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  1. After going to though some phone calls with Royal I supposedly got to an executive customer service rep. They pulled all kinds of security video I am told they told me the dog did not pee on my child but that maybe it did on the floor and we stepped in it (which i've always said is possible even though it was on her leg) they would not let me view the footage and told me to get a lawyer if I wanted to see it they refuse to provide any vet records They almost went as far as saying there was no pee on the floor and I'm making this up - even though there are witnesses I almost felt like they were trying to say my daughter peed her self - even though her clothing was not wet at all so i'm not even going to entertain this After all that I asked if they thought it was not pee why was a Hazmat Suite needed to clean. IN which I was told this was standard to clean any bodily fluid up in public areas. Even though the bathroom attendants don't need them which I find odd. Also - i was once again told this is the first time they have ever heard of this passenger and his dog doing any sort of thing. I mentioned the countless reports and stories on line - and that all the crew and past customers seemed to know of this issue - at which point I was asked if I could see into RCCL's corporate computers and read if there are any reports filed. Honestly - i've never been treated so poorly before. I've asked them for nothing. RCCL is continuting to lie and cover up. I agree with those that say its just pee - clean it and move on. I was almost happy to until the rest unfolded. Until I was lied to. Until the OWner of the Dog didnt care. Until I read about this dog urinating and deficating where ever it has to and nothing being done about it. Until Royal showed that they needed a Hazmat unit to clean it up ... hey something may be wrong here maybe we should get my kid checked out and file a report just in case. And then trying to make me into the criminal here and denying this guy has ever done anywrong. The email to the CEO has been sent. I doubt i'll hear from anyone and I doubt ill ever step foot on a Royal ship again
  2. I did not - but have since read this is going on and has been going on for months now
  3. Photo of clean up ... guest services insisted we go to medical to file a report. Medical refused. Not knowing when this animal was last on US soil and seen by a professional is disturbing
  4. I've been reading past comments about this but I didnt believe them until I saw it myself Just off the Anthem today ... there is a man who i've been told by crew members has been on the ship for around 3 months with a little emotional support dog The first time I saw the dog it seemed to be in a wagon of shorts being strolled around the last time i saw it it was on a leash going into an elevator as my family was walking out as they walked in the dog peed everwhere right outside of the elevator including my daughter's leg and shoe the gentleman didnt care and ignored it and went on his way Royal staff didnt care and told me this has never happened before. They refused any attention to my child yet the clean the pee up in Hazmat suits. HAZMAT SUITS! They don't clean bathroom with piss all over the place like this I Have photots I requested copies of Vet papers showing dog was healthy and up to date with shots I was denied I spent the last night of our cruise unpacking - and re bathing a 4 year old we didnt have a tub so we have to bring a blow up pool to put in the shower - this isnt an easy task but it can be done eexcept that it was all dried out and packed away - and now with everyone upset quite the challenge My first thought was accidents happen My final thought is pure anger and disgust that not only do they allow it ... I was lied to ... the treated the floor better then they treated my child ... Guest services told me to go to medical and file a report .. medical refused to see us and file a report. I was lied to when they said the dog has not had any accidents anywhere and this was a first ... the lying steams me up more than anything. Even after I called them on it they continued to lie. This was just icing on the cake of several other minor problems on the Anthem this week. We were on her in Oct and fell in love. Now I wish we never went back and may never sail with RCCL again. Getting Peed on by a dog should not be a concern of ours while on a cruise ship. waiting on corporate to respond which they wont but the CDC may feel different I can guarantee you there's dog piss all over this ship they don't know about
  5. On the Anthem tomorrow ... my Royal Up bids still say pending ... they were for the max amount .. at what point do I just assume they are not going to happen?
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