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  1. Port of Galveston has the largest lots and always has a shuttle waiting. You can pay online and get a $5.00 discount. We have used them for at least 20 years or more. Same service every time. I highly recommend.
  2. A bit of advise about Hyatt Place: If you book with an alternate booking agency for a better deal, beware that if they overbook the Hyatt on your particular night, They will move your reservation to the closest Hyatt Place (Plantation). You will be very unhappy they did that knowing you had a confirmation. I know because it happened to me and several others last fall. Just book directly with Hyatt if you must stay there. It won't happen to everyone but you can't trust them to honor your reservation. I learned my lesson trusting the booking agency.
  3. Well it's out of service for at least 2 weeks, right?
  4. I wonder if the ship is getting refurbed inside as well. They have the opportunity to make many improvements earlier than scheduled just to get it over with.
  5. There is really great shopping in the old cannery buildings near the dock. I am an Alaskan and I was impressed with the quality of items available. Not as touristy as you might think. I was there 3 years ago so hopefully it hasn't changed much. If weather is pleasant, eat fish & chips outside on the deck overlooking the water.....very nice.
  6. On the morning we rode the zip line it was raining on top of the mountain & very cloudy. They gave us goggles because we wear contacts and I was happy about that. About half way down you could tell it was very sunny on the ground and made for a beautiful landing. I must admit I was scared to death all the way down, but my daughter was ready to repeat. If you are scared of heights or have ever had dreams of falling, it was the same sensation for me. I am glad I forced myself to do it but will never again. My daughter was so jazzed the whole way down and I had my eyes closed most of the way, go figure! You can buy the t-shirts saying "I survived the zip line".
  7. When we did the Zip line the bus let us out some ways away, on a dirt road up at the top of the mountain. We had to walk a little ways and I remember it was a pretty flat trail. The biggest impression I got was all the bear skat along the trail. Pretty fresh too. The driver told us to stay together and not dawdle along the trail. After hearing that I was highly motivated to keep up with the rest. It shouldn't be too steep a climb unless they let you out much farther back. it's possible that you walk down to the launch from the end of the path.
  8. I went on a 10 day cruise while on Keto and I started out ignoring all bread, morning, noon & dinner time. That lasted about 6 days and then I tried a cinnamon roll. I just had to have it. The array of baked breads and muffins on the Lido buffet was just too enticing. Eventually I had one roll at dinner. We ate Italian one night and I had the linguine and clams and gelato, along with tiramisu. I really overdid it and later that night was really sick with intense upset stomach. Was it something I ate or was it the sugar? I tend to think it was the sugar. That was probably the extent of my binging and I did have an occasional low carb drink. However, in the end I gained 5 pounds. My point is you have to test the water. A little cheating in moderation to see how your body reacts. I know a lady friend who was on Keto for a long time who decided to splurge at a luncheon. She was eating at a Mexican restaurant and had a coke, margarita, lots of chips and salsa and fajitas with all the trimmings. She got up to go to the restroom and fainted. I believe it was the shock to her system. I have a 14 day cruise coming up in June. I am trying to loose before I go and hopefully will get lots of exercise. I hope you are successful on your trip and if you gain 5 or so pounds it will come off fast. I know I lost the extra weight pretty quickly.
  9. What is the name of the drink in the Alchemy Bar that is purple and has a blackberry on top (tall glass)?
  10. Yes, Zefferelli's is the restaurant of which I was referring. Super casual, located upstairs above another retail space. I chose the Blue Horizon purposely because it was within walking distance to that restaurant.
  11. My family and I have stayed at this hotel and we really enjoyed the location and facilities. We cabbed from the airport and checked in only to find they had upgraded us to a suite on a very top floor. It was a wonderful surprise. The only thing negative I will say is that it was kind of noisy due to city traffic and sirens. All those high rises cause the sound to bounce around. They had a good restaurant for breakfast. Also, there is a bakery one block down on the corner that has coffees and good pastries. We also had a terrific Italian dinner at a restaurant (name escapes me) just a block down from bakery. So, you don't have to go far for a good dinner the night before cruise. The next morning we took a cab to the cruise dock.
  12. On our trip on Koningsdam (Nov.'18), we encountered a couple while exiting the dining room with our tiles. They were inquiring about the luncheon and said they attended all the mariner's lunches held that week. Ours was probably the 2nd or third one held that week and I think they had another one scheduled. I couldn't believe how greedy some people are to do that and admit to it. They walked right in to the dining room.....go figure.
  13. We were on the November 11 sailing on the Koningsdam. This was our second sailing on HAL and previously we were on the Maasdam a year ago. This trip we had a wonderful veranda cabin and really enjoyed the small but cozy space. Overall we were not that impressed with the ship. The casino was way too smokey at night. This was a 10 day trip and we occasionally shopped the stores and came away very disappointed in any kind of selection. All we really wanted was a logo t-shirt and there was nothing. Heard about the change of vendor during dry dock but they could have sold a lot more if they only had some stock. Best bargain of the trip was the ships model for $10.00. My husband loves to collect the models. I am glad we tried the ship but we realized we prefer smaller and more intimate ships of HA.
  14. Yes, thank you for your comments. I just wanted to comment to help future travelers. Whenever anyone puts their credit card down to secure a room I know this is a binding reservation, unless cancelled soon enough. But there are choices when booking rooms and one of those is to prepay in advance, that I elected not to do. So, in effect I didn't pay for the room 6 months out. However, I don't need some hotel employee to get political just because they don't see my point of view. Name calling is wrong and has no place on this board. Lets just agree to disagree.
  15. I did not purchase anything in advance and the fine print says nothing about "you may be moved". My terms were to pay at the hotel. And as far as Hyatt moving us, they are at fault, they overbooked. I had no recourse to change my booking because it was within the 72 to 48 hour time frame. So, lesson learned. Don't preach to the choir.
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