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  1. I think you have to be very careful specializing a ship for a specific market segment, whether that be short cruises or a specific region. Chances are that ship will not cater to that market segment for its entire career. A most recent example is NORWEGIAN JOY. Highly specialized for China, NCL is now having to spend millions to de-asianize her and bring her to North America. I remember when EMPRESS OF THE SEAS made her debut as NORIC EMPRESS, she was designed and built for the short cruise market. This meant a very small pool and pool deck (not to mention cabins) because she was going to be in port most of the time. Those design details have created challenges during her career, but she has found a niche with Cuba ... for now.
  2. The fitness center relocation comes as no surprise, but the greatly reduced spa size is a surprise. It’s a big revenue producer and the trend today is larger and more elaborate spas. The spa now on NAVIGATOR is something you would expect to see 20+ years ago. Basically some treatment rooms with no views. Really no other amenities. I suppose the additional cabins equate to even more revenue than the spa, or Royal determined that spa utilization is greatly reduced on short sailings? Maybe both reasons.
  3. True and I would be surprised as well, but somehow they resisted with MARINER.
  4. Hopefully they do over the main pool area and slides like NAVIGATOR, but leave the large spa and fitness center in tact like on MARINER. That would truly be the best of both worlds and make VOYAGER the best of the refitted ships. Time will tell.
  5. Attached is a link to all the pics, including the Cruise Compass. https://www.flickr.com/photos/eroller/albums/72157707692539744
  6. 220 pax, 1:1 crew/pax ratio is what is being reported. 15,600 gt. 70.9 space ratio.
  7. I also like the newly redesigned SeaPass cards. So much better and overdue for a graphics change. The old style cards were still being used on my MAJESTY cruise just a month ago.
  8. Yup Hugo really wasn't my cup of tea at all! The shows were great. Production: Showgirl! and Ballroom Fever (enjoyed them both) Ice Skate: Reach for the Stars (best ice skating show I've seen on Royal) Headliner: Absolute Journey Tribute Band (loved them!) Comedian: Lester Bibbs Late Night Laughs: Steve Caouette I believe the shows Ballroom Fever and Reach for the Stars are all new productions for the ship since the refurb.
  9. I do not believe there will be any steam/sauna near or in the new aft fitness center. Simply a workout room, but not having seen it I can't confirm that for sure. In the new small spa, there is a small sauna (maybe 4 people) but it's only available for those that booked a spa appointment, and they are limiting usage to 20 minutes as it's so small. A very poor replacement for what was once one of the best steam/saunas on any ship. As for MARINER, she did not receive quite as extensive of a refurbishment and only 6 cabins were added on Deck 11 forward where the current spa and fitness center are located. For this reason I believe her original steam/sauna is in tact, but I can't confirm this for certain. Her original location (forward) for the fitness center definitely remains the same.
  10. Correct it's the Deck 4 promenade, a wonderful space! It's full wrap around but at the front you have to go up a flight of stairs which leads to the bow. It's honestly one of the best open promenades afloat, and one of the few ships you can go all the way to the tip of the bow. At night under the stars it's wonderful up on the bow, and yes it was open even then.
  11. Slides are free. Best time to ride them is in port when most people are ashore.
  12. I took these pics of NCL’s new terminal at PortMiami on Sunday. I was sailing past on Navigator of the Seas. It’s coming along nicely and looks impressive. It’s right next to Royals brand new terminal. Disney, Virgin, and MSC are all building new terminals as well at PortMiami. I’m sure statement terminals like NCL and Royal. It’s nice to see cruise lines taking an active role in enhancing the experience from beginning to end, including the terminals which are your first and last impression.
  13. This was a full ship charter, and the theme was Spring Break Adult Only Party Cruise. A friend told me about it so that is how I heard about it. 10 of us ended up booking. Parties went till sun up, either in the Royal Promenade or the pool deck. I made it one night till 4:30am but that was pushing it! I would not have wanted a Royal Promenade view cabin as the music could be heard loud and clear in the cabins. My cabin was very quiet. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a lot of fun. People partied and had a great time but I never witnessed any bad behavior, people being disrespectful, or fights of any kind. Not to say it didn't happen but I didn't see any of that. You know how people can get sometimes with too much alcohol. To be honest I've witnessed really bad behavior on some Carnival cruises (not even adult-only - just normal), but none on this one.
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