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  1. Before my dispute was settled, low and behold my refund from Princess appeared on my account just a couple days ago. About 116 days from the cancelation and refund request. Quite unacceptable but I'm glad it finally appeared. I certainly won't be so quick to book anymore cruises, and if I do I'll know going in that any refund will take 3+ months. UGH.
  2. They have received green status for crew transfers ... I don't believe to start carrying passengers.
  3. Looks like you're in the US, so everything is being handled by Princess Cruises in CA. My refund showed up today for a QV voyage in March, canceled in March. It took 116 days. Hopefully yours is not far behind. If this has taught me anything, it's to be very cautious booking any future cruises and putting money down. This goes for any cruise line as most are lagging on refunds although Princess/Cunard seems to be one of the worst. If you have to cancel be prepared to wait 3-4 months for any refund. Not good.
  4. Well it only took about 116 days, but I finally received a refund for a QV crossing back in March and canceled in March. It was a US booking so all monies were handled by Princess Cruises in California.
  5. I've read the reviews and yes she looks utterly fantastic! I've sailed on luxury lines like Silversea and Seabourn, and ultra-premium lines like Oceania, Azamara, and Windstar ... but I think EUROPA 2 takes it to another level! One day.
  6. Land based resorts don't have the stigma associated with them that cruise ships do concerning COVID. The cruise industry took a major hit with COVID and still is. They have a major perception problem to overcome if they want to be successful again. Drastic times call for drastic measures. So many out there now view cruise ships as plague ships.
  7. Nice pic! Great minds think alike!! I love the Martini Bar as well. Such fun. I sure miss it. I also agree that dressing up on Celebrity is certainly not looked down upon, and you will feel right at home. No it's not formal like Cunard, but plenty of people enjoy dressing up on Celebrity and certainly do so. Where as you are itinerary driven, I'm ship driven. Ships are a hobby and I'm very much a ship enthusiast, so I enjoy trying out a variety of ships, especially prototype new builds. Doesn't matter the cruise line (although I have my favorites). I'll chose to sail on a particular ship regardless of where it sails, just because I want to experience that ship. Here is to hoping our cruising days will return soon.
  8. The website is not in service when I try to pull it up.
  9. The ship itself would have to provide the test to every embarking passenger (easy on Ponant as the ships are small), and it would have to be a rapid test where the results are available within an hour.
  10. Celebrity and Cunard are my two favorite lines, and I enjoy them both immensely,. I've sailed both lines multiple times in suites and in non-suites. Generally I prefer Celebrity for cruises (less formal), and Cunard for crossings (more formal). On a port intensive cruise I just don't want to worry about wearing a jacket every night for dinner, so Celebrity is better suited for me. On a crossing the ship & sea are the destination, and the formality of Cunard is what makes a crossing so special. Celebrity ships are stunning. They are modern, lively, and cutting edge. The art work is contemporary world class. Cunard ships are also stunning but the decor is the total opposite of Celebrity. The ships are formal and subdued. The art work is traditional. Because of the style of the ships, the onboard atmosphere is very different on Celebrity and Cunard. Cunard is all about tradition, formality, history, enrichment, and structure and this comes across in the atmosphere. Celebrity is far less formal with much less structure. It's a more modern cruise experience with far more options and choices (dining & entertainment). The entertainment is more cutting edge. I would say the ships are overall more lively. As mentioned before, if ballroom dancing is your thing, then Cunard is going to be your choice. There are big bands and big ballrooms, and even dance hosts. You won't find this on Celebrity but you will find plenty of live music and other entertainment options. Service is roughly the same on both, and I rate it overall very very good. Hard working crew members on both lines that strive to provide a memorable experience, and they certainly succeed. Food is subjective, so there will never be agreement, but for me personally I rate the cuisine on Celebrity a bit above Cunard. There is more choice and I think the cuisine is more creative and interesting. A bit more daring. Menus seem to be more varied with better selections, and there are always available selections clearly printed on the daily menu. I also enjoy all the specialty restaurant options on Celebrity which are lacking on Cunard (there is really only one). Some of the specialty restaurants on Celebrity have actually been my very best dining experiences at sea. At the end of the day I don't think you can go wrong with either line, it's just a matter of the cruising style that suits you best. I've discovered I love both cruising styles, but prefer one more for cruising and one for crossing.
  11. Up to now I've only read about people's experience with the new VP. I was always directed to the old VP (even after logging in to the new VP) up until now. I have a Cunard voyage booked for January and I guess this booking qualified for the new VP. Wow what a dismal experience. Now I see what everyone was complaining about. It doesn't even show your cabin number, and there are incomplete links for services like dining arrangements and bedding. It's really unacceptable especially for a brand under Carnival Corp, which has almost unlimited resources. It's also puzzling considering that sister brands like Princess, Carnival, and HAL have a wonderful pre-cruise web platform and surely Cunard could have borrowed one of those. As it is Cunard uses the Princess POLAR reservation platform (and I suppose P&O too) so why not the pre-cruise platform as well? Now with staffing cuts and the future of cruising in limbo, I suspect this is as good as it will get for some time to come. Disappointing.
  12. I’m sorry to hear this. Apparently the US is not alone in its absurd approach to COVID. At this rate mainstream cruising may never return.
  13. Agree completely. Other countries are making great progress against the virus. Meanwhile the US has the highest number of cases and instead of improving we are regressing. What we are doing is obviously not working ... and will only string this out longer and longer.
  14. Glad the case with MSC is resolved. Hopefully I get the same outcome with Cunard ... eventually. FL & CA are not doing great. Cases on a massive rise. NY now imposing a quarantine on visitors from FL just like we did them not long ago. Like Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Miami have had mandatory masks for some time now, and still do. Also like Palm Springs we get lots of visitors from all over who may or may not follow the rules. Frankly it's confusing having states, counties, and even municipalities all making their own rules. Until this is under control, we really need a national Covid policy that everyone follows.
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