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  1. Charters are very popular - here's a partial list (94 full ship charters!) across different lines: https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  2. Hopefully someone else can advise for sure, but one thing to consider is that I think that all the balconies of staterooms you listed are under the overhang from the deck above - which can be good (protection from weather) or bad (not much sun/no view of sky above) depending on what you wish your balcony to have. Some cruisers are A OK with it, some are not happy, like this gentleman further forward in 9145 on sister ship Infinity. View from Summit 9144 closer to your cabins on cruisedeckplans also shows overhang
  3. I found this video of sideways stateroom 7038 on sister ship Millennium that might give you an idea of how it compares:
  4. Looks like the Carnival Dream is in, wondering how long turn around will be for them. Just idle curiosity We must be lucky - in all our trips we only had one fog delay that I can remember, and that was with air delays on Delta in getting to the ship, not onboard.
  5. Galveston still looking foggy right now: https://www.galveston.com/cruisevideocam/
  6. You might check out this video of the cabin next door (6080) on sister ship Summit - about 0:39 the person shows the balcony and view of lifeboats. See what you think and if you think you'll be bothered. I wouldn't, but then I am just so happy to be on any ship you can't really count my opinion lol
  7. Sorry no personal knowledge, but this video of cabin 10270 shows that stateroom 10270 has the bed by the balcony - so if they alternate, going up the deck plan 10266 should be by the balcony also and 10264 should be by the bath: Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. Maybe this might help a little - check this video of the same cabin on the other side (1A starboard # 8338 will be the same as 1A # 8345 port side) - at about 7:09 he shows the balcony and says much larger balcony, he figures 12 x 14:
  9. Sorry no direct knowledge, but you also mention 6646 so you might want to take a look at post #24 on the thread below originally posted by "Chiliburn" who actually stayed in that cabin - the picture posted there of the view looks good to me! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2540452-obstructed-view-cabins-ovation-of-the-seas/ Here's another link to Anthem/Quantum cabin advice that might also help: http://anthemoftheseas.blogspot.com/p/obstructed-alconies.html http://anthemoftheseas.blogspot.com/
  10. There's quite a few on Carnival if you're interested in looking at those (or not lol). Check here by each date in September with Cozumel as port of call to see each itinerary (total 71 cruises on various lines call on Cozumel during September 2020, but the pages include all sailing lengths so you have to pay attention to the number of nights): https://www.cruisetimetables.com/visitingcozumelmexico-sep2020.html
  11. So incredibly sad. And to think back when I started this thread I titled it with "possibly injured" (and hoping none were, and if so, only minor injuries) and now there are 17 dead. Just heartbreaking.
  12. Ugh really hate to see this! TG it didn't get the Oasis also. Bad day in Cozumel for lots of people - anyone else notice in the background audio the little kid meltdown with the Mom threatening to have a "collision" with the kids aft about the 2:07 mark lol?
  13. Yep severe weather started here at the coast this afternoon. Local WFTV (Orlando) says re sea conditions "The seas will be dangerous starting late Tuesday evening through Wednesday. High surf and rough conditions with a high risk of rip currents". And temps will be going down to the 60's - boo!
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