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  1. Not sure when this change happened. I did notice it yesterday when I was on crystal’s website. 😐 Nancy
  2. This will be the case with others at Crystal and all the cruise lines... Nancy
  3. Here’s an interesting thread from the Silversea board Nancy
  4. I believe it happened in June of 2016...the sailing after the RT SF Hawaii cruise I took. Nancy
  5. memories!!! 😁 despite the really rough ride, it was a great cruise. Nancy
  6. +1! Well said and fully concur. thanks, Nancy
  7. crystal changed their language over time. However, I don’t know when that occurred. this is from my June 4th cancellation letter: We are pleased to provide you with Credits* equal to 125% of the cruise fare paid or deposit paid – valid on any Crystal experience (Ocean, River, Yacht or Expedition) embarking through December 31, 2023 – along with a refund of port charges, taxes and fees paid, and any air and hotel packages booked through Crystal. Nancy
  8. Appreciate this info. I will be in touch with my TA for a follow up with crystal. FWIW, in the letter from crystal regarding my cancelled cruise (I’m sure many have a similar letter), it never states how, what form, port fees...etc will be refunded. anyhow, I’m sorry you and so many have been waiting sooooo long for your refunds. Nancy
  9. thanks for confirming about the check. yes, thanks SusieQFt for all your work on this. Nancy
  10. Thanks crickette. it wasn’t clear in the cruise cancelation letter how taxes, fees and Port charges would be refunded. i will have my TA confirm with crystal how it is done. Yes, I too am well aware of Crystals and Gentings Situation. has anyone received a check from crystal? Nancy
  11. Just curious and would love some feedback for those waiting only for a refund of taxes, fees and port charges on cruises that Crystal cancelled. For a cruise that crystal cancelled, I took the 125% Future cruise credit and applied it to future cruises booked. The letter/email from them on date of cancellation, states all taxes, fees and port charges will be refunded. I’m now at 90 days and most likely will file a dispute soon. Nancy
  12. Here’s the info from Seatrade: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/people-opinions/colin-au-moves-deputy-ceo-genting-hong-kong Nancy
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