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  1. I kind of expected this to happen. It’s truly a perfect fit. I can’t think of a more suited cruise line for Atlantis. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21146-virgin-lands-lgbtq-charter-deal.html
  2. That must be the “big” announcement. I’m guessing the end of the open bar. Or it could be this just posted to their FB account. LOL
  3. Yes me too and SKY also departs on Fridays, so I thought for sure it was just about that ship. Now I don’t know. I guess we will find out soon.
  4. I figured but thought maybe you got the inside scoop. Of course it was completely believable and exactly something I would expect from NCL. Play it up as the best thing since sliced bread ... but the reality being quite different.
  5. Do you think that is it? Based on this teaser I was expecting something above and beyond. A new destination on a short cruise, or some dramatic onboard programming change that will set apart NCL's short cruises from the others.
  6. Looks like plans for NORWEGIAN SKY (and perhaps SUN) for cruises after September will announced on Friday. It will be interesting to see what replaces Cuba. Also will it remain an all-inclusive product? Probably not.
  7. Looks like plans for the SKY after September will be announced on Friday.
  8. There is some technical difference with the Princess newbuild. I’m not sure what it is as details are scarce, but apparently it is not a true sister to the XL LNG class of ships Carnival is building for various brands.
  9. Carnival Corp has invested in LNG. In fact AIDA NOVA is the industry’s first fully LNG fueled cruise ship. More sister ships to follow for P&O, Costa, Carnival, and a LNG hybrid for Princess.
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed the review! I'm not a big fan of HAL but I really loved the cruise and the ship. It won me over. I would not hesitate to sail on NS or one of her sister ships again. The Carnival ship actually looked worse in person. Pretty much every Carnival ship we encountered looked worse for wear. Not impressed at all.
  11. This is true. Eliminating one type of waste often creates another. Scrubbers are a good example. They improve air quality but create a toxic sludge that has to be disposed of somewhere. Some has already been “accidentally” discharged into the ocean. Otherwise I guess it ends up in landfills and pollutes the ground. Im guessing you are going to see Carnival Corp taking some fairly drastic measures, as they are under intense scrutiny. Some of those measure may be more trouble than they are worth, but at least it will look like are doing something. Hopefully in the long run all this will pay off from an environmental standpoint. Small steps I suppose but better than no steps at all.
  12. Again that is an individual choice. I don’t judge and certainly don’t tell people how they should spend their money. Personally I don’t think Carnival Corp is an evil company, but obviously they have a corporate culture and environmental record that could be improved upon. Hopefully it will be, and perhaps this will be the catalyst that does the trick.
  13. I love the design of Royal Caribbean ships. It’s a primary reason I sail on them. For me I find plenty of connection to the sea, as much as any other mega ship from any number of cruise lines. The great thing about this industry is there is plenty of choice. If Royal is not to your liking there are an abundance of other choices. Something for everyone! Now if you just don’t like ships well then cruising might not be for you! Lol.
  14. That is a personal choice you have to make. I will make my own choices, but whether or not I give business to a company, I’m certainly entitled to have an opinion on how environmentally conscious they are.
  15. Personally I would pick MSC over Carnival in a heartbeat. Probably NCL as well depending on the ship. Royal Caribbean for me though would win out. I really enjoy their product and find it superior to MSC. Keep in mind MSC is definitely mass-market, just like the other three. Like any cruise line there are differences, some better, some worse.
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