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  1. I don't have much faith in the "experts" or our leadership. Part of the problem and why we are where we are now. Meanwhile another "sick ship" headed to FLL. CORAL PRINCESS. Our county commissioners will have their hands full.
  2. I already said I'm fine with taking them in, with the right plan in place. Read my previous posts. That said I still don't think we are the best choice based on the situation in Broward County ... thinking about the care these passengers and our residents will receive with the resources available. There are other less-COVID stricken ports within the same sailing distance. We may be the cruise capital of the world but we are not the health care capital of the world. Two different things.
  3. Nothing worse than armchair preaching from a safe distance. Again you have not mentioned why you think FLL is the best choice, considering we have the highest rate of COVID in the state of Florida. Anyway it's not up to me. The Broward County Board of Commissioners will take a vote tomorrow based on the plan submitted by HAL. I would guess it better be a good one, that keeps the community here as safe as possible. Our resources are already stretched.
  4. I live here and I’m happy to take these people in with the right plan in place, but is FLL the best choice based on our current situation and already being a hotbed of COVID, probably not. I would to know why you think it’s the best choice, better than Tampa, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, Galveston, and Houston for instance. Maybe Mobile? Also as I've mentioned before, Broward and Dade Counties have shown plenty of compassion already, to many ill cruise ship passengers and crew. Has your community? Those in other places are very quick to point the finger ... until it shows up on their doorstep. Then I guarantee things change, so please don't preach to me about compassion and NIMBY.
  5. We have 1137 confirmed cases on COVID in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) and 14 deaths so far. About double of San Diego County. Florida has 6090 cases and 77 deaths thus far. While the ship needs to go somewhere, I'm not sure Florida is the right place and I"m also not sure going through the Canal was the right decision. . I do feel these poor people need to disembark somewhere, but of course no one wants to take the responsibility and everybody feels someplace else is better than where they live. We in South Florida have already taken in many ill crew and passengers from various cruise ships. The Broward County Board of Commissioners will vote tomorrow on this, after HAL delivers a detailed plan of action. I can tell you there is plenty of pushback and concern from Broward County residents, as there would be from anywhere this ship was planning to dock.
  6. I enjoyed reading this and absolutely feel these poor passengers and crew need assistance, care, and to disembark the ships ASAP. I was left puzzled though. I'm not sure why getting to Fort Lauderdale seemed to be the only option. ZAANDAM was on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Why not sail to San Diego or Los Angeles to disembark? Why wait days for permission to transit the canal in order to proceed to Fort Lauderdale? If they had sailed immediately to San Diego they would likely be there by now. Perhaps I'm missing a piece of the puzzle or there is some other reason I'm not aware of, but I just find it odd. Living in Fort Lauderdale I can tell you the residents are not keen on a ship of sick people docking here (who would be?). South Florida is already a hot spot for COVID and cruise ships are responsible for some of that. I'm not saying we shouldn't take them in, but I just don't understand why Fort Lauderdale seems to have been the only option. This is a good link from Port Everglades and Broward County about some of the precautions being considered and procedures that are in place. https://www.porteverglades.net/zaandam-update
  7. WOW sounds like something I would pay more for!
  8. We absolutely do. I love Cunard and sail on them often, same with Celebrity. Be really I sail on all the lines when there is a particular ship I want to try. I love variety and I'm not loyal to any one line although I do have favorites. Sounds like you are the same. Happy Cruising .... eventually!
  9. I took this on my way to South Beach last night. ARMONIA, DIVINA, and SEASIDE. Sitting dark and quiet. Sad.
  10. I’m a big Celebrity fan but haven’t sailed EDGE yet. Was supposed to last year then plans changed and we ended up on NEIUW STATENDAM. Great cruise and a “new” HAL, but still prefer Celebrity. Just more my style. Supposed to be on QUEEN VICTORIA as we speak sailing to the U.K. Obviously that isn’t happening. So zero cruises booked at the moment which is highly unusual for me. As you said ... we will see!
  11. I agree it's super interesting to watch it all unfold. Super sad and I wish it wasn't happening, but very interesting to see how it's all handled and where cruise lines are sending ships. To think all those ships have full crew compliments, it makes you wonder the atmosphere onboard. They are all in what the industry calls a "hot layup", meaning they are ready to return to service at a moments notice. Captain Kate on CELEBRITY EDGE announced that every crew member gets their own balcony cabin until this is all over. I thought that was super cool. I hope other ships and cruise lines are doing that.
  12. PortMiami isn't charging any layup fees. I think Port Everglades must be charging because there are very few ships docking there. There are a couple large anchorages in the Bahamas. One is about halfway between Bimini and Freeport, and the largest one is just west of CocoCay. These areas must be fairly shallow with calm seas. I'm not sure how it's decided which ships can stay docked at PortMiami. I would think whichever company pays the most docking fees (which I would think is Carnival), but I'm not sure about that. Often times the MSC ships are anchored just off Miami Beach. I'm surprised they don't keep one at Ocean Cay since there is a dock there. Disney has been rotating its ships at Castaway Cay.
  13. I just read the remainder of the QM2's voyage is canceled and everyone will be disembarked. This from a friend currently onboard.
  14. A little bird told me the ship might be going into a shipyard for some work. That is not confirmed but it's from an industry friend that is in the know. What work I have no idea? Perhaps enlarging that pool, which I know would come as a huge disappointment to those that like it just the way it is.
  15. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/virgin-voyages-postpones-inaugural-season-until-july-15
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