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  1. After going to though some phone calls with Royal I supposedly got to an executive customer service rep. They pulled all kinds of security video I am told they told me the dog did not pee on my child but that maybe it did on the floor and we stepped in it (which i've always said is possible even though it was on her leg) they would not let me view the footage and told me to get a lawyer if I wanted to see it they refuse to provide any vet records They almost went as far as saying there was no pee on the floor and I'm making this up - even though there are witnesses I almost felt like they were trying to say my daughter peed her self - even though her clothing was not wet at all so i'm not even going to entertain this After all that I asked if they thought it was not pee why was a Hazmat Suite needed to clean. IN which I was told this was standard to clean any bodily fluid up in public areas. Even though the bathroom attendants don't need them which I find odd. Also - i was once again told this is the first time they have ever heard of this passenger and his dog doing any sort of thing. I mentioned the countless reports and stories on line - and that all the crew and past customers seemed to know of this issue - at which point I was asked if I could see into RCCL's corporate computers and read if there are any reports filed. Honestly - i've never been treated so poorly before. I've asked them for nothing. RCCL is continuting to lie and cover up. I agree with those that say its just pee - clean it and move on. I was almost happy to until the rest unfolded. Until I was lied to. Until the OWner of the Dog didnt care. Until I read about this dog urinating and deficating where ever it has to and nothing being done about it. Until Royal showed that they needed a Hazmat unit to clean it up ... hey something may be wrong here maybe we should get my kid checked out and file a report just in case. And then trying to make me into the criminal here and denying this guy has ever done anywrong. The email to the CEO has been sent. I doubt i'll hear from anyone and I doubt ill ever step foot on a Royal ship again
  2. I did not - but have since read this is going on and has been going on for months now
  3. Photo of clean up ... guest services insisted we go to medical to file a report. Medical refused. Not knowing when this animal was last on US soil and seen by a professional is disturbing
  4. I've been reading past comments about this but I didnt believe them until I saw it myself Just off the Anthem today ... there is a man who i've been told by crew members has been on the ship for around 3 months with a little emotional support dog The first time I saw the dog it seemed to be in a wagon of shorts being strolled around the last time i saw it it was on a leash going into an elevator as my family was walking out as they walked in the dog peed everwhere right outside of the elevator including my daughter's leg and shoe the gentleman didnt care and ignored it and went on his way Royal staff didnt care and told me this has never happened before. They refused any attention to my child yet the clean the pee up in Hazmat suits. HAZMAT SUITS! They don't clean bathroom with piss all over the place like this I Have photots I requested copies of Vet papers showing dog was healthy and up to date with shots I was denied I spent the last night of our cruise unpacking - and re bathing a 4 year old we didnt have a tub so we have to bring a blow up pool to put in the shower - this isnt an easy task but it can be done eexcept that it was all dried out and packed away - and now with everyone upset quite the challenge My first thought was accidents happen My final thought is pure anger and disgust that not only do they allow it ... I was lied to ... the treated the floor better then they treated my child ... Guest services told me to go to medical and file a report .. medical refused to see us and file a report. I was lied to when they said the dog has not had any accidents anywhere and this was a first ... the lying steams me up more than anything. Even after I called them on it they continued to lie. This was just icing on the cake of several other minor problems on the Anthem this week. We were on her in Oct and fell in love. Now I wish we never went back and may never sail with RCCL again. Getting Peed on by a dog should not be a concern of ours while on a cruise ship. waiting on corporate to respond which they wont but the CDC may feel different I can guarantee you there's dog piss all over this ship they don't know about
  5. On the Anthem tomorrow ... my Royal Up bids still say pending ... they were for the max amount .. at what point do I just assume they are not going to happen?
  6. I have two toddlers age 4 and 2 - and we bring tablets - and would never let them turn the volume up
  7. Sorry for slacking in my reply got my assignment 6 days before sailing date ... the night before there was 5 Owners suites left and 2 Family suites ... in the morning the family suites were there - and 3 owners suites left. My assignment - JS - mid ship. Looks like someone got an upgrade and I got the JS - prime location at least. Oh well This is our 2nd time on Explorer and we are very excited ... celebrating my DW's Bday today .. and our 1 year anniversary (which was last week) We were married on the Explorer last year :) Will report when we get back!
  8. Booked a Cat W on Explorer for 10/14 about 60 days ago No JS were available then - and havnt been since 10 days out and still no assignment there are only 5 OS available and 2 Royal Family Suites avail trying to be patient but I'm dying to know!
  9. With the exception of them cutting my reception short for no valid reason - my wedding on board the Explorer of the Seas was awesome - and my guests LOVED IT Again we got married in Bayonne - had a 2 hour reception - 1 hour buffett 2 hour open bar I provided my own music - we had two live musicians come and play acoustic guitar and sing - for both the ceremony and reception I had 50 sailing and 70 non sailing -- due to size of wedding we could only use Marajahs lounge and that was ok with us - it was great We had a bunch of coordinators who were helpful - the took our favors (jars or personalized m&ms) and made an awesome heart display with them and made sure everyone took one Where my wedding went sour is they cut is short and lied about it. After I called and complained - they claim it was cut short because of the muster drill ... Little did they know I recorded the audio from the sound board in the room ... I have the consultant saying that it was time to leave because there was a meeting in the room at 3:30 ... also there was a large group of people standing outside the lounge at 315 trying to get in for their meeting ... NO ONE lines up early for the muster drill ... and lets just say that Maybe they were .. all the people waiting were the same ethnicity .. so unless RCCL now asigns people to muster stations by race I dont think that is what happened. They double booked - now they pay - AMEX is king I suggest you use it to protect yourself As I said to the RCCL rep - I really HATE to complain about this cause everything was pretty awesome ... but its alot of $$ we paid for 120 people in the second hour - and they cut it At the end of the Day - DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Go with the Flow and Make your wedding the most wonderful day it can be -- they only way they can ruin it is if you let them ;)
  10. all the negative BS set aside ... and its really minor stuff .. im making a biger deal out of it simply because of the $$ they charge our wedding was awesome - we loved it - our family loved it - and our guests loved it ... and here we are almost 4 weeks out and people are still talking about it ! I just don't like being ripped off
  11. Update - Cindy Dobbs offered me a refund for 15 mins - its my word vs. her employee's word and their word is correct and mine is wrong according to Ms Dobbs. I've yet to see that refund ... but AMEX is on my side and taking care of it Photography ... We got a call from our photog the last day of cruise to meet and look at pictures. (we had two of our own photogs there too) I'll admit it - the goal was not to buy anything. She showed us a cheesey slide show with cheesey music and told us that wasnt all the pictures and then tried to sell us the expensive packages that make no sense. And this being all last minute and we needed to decide right then and there. She also offered us a CD with all the pics on it for $999. I told her we need an hour to think and I'll call her. Without seeing all the pics and just watching a slide show on her lap top how can one choose - its impossible. But there were enough photos we liked to make buying the cd worth while ... So I called and asked if all the photos were high res - she said yes - I said how many are there - she said over 400 - I said how can they fit on one CD - she agreed and said it would be a DVD. I agreed to buy it and picked it up that night. When we got home there was only 280 pics on the DVD. I called. They said they were only contracted to take 30-40 pics. I'm still negotiating. They did check with the ship and indeed that is all the pics there are .. and that is fine ... except I was sold a boat load of garbage on board. they have till monday to fix or it will go to AMEX as well I hope Royal Carib dumbs Royal Romance. Sadly I wont be on a another Royal Carib ship until they do
  12. Hey I am the Hubby! But i'll send the congrats to my wife :D Non Sail guest have to be off 1 hour before sail time - its in RCCL policy Make sure your reception goes to 330 as ours did not and im still waiting for reply :(
  13. I'm working on a review ... our wedding was wonderful. Mostly because we went in with the frame of mind that nothing and nobody would ruin it for us ... this is the most important part of a cruise ship wedding ... almost like the cruise itself ... you make it wonderful for yourself and go with it and it will be amazing My only complaint ... wedding was supposed to be 1-1:30 and reception from 1;30 - 3;30 /// we had 50 sailing guests and 65 non sailing guests We paid for hour buffet and open bar and an additional hour of open bar Everything was ON TIME We were on the ship at 1130 Wedding started 1pm sharp They told our non sail guests they had to start to leave at 3 and be off ship at 315 -- when they really had until 4 they were ending everything at 315 - and it was clear there was another event at 330 in the room. I am currently addressing this and requesting a full refund for the additional hour I paid for and did not recieve. Either RCCL will take care of this the right way or AMEX will. I hated making the call and doing the complaint because everything else went so well ... but its a major chunk of money and I refuse to pay for something we didnt get. Had things been running behind I would understand but they werent .. IF you have any questions please let me know! Kris
  14. I am getting married TOMORROW on Explorer of the Seas ... we have 50 sailing guests and 70 non sailing guests coming to the wedding as we get married in port before the ship leaves Bayonne ... I dont want to get into my thoughts about Royal Romance but I'm prepared for problems tomorrow :eek: All I can do is smile - take note - and write the letter later they will not ruin the day for my wife to be That being said for the money I'm spening they suck hahahahahaha I'll post details when we get back - hopefully we remember them all!
  15. Hi I too was on this cruise. And its funny - i experienced some of the same problems! This was my 4th NCL cruise - 1st on the Pearl for the 1st time in 9 cruises I was charged for something that wasnt mine (i've read the stories about watching reciepts so I watch my bill all week) and sure enough I was hit with a Mini Bar Charge for $7 and change We didnt touch anything in the mini bar and were never left a reciept Found the charge Tuesday - asked about it everyday Sunday morning I did not recieve a copy of my bill went to the desk and the charge was still there - after several people told me they would take care of it - i cant begin to tell you how many people I was passed of too. Sunday morning - instead of packing to get off ship - i had to wait in line to get this handled. I left the ship still wondering if it wasnt going to be taken off ... just saw the charge on my CC today and it was handled. Still it was something I didnt want to be dealing with all week . the staff on this ship was lacking overall. Casino wait staff was HORRIBLE and slow. I play Pai Gow poker and High Stakes BlackJack only - we were treated to free drinks since we bet large - and even the dealers and pit bosses had trouble getting servers to the tables. The Dealers though were VERY Nice! Just wish the Cards were nice as well LOL I plan on sending a letter to NCL as well. I refused to let all the negative ruin my vacation that week - we had a blast! I'll wait a couple weeks till work sets me off ... then I'll write the letter! LOL
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