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  1. I agree the Studio cabins are excellent, but often times I find they are priced higher than paying double for an inside standard double cabin. To me that means NCL isn't doing me any favors as a single. The latest MSC ships have single studio cabins, as does Royal Caribbean. Even HAL has put some on its latest ships as well as Celebrity Edge class ships. So the trend is spreading, but NCL is still the only one with a complete singles complex which is nice. On MSC, they often charge $0 as the single supplement in a double cabin. To me that is the most single-friendly policy afloat.
  2. I'm sure they have already thought of this. They are just trying to figure out out a way to present it as an "enhancement" that is "for your convenience". Of course the cheerleaders will say "oh I never use the buffet so the charge doesn't bother me". LOL.
  3. OMG I am totally SHOCKED! Thanks so much for pointing this out. So helpful.
  4. OUCH that drink price is insanity! You and I seem to be at the same junction with NCL. I never completely write off any cruise line as they always evolve. But there are better choices for me right now including MSC (among others). As you said, that may change and then I'll look elsewhere. I'm looking forward to the Leonardo Class and hoping they will appeal to me more than NCL's current playground of new ships. I'm also very impressed with the refit details on NORWEGIAN SPIRIT. It looks wonderful and very adult oriented. Perhaps she will get me back to NCL prior to the Leonardo Class?
  5. LOL! As you know I'm not one to hold back when I see something that just isn't right. Not being loyal to any one line helps immensely as I don't have that compulsion to defend "my" line, or be a cheerleader or an apologist. By no means do I hate NCL, but they are on my hold list at the moment until the Leonardo Class makes it debut. I'm actually pleased they are doing so well as they were on the bottom for so many years with too many management changes to mention. My history with NCL goes back to 1980 with the NORWAY, so they have been a part of my life for a long time. I've seen them go through many ups and downs. They are riding high right now (along with most other cruise lines), but I'm disappointed in their disrespect for the customer. We are more than just dollar bills and for the moment I think other cruise lines appreciate me more. They still want my $$ but they go about it with a little more respect.
  6. I don’t think anyone is disputing that or has mentioned that companies are not out to make $$.
  7. Absolutely, but the base price is a starting point. Generally on all major lines the base price will include the cabin, some drinks (water, coffee, juice in the AM, etc), most entertainment, and all the complimentary dining venues. You could literally go on the cruise at the base price and not spend an extra dime except for gratuities. Everyone differs when it comes to extra expenses. Cocktails, speciality restaurants, internet, spa, shore excursions, etc. Some require that on vacation and others don't. After 125+ cruises, I really don't need to spend tons of extra money. Also it depends on who I'm sailing with (husband, friends, family, or solo). That makes a big difference in my onboard spending. Sometimes those "free" bundled packages can be a decent value and other times they hold no value, to me at least.
  8. An excellent philosophy that I share with you. Bravo! Variety is the spice of life!
  9. Wow such a constructive contributor as usual. Save your dribble for someone that cares.
  10. I'm comparing prices right now for a cruise in early December. MSC is by far the lowest. $343 for 7 days or $595 for 11 days. You really can't beat that. I know pricing is always going to vary, but generally I find MSC a better value than NCL. I don't care about the "freebies" that really are not free. I've sailed Disney 5 times (even got married on DISNEY DREAM), and I love the experience even though I don't have kids. They are very expensive though, so not something I would consider for every cruise plus I like variety. I do look forward to retuning to DCL though when they introduce their first new ship. I can only imagine what their per diems will be? Still I feel they respect the customer and put the customer first. Something that keeps me coming back. I also can't wait to sail on SCARLET LADY with Virgin Voyages. Higher per diems for an unproven product, but I'm willing to take the risk. Personally I do find Royal's ships substantially superior to NCL's, so I'm willing to spend more to sail on them. I'm a big pool person and sun worshipper, and the Breakaway/Breakaway Plus class ships offer probably the worst deck space of any major ship I've sailed on. Too many "attractions" stuffed into too small a space. ENCORE seems to take it to a new level. I think Royal does a better job balancing old school deck space and pools with the attractions. I'm giving NCL a bit of a break, but I'll be back when the Leonardo Class makes it debut. I love trying out new prototype ship designs.
  11. Of course not. This is Cruise Critic. It's just a place to share views and opinions about the cruise industry and the cruise experience. Nothing more.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I never said other companies don't do the exact same as NCL when it comes to raising prices. Of course they do. But even on earnings calls they seem to have a little more respect in how they speak about their customers. On NCL the customer is spoken about as a "wallet", trying to get as much out of that wallet as possible.
  13. Absolutely! I've already sailed on them 4 times. They are not perfect, but really offer an exceptional product for the $$. I also like that they are owned by a single family. No shareholders to answer to. Just the customer and the owner.
  14. I do the same of course, as I think most consumers do. Generally I don't find NCL a great value right now, at least when compared to lines like MSC and Carnival. I do enjoy MSC and I'm enjoying what a great value they are right now, as they are generally still unknown in North America. I know that will change as they get more popular. Carnival is generally the lowest when I compare pricing (along with MSC), and yes Royal on the high end ... the but value proposition is there right now for me with Royal because I love their ships so much. So I'm willing to pay more which is of course why they build those innovative ships to begin with.
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