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  1. https://wreg.com/news/carnival-cruise-passengers-say-they-were-denied-boarding-due-to-existing-health-conditions/
  2. I think because most ships stopped sailing soon after these requirements came out a lot of people were unaware of what was going on at the ports. Also I don't know if people still realize that it was not just people over 70 with a chronic condition, but people of any age with a chronic condition (reading the second link). So besides having fake doctor credentials on your paperwork, JMO there are going to be a bunch of health questionnaires that are going to be completed with a big NO under "any health conditions" even if they have one lol 😉
  3. Reminds me of what happened to the Carnival Sunshine and Fantasy passengers who were supposed to sail the very next day after the revised requirement went into effect and were refused boarding at the port (sad situation). ☚ī¸ On Carnival board under "Carnival Sunshine refused 100's of passengers" https://wreg.com/news/carnival-cruise-passengers-say-they-were-denied-boarding-due-to-existing-health-conditions/
  4. The Queen's wardrobe change for her message
  5. And check out how their neighbor Anhui province park looked on April 4 😃 Not real sure how things are going to go for them, but wishing them (and all of us) the best! "Images from the Huangshan mountain park in Anhui province on Saturday April 4 showed thousands of people crammed together, many wearing face masks, eager to experience the great outdoors after months of travel restrictions and strict lockdown measures. Such was the rush to get into the popular tourist spot, that at 7.48 a.m., authorities took the unusual step of issuing a notice declaring that the park had reached its 20,000 person daily capacity, and would not be accepting any more visitors, according to state media Global Times.
  6. No, I was watching the port cams and TV live feed about the Zaandam and was switching back and forth and came upon this and thought "hmm why would they take an ambulance over there? ". I grabbed a screen shot (sorry so blurry) and had to ask the board what I was looking at because it didn't make sense to me that they would load someone from the Zaandam and take them to a tender. That's when they said no, that was an Oasis tender coming in at the same time as the Zaandam was offloading. The ambulance crews had their work cut out that sad night.
  7. Me too! Something has to happen 😧 On Thursday, when they were offloading the critically ill from the Zaandam, I noticed another ambulance at a different location with a tender alongside. At first I thought they were taking one of the Zaandam's people to a tender for some reason, but when I asked on the HAL board they said it was actually an Oasis tender bringing someone in at the same time as the HAL operation. Here's couple pictures of that endeavor: (Here's wishing any/all ships crews resolution wherever they are, including these in Australia: "At least 18 foreign-registered ships were docked or floating in Australian waters, with an approximate total of 15,000 crew on board. In New South Wales, the Voyager of the Seas and Celebrity Solstice, with approximately 1,200 crew each, were docked at Port Kembla near Wollongong, while the Radiance of the Seas (894 crew), Ovation of the Seas (1,500 crew), Spectrum of the Seas (1,551 crew) and Carnival Splendour (1,150 crew) were off the coast. As of Wednesday, six crew members from the Radiance of the Seas had been brought ashore to hospital, and there had been 79 confirmed cases of coronavirus linked to the Ovation of the Seas. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/apr/01/coronavirus-calls-to-repatriate-15000-crew-members-from-cruise-ships-off-australias-coast
  8. Bored? Don't be Cruel(la) and dress up your poor kids!
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