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  1. Not exactly promising news surrounding the Werften shipyard today. From Seatrade Insider: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-refurb-equipment/mounting-concerns-about-mv-werftens-future
  2. i appreciate your point of view. Great points for sure. I hope you’re correct on all accounts. I also wonder if they acquired Pacific Princess. That would actually build my confidence if they did. Putting actions and $$ where their mouth is.
  3. Back peddle all you want, the US Maritime Commission does have some involvement where deposits are concerned as I stated. I wouldn't put too much faith in your "doubts". LOL. As for the CDC and US Coast Guard are concerned, the Coast Guard is responsible for enforcing the CDC requirements including any no sail orders.
  4. Seriously doubt all you want, doesn't mean it isn't true. The CDC is a US Federal Agency and they have a lot of control over these non-US companies and their foreign flagged ships. The ships sail from US ports and carry an abundance of US passengers, so they fall under the CDC. The same is probably true of the Federal Maritime Commission concerning passenger ships that sail from the US, and cruise companies that operate out of the US.
  5. All cash deal for $201 million according to Travel Weekly. It's a really small amount to acquire an established brand and three ships (provided they are paid off). What I don't know is if those 3 ships were owned outright by RCG, and if not does Sycamore take over the exiting debt agreement?
  6. Azamara is operating at a loss, as are all cruise lines right now. Any previous loans were secured by the parent RCG to use as needed for their various brands. They don't disclose exactly how the capital is distributed between brands. The sale of Azamara won't be coming with any of RCG loan guarantees. Sycamore will have to fund Azamara from day one to keep operations afloat. As for escrow accounts, I believe they are required by the Federal Maritime Commission, at least for cruise lines operating ships from US ports. While every exact future deposit is not placed into the esc
  7. Read the rest which I’m sure you did.
  8. Well they purchased the company so in a way they have already funded it. Azamara currently has little to no revenue coming in, as they are not operational and I doubt there are many new bookings, so I'm guessing Sycamore will be funding the daily operations until they get up and running. Most money on the books (future deposits) is likely held in an escrow account. There are still employees to be paid, and ships that must remain operational and ready to return to service. Whether that be via loans secured by Sycamore or their own capital so be it, but Sycamore will still be funding the ope
  9. A bit of semantics but I get your point. Regardless of what is on your paycheck Sycamore Group will be calling the shots and funding the company. The President and CEO of Azamara will report to someone within the Sycamore Group. So while the employees of Azamara may not directly work under Sycamore Group they are at their mercy.
  10. There is not more of a mass-exodus as frankly right now there is no where to go. Most crew are sitting at home right now just like the rest of the world. Very few ships are sailing and most have a minimal crew onboard just to maintain basic operations. It's not a good time to change companies that is for sure. Even when the industry does ramp up, there will be an excess of crew as many ships have been scrapped. Of course there are still new ships coming online so that should negate any capacity decreases in the long term. So for the time being I think most crew are going to
  11. For me this is very unfortunate news. My experience on Azamara was one of the best I've had at sea. The staff and crew were so proud and motivated to work for the brand. The closest I've seen on other cruise companies is Disney Cruise Line for that kind of crew dedication. My confidence to book with Azamara now is low. I don't think I would risk my $$. Sure they say everything is going to be the same but I seriously doubt that. This private equity firm is mostly retail oriented and doesn't have the best track record IMO. They are not all created equal and this one has no e
  12. SCARLET LADY may go down in history as the first brand new fully launched ship that didn't carry a single paying passenger for a full year after her introduction.
  13. I think with three promising vaccines on the near horizon, some cruise lines have changed their strategy. Instead of spending a fortune and ton of resources trying to meet current CDC requirements, which will be short lived, take a step back and wait for the vaccines. Perhaps when they do start they will require every passenger to have a vaccine certification and will be able to forgo some of the harsh restrictions. This of course means a full year without a revenue cruise. Who would have thought that last March?
  14. Carnival Corp has already stated that its Carnival Cruise Lines brand will be the first to start up. This is why you are seeing the other brands cancel through March. Carnival Cruise Lines will test the waters first, and then the other brands will ramp-up. Of the NCLH portfolio of brands, I see NCL being the first to start-up, with short cruises to GSC and possibly other private destinations. Hopefully before April. It might take Oceania and Regent a bit longer if they follow the Carnival Corp. model.
  15. And BPCL adamantly denied the ship was sold for scrap. They don't have a lot of integrity. I don't see them lasting.
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