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  1. If you are covered by Medicare, you are not covered when out of the U.S for any medical expenses. Get insurance to cover yourself and include evacuation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I don't know how it is currently, but a few years ago we had covered our cruise with their insurance and for a legitimate, covered reason (not our fault, but weather related). It took well over 3 months with constant phone calls and letter writing to get our refund. Even had to contact Viking CEO and insurance commissioners in 2 states. I would never take Viking's plan again. Find your own. Just my experience, but check the reviews on Trip Mate.
  3. We were in an aft balcony on the Joy in February on deck 13, next door to a Haven cabin. Sorry, don't remember the number. It was not covered so it was very hot and sunny to spend the day out there. Also, it wasn't very large. Looong walk to other end of ship. It's a big ship! The views were great though.
  4. Thank you. Sounds perfect for us!
  5. From what company are you renting the car? I'm having trouble finding one that is near the port. Budget has one at the Renassaince hotel nearby but won't do a one day rental. Thanks for any info you can give me. Needed for Feb 5!
  6. Thanks everyone for your answers. I feel relieved that I’ll be able to enjoy this beach!
  7. Thank you. That’s a big relief!
  8. I injured my ankle and have difficulty walking long distances. Can someone tell me how long a walk it is from the ship to where we will get the electric pedal boats? Thanks!
  9. We have done both and prefer going from Europe TA back to USA. After a week or so of intensive touring, the 8 days of sea are so relaxing. We've also done a Transpacific with sea days at the end of the cruise. Another advantage is that we get back to the States with no jet lag.
  10. Thanks all. I got my tickets at a great price through Celebrity cruises. We're sailing out of Rome next October.
  11. Thank you for your great review, the Mice! I will be checking it out. We are originally from Rockland County, NY. Now living on the coast of NC where the weather is much nicer! Flo
  12. Has anyone flown one way Miami to Rome on TAP? Price is way lower than other airlines. thanks
  13. We’ll be cruising on the Meraviglia for a week and then boarding the NCL Joy the same day we disembark. We’ll arrange for self disembarkation as late as possible. What are the alternative ways to get to the NCL terminal from MSC? Is it walkable? This is the port of Miami, by the way! Thanks for any information you can share.
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