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    Disembark question

    Walked off the Escape with my luggage a week ago. I had an ideal walkoff. Here is my timeline: 7:45 - Ship cleared customs 7:57 - left my cabin (14 aft) 8:38 - was walking out of the terminal. Pick up is across the street on 12th Avenue. If you are under the customs limits, you no longer have to fill out a customs declaration. Disembarkation was forward, but once we cleared customs we were told we could go aft as well - you still wound up walking towards, and leaving, forward, but it seemed to still be faster that way as my cousin who left well before me got out maybe 2 min before me. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  2. Like Glass is exactly how we described it as well. I personally thought this was the smoothest cruise I’ve ever been on.
  3. They wound up getting other boats to ferry us and times were changed. The ride was a lot longer than the paid ferry.
  4. Yes, it is fine for children. I saw at least 3 of them there. As a matter of fact, one was a young girl - maybe 3-4 yrs old who was a pleasure to watch. She was smiling and clapping and enjoyed the show as much and I did. lol
  5. Dinner service is very fast and eaten before the show show starts. I’d say count on about 1hrs 15min until you start leaving.
  6. Menu and my take on the show: Beer (no opinion on it as I despise beer) Potted Salmon appetizer which since I don’t eat seafood was substituted with a mixed greens salad. Very good. Bangers and Mash (sausage & mashed potatoes & Savoy cabbage) entree. Meh Bread pudding and strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Both were OK but not like bread pudding that I’m used to. Although the food wasn’t to our liking, the 4 Of us thought the show was wonderful and well worth the charge even without eating dinner. They have great voices, they were very interactive with the audience and it was a lot of fun. Two thumbs up.
  7. Hopes4

    In-room phone call rates

    On the Escape now and it is still $4.99 a minute. 👍🏼👍🏼
  8. Hopes4

    In-room phone call rates

    .50 cents for outgoing texts. .10 cents for incoming. Have your calls forwarded to your voicemail to avoid charges for unanswered calls.
  9. Hopes4

    Ncl escape 4/22 no check in until 12PM.

    I have AT&T and still had service when I texted a friend at 9:52. It was probably only 1 bar though and I shut off my service right after that.
  10. Hopes4

    Ncl escape 4/22 no check in until 12PM.

    6:52 and we just started moving! Woot woot!!!
  11. Hopes4

    Ncl escape 4/22 no check in until 12PM.

    6:00 and we still haven’t set sail. Just spoke to a crew member and we are still waiting to be cleared from customs. Crazy! I’m happy I’m on vacation but it’s still annoying we haven’t gotten updates.
  12. Hopes4

    Ncl escape 4/22 no check in until 12PM.

    She’s just about all the way in now. It was very cool to see the crew on deck enjoying the view.
  13. 12:02. Ship just about finished docking.
  14. Hopes4

    Mini suites on the Gem

    No walk in showers that I’m aware of. Not that you asked, but if you’re choosing a mini on the Gem, midship costs a little more but is is not better. You’ll be under the pool deck. Pick any one under the spa and as far back as under the lifestyles room and it will be quiet. The other side of the ship beware of being under the gym.
  15. FYI: the Escape is no where near docking yet this morning at 7:40. She is still off the coast of south/central Jersey. Stuff happens. *♀️