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  1. Tak....Glad you had a copy. I am reposting it so it will be easier to read. As noted on the form there is a complete list at the reception desk which is very extensive.
  2. For me this works well. I've posted this before but the next time you are on board have the Crystal Society Hostess/Host print out a copy of all of your past voyages. It's a wonderful printout having not only the date, ship, number of milestones for each voyage but also what room you were in. It will also include the cruise you are on so once at home you have a record. What I've done is summarize this on a spreadsheet, (ship, date, number of days and number of milestones) and I add to this any pending cruises with the same set of information which helps me to plan how we might use milestones. Keith
  3. We had one visa. Probably for multiple visits as we visited three different ports plus had a couple of overnights at Ho Chi Minh City. I remember the price being very reasonable. On a related note for Vietnam when you arrange with private tour operators they will ask you for your passport details for you and anyone else touring with you. It is legitimate as they can't get into the port such as in Ho Chi Minh City without the information. Just letting you know as some people worry about it but it's something they all need. Keith
  4. From what I can see recently Crystal began showing the number of Crystal Milestones on the Crystal Cruises guest copy for Cruise Reservations. A new section has been added titled Cruise Level which is right below the Cancellation Policy Section and directly above the Dining Section. This is something that used to be on the Crystal Invoice and when they went to the new system it was not shown. I am glad to see it has been added back in. Keith
  5. I guess they moved this over to the Crystal Cruises board. We always just have Crystal get the visa on board since it is convenient and they do get there for Vietnam and Cambodia. The Cambodia visa looks to be $50.00. Not sure what the charge will be for Vietnam. You can have your TA followup with Crystal on this. The last time we were there the cost varied depending on what type of Visa one needed. For example if just getting off and returning each day and arriving back to the ship by late evening the cost was one amount and for those staying off the ship there was a different cost. I've always found the costs to be reasonable for the visas obtained on board the ship. Keith
  6. I just want to note Roys' photos are from Deck 7 and not from the Verandah Rooms on Deck 8 or 9 which the OP J80crew asked about. Keith
  7. This sounds like the Graham and Jane we know. They do enjoy their Trivia (and Paddle Tennis for Graham). Sounds like a great team effort. 😀 Keep enjoying. Keith
  8. Kathie, I am glad that you and Tim tried Silk for dinner and enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed your photos and narrative about Malaga. ChansonDeLaMer....Glad you are enjoying the cruise. I feel the same way about Luxe. I think it is a perfect venue for the Meet & Mingle Party for the reason you mentioned. The room benefited from the dry dock when they removed the railing which really opened up the room. Nice to see the additional prizes being given out to the winners of Team Trivia. I hope that continues going forward for those who play team trivia. Congratulations to Arlene & Gil. Everyone on board continue to enjoy every minute. Keith
  9. Miami is quite a lot better now. I also feel the same about the airport and the city. There are tons of taxis (and I mean tons) so you should have a very little wait. They let a certain amount in at a time and the rest are lined up and ready to enter the port. And there is UBER. My preference of the two is UBER because of the quality of the vehicles and the drivers. We have sailed a lot of times in and out of the Port Of Miami the last 10+ years. During a pre-cruise stay we often walk over the bridge into the port one or more times so we have seen the port many times. We've been there with one or two ships in port and we've been there when every berth has a ship in port. On a related note the downtown Miami area has changed considerably and with each passing year gets better and better. I now prefer it much more than Fort Lauderdale for a pre or post cruise stay. When we take the Crystal Transfers (which we do in various ports) we go with a private one. It is more expensive than the shared bus. For us I prefer it for several reasons. For others a shared transfer might be what they want. With the private transfer we have an assigned time to be at the area near the Reception Desk on Deck 5 which is typically before our transfer arrives. One of the two concierges will meet us there and we will be depart as soon as the vehicle has arrived. We will claim luggage and if using a luggage service will turn it over to them except in some selected ports (not USA) where the port agent take it and we don't have to clear customs. Like most things everyone has their preferences. Keith
  10. Latest Update: As Of November 16, 2019 PLEASE NOTE: Please use the following format when requesting to have your updates added to this thread April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) Thank you. Keith ========================================= For anyone booking a cruise, please post to this thread so that we can include you on the future cruising lists for your cruise. This thread is also used for the Bon Voyage threads. Please use the following format: Date (Cruise Number) Embarkation and Ending City - Cruise Critic Name (your own first name(s) should you choose to want to include this) Example: April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) (1) If you are new to CrystalCruises also be sure to check out the thread, which is titled “Some Thoughts For First Time Crystal Cruisers” https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2377435-some-thoughts-for-first-time-crystal-cruisers/page/5/#comments (2) If you would like to attend the MEET AND MINGLE PARTY that Crystal Cruises hosts when there are 10 or more of us on board, you can do so by visiting the registration section of Cruise Critic. This link will take you there. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 (3) If there is a ROLL CALL for your voyage post a message or questions for your voyage on that thread. Posts for a particular cruise might be better placed on the roll call so that the maximum people on that cruise may see it. These are the links for the roll calls and after you reach the thread then click on the area that takes you to the last (most current) page. Crystal Serenity Roll Calls https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 Crystal Symphony Roll Calls https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 Crystal Esprit Roll Calls https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/779-crystal-esprit/ Crystal Endeavor Roll Calls https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2450-crystal-endeavor/ FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019, 2020 & 2021 =========================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2019 Nov. 24 (OCY191124-12) Ft. Lauderdale R/T- skinexpert- Janis/Scott Nov. 24 (OCY191124-12) Ft. Lauderdale R/T- Kathy and Frank Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen/Frank/Angela) Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan - BeachTunes (Ellen/Jamie) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - (The Dylaness (thedylaness/mother) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - Summer Time (Kate/Ellen) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - May B (Muriel/Phil) Dec 14 (OCY191214-08) San Juan to Miami - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2020 Jan 6 OCY200106-105 Miami to Rome - Roland (Larry/Monica) Jan 22 OCY200122-89 Los Angeles to Rome - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – rafinmd (Roy) Jan 22 (OCY200122-13) Los Angeles to Papeete – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – rafinmd (Roy) Feb 4 (OCY200204-14) Papeete to Auckland – suzeluvscruz (Susan/Peter) Feb 19 (OCY200219-13) Auckland to Sydney – rafinmd (Roy) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) March 3 (OCY200303-17) Sydney to Singapore - Flak999 (AndyC) March 20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore to Mumbai - Margie2 (Margie/Ron) March20 (OCY200320-14) Singapore -Mumbai SnoBirdCruise (SnoBirdCruise Pat/Ray) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai to Rome - Margie2 (Margie/ Ron) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai -Rome SnoBirdCruise (Pat/Ray) April 3 (OCY200403-18) Mumbai -Rome Denverbri69 (Brian/CJ) April 21 (OCY200421-12) Rome to Monte Carlo - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 3 (OCY200503-07) Monte Carlo to Venice - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 10 (OCY200510-12) Venice to Barcelona - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 22 (OCY200522-09) Barcelona to Rome - SusieQft (Karen/John) May 31 (OCY200531-07) Rome to Venice - Summer Time- (Kate/Ellen) May 31 (OCY200531) Rome to Venice - gabelle (Nancy/Ken) June 7 (OCY200607) Venice to Athens - gabelle (Nancy/Ken) June 7 (OCY200607-07) Venice to Athens - Summer Time - (Kate/Ellen) Aug 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - bitob Dec 9 (OCY201209-14) Miami R/T - suitedreams - (Len/Marilyn) Dec 23 (OCY201223-13) Miami to Miami - Quacky (Christeen/Carl) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2021 2021 Full Word Cruise Jan 5 (OCY210105-139) Miami to London - Quacky (Christeen/Carl/Patti) Jan 5 OCY210105-16 Miami to Los Angeles - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Jan 5 OCY210105-16 Miami to Los Angeles - AZMama2017 (Frank/Pam/Jordan) Jan 5 (OCY200106-105) Miami to Rome - Vics65 (Vicki/Gordon) Jan 21 (OCY2101-21) Los Angeles to Brisbane - Bitbob Jan 21 (OCY210121-21) LA to Brisbane - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY210211-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY2021-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong (bitob) Mar 1 (OCY210301-12) Hong Kong to Tokyo - SusieQft (Karen/John) Apr 21 (OCY200421-19) Rome to Venice - Vics65 (Vicki/Gordon) Aug 27 2021 (OCY 210827 and OCY210905) b2b Dover to New York - Bitob Aug 27 OCY210827-09 London/Dover to Dublin - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to NYC - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to NYC - CharleMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sep 17 OCY210917-08 NYC to Quebec - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 25 OCY210925-08 Quebec to NCY - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) NYC to Miami - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) NYC to Miami - mreasier (Wayne/Bonnie) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2022 ====================================== Feb 2 (OCY220202-19) Los Angeles to Auckland (bitob) Feb 21 (OCY220221-18) Auckland to Perth (bitob) Jun 14 (OCY220614-09) Los Angeles to Vancouver - CabinForOne (Bill) Jun (OCY220623-07) Vancouver to Whittier, AK - CabinForOne (Bill) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2019 Nov 17 (OCS191117-07) Miami R/T - Texas Tillie (Patty) Nov 17 (OCS191117-07) Miami R/T - Beardedshark (Chris/ Lindsey) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - rafinmd (roy) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Fort Lauderdale R/T - FeliciaLee (Glenn/Felicia) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Miami to Miami - jbandkb (Jeff and Kevin) Nov 24 (OCS191124-07) Miami R/T: Brian310 (Brian/wife/daughter) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera - Naval Architect (Mikko) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – CingularOne (Dennis/Summer) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – maadimom (Mike/Cheryl) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera – Dec 1 (firstcuff91 (Tom/Mary) Dec 1 (OCS191201-10) Fort Lauderdale to Caldera - nooosey (Philip) Dec 11 (OCS191211-10) Caldera to San Diego - nooosey (Philip) Dec 11 (OCS191211-10) Caldera to San Diego firstcuff91 (Tom/Mary) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2020 Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam - Bitob (Bob/Laraine) Jan 13 (OCS200113019) San Diego to Guam (Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Feb. 2 (OCS200202-13) Guam to Hong Kong - Texas Tillie (Patty) May 31, (OCS200531-19) Barcelona to London - YoungDubFan (Kelly/ Mary ) Jun 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) June 7 (OCS200607-12) Lisbon to London - Texas Tillie (Patty) Jun 19 (OCS200619-14) London to Copenhagen - JusttheTwoofUs (Phyllis/Wayne) Ju. 14 (OCS200714-11) Stockholm to London/Dover, CruisePfan (Adelina/Roger/Kristin) Aug (OCS200819-13) Amsterdam to Barcelona - sunandsealover (Lauren) September 01 (OCS200901-10) Barcelona to Venice - sunandsealover (Lauren) September 11 (OCS200911-9) Venice to Athens - sunandsealover (Lauren) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - Psoque (Nauyuki/Richard) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - CharlesMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sept 20 (OCS200920-49) Athens to Dubai - sunandsealover (Lauren) Oct 11 (OCS201011-12) Barcelona to Athens - Texas Tillie (Patty) Oct 30 (OCY200830-13) Barcelona to Quebec - refined (Roy) Oct 30 (OCY201030-22) Quebec City to Miami firstcruise91 (Tom/Mary) Nov 08 (OCS201108-29) Dubai to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Nov 21 (OCS201121-16) Mumbai to Singapore Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2021 Jan 27 (OCS210127-15) Singapore to Hong Kong - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 11 (OCS210211-8) Hong Kong to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 19 (OCS210219-17) Singapore to Mombasa - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 08 (OCS210308-14) Mombasa to Cape Town - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 22 (OCS210322-22) Capetown to Lisbon - Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Mar 22 (OCS210322-40) Cape Town to Rome - sunandsealover (Lauren) May 1 (OCS210501-17) Rome to Rome - JVNYC (Joe & Todd) Sep 5 (OCY210905-12) Southampton to NYC firstcruise91 (Tom/Mary) Sep 17 (OCY210917-08) NYC to Quebec City firstcruise91 (Tom/Mary) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2022 May 19 (OCY220529-16) San Pedro to San Pedro firstcruise91 (Tom & Mary) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ESPRIT 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================= FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ENDEAVOR 2020 & 2021 Oct 15 YEN201015-16 - Bali to Cairns - Roland (Larry/Monica) SEP 15 EN210915-13 - Tromso to London - Roland (Larry/Monica) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL RIVER CRUISES 2019, 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS RIVER CRUISES 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL MOZART– 2019 FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL BACH – 2019 FUTURE BOOKNGS- RAVEL - 2019
  11. Becky, after reading sidwich's post and thinking this through I do realize that the folks at the computer university did scan a document for me at their desk and put it on my thumb drive. So most definitely they can do this. I actually remember the document they scanned. It was the World Cruise 2022 handout which later I posted to Cruise Critic. Keith
  12. Becky, You are very welcome. I am not sure. About scanning. I’ve just used an app. I used to bring a small scanner but no longer do that. Keith
  13. We had the opportunity to experience the wonderful cuisine on board Crystal Mozart in May of this year. Keith
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