site it is posted as of this month Simon Weir is Vice President of Hotel Operations for Celebrity as well as Vice President of Royal Caribbean Cruises.
  3. Captain Kate will be Master on Edge in 2019: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurabegleybloom/2018/11/30/billion-dollar-cruise-ship-celebrity-edge-launch-women/#7f7163835780
  4. This may help. Scroll down to one of the Nov 26 Tweets to see pictures of the use of the Celebrity App to control the stateroom functions and TV set up using AirPlay or Chromecast. https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/celebrityedge
  5. It may have been an error on the App as VT suggested. Celebrity’s website was not showing any change to the complimentary 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Room Service policy for Edge bookings. No regular charge was on the App for the preview cruises but there was a typo indicating the overnight service fee for non-suites at $4.99 instead of $4.95 on the preview cruises which was also corrected. Here’s the previous discussion: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2601013-room-service-charge-on-edge/
  6. It states “$7.95 service charge per room” and I did not see this fee listed on a few cruises I checked for the other ships on the App. Maybe that will change as each ship completes the dry dock.
  7. On the Celebrity Edge App a $7.95 charge per room is indicated for Room Service beginning on the 9th of December voyage.
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