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  1. If you are arriving that morning I wouldn't even have booked the 10:00 AM flight. I would contact American Airlines and have them move you to another flight later in the day. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    Walk Off In San Pedro

    Since this is cruise line specific I would be asking on the Princess Board. I hope your flight is not until late morning. In addition to traffic this will likely be a busy day at the airport with travelers returning from Holidays and also the start of business travel ramping up. Keith
  3. Thank you Roy and to everyone who has posted. Happy Holidays. Keith
  4. Keith1010

    Bon Voyage to csto December 22, 2018

    Wishing everyone on this cruise safe travels, and a Bon Voyage. Enjoy every minute. Keith
  5. Keith1010

    Pcpc one more time

    Thank you Elisabeth. Hopefully it will be an easy one for your TA to get corrected for you today. Anne Marie and I look forward to seeing sailing with you again. Wishing you happy holidays and safe travels when you make your way to Los Angeles for the World Cruise. Keith
  6. Keith1010

    Capri Beach Clubs

    umgrad99, you are very welcome. Keith
  7. Greetings from Beverly Hills, California. Thank you LeeAnne, liptastic, Ilene and Andy, 8dimsum, Pam, Pat & Ray, Elisabeth and Elaine. Pam; we look forward to sailing with you on the January 6 cruise. We love the January 6 itinerary with such lovely ports. Pat & Ray: it will be great to be sailing with you two again on the Cape Town to Monte Carlo segment. The last time we sailed together was four years ago on the 2015 World Cruise. Elisabeth: We look forward to sailing with you again and look forward to seeing you on January 13 on-board Serenity. We look forward to hearing about your experiences on the river cruise. Robin: good luck with the suitcases and once on-board with the packing. Since we have stayed in the same category, many times and on most of the long cruises we have become adept at knowing where to places all our items and maximizing the space. The only difference to the room since we were on-board in October is the removal of the Television from inside the wall unit as the new flat screen television has been hung over the couch. Although it is not deep, we plan to utilize the space vacated by the television for something. Today was a travel day as we flew to Los Angeles in the morning. While first class was full, the coach section was less than 50% of capacity. My experience is that business travel slows significantly this time of year and tourist travel slows down with many traveling later in the month for Christmas and New Years. The good news is we left on time and we landed forty five minutes early. As expected the gate was not available and the long story short we arrived to a different gate about the time we were originally scheduled to arrive. Yes, we sat on the plane for forty five minutes. In all our years of traveling we have only not have our luggage show up two times. Thankfully that was not the case today. With that said we did have a first. While we were at the airline lounge waiting for our flight I checked the app and it showed that our luggage was loaded on an aircraft. While that sounds nice it was not our aircraft. It had mistakenly been loaded on the flight before our flight for Los Angeles which left three hours before our flight. When we landed I checked the app and it showed that our luggage was being held in the customer service baggage area. Thankfully it was there We used one of the Crystal transfers to take us from LAX over to our hotel. This time around we chose to stay in Beverly Hills where we last stayed before the start of 2008 World Cruise. When we sailed out of Los Angeles in 2017 on the family cruise and in May on Crystal Symphony, we stayed at Disneyland. Over the years we have also stayed in other areas including Long Beach, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, San Pedro (one time), Marina del Ray and even near Los Angeles International Airport. From time-to-time on this board (there was a recent thread) and on other CC boards people will ask for recommendations for places to stay. Personally I don’t think one choice fits all. It comes down to a range of factors including the time of year, the number of days for the stay, whether you have been here before, things you like to do, whether you have a vehicle for your stay and budget. We like to vary location. This is a special adventure for us and I selected the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel. We looked closely at the fairly new Waldorf Astoria and Four Seasons but the winner was the Peninsula. LOL. Our room has a unique feature and that is this amazing outdoor patio. We look forward to enjoying some breakfasts and sitting out there in the afternoon and evening. The Blog has been updated. We are very excited to be in Beverly Hills and are thrilled to start this adventure. Keith
  8. Keith1010

    White night?

    There is a new booklet that we got with our recent cruise documents where it is mentioned. This is a white booklet. The previous one does not mention it. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    Pcpc one more time

    Elisabeth, you said that the system said paid in full. I am thinking that you meant it is saying not paid in full. This happened to us on either the World Cruise or one of the cruises we are getting ready to go on as we have three different booking numbers for our upcoming cruises. In our case I caught it on a Saturday when our TA office was closed. I called Crystal Reservations and told them that I realized that normally they would want me to deal with me on this type of issue but since it was the weekend I was hoping they could help me as I wanted to begin the reservation process. They where kind enough to look look this up for me and for whatever reason even though we had paid in full showed that we owed something like $100.00 (maybe even less) and she could tell that it was due to some type of system error. They were able to put me on hold and have the problem corrected by a supervisor. I just checked PCPC for our World Cruise booking and it has no error messages so this is appears to be specific to your booking. Keith
  10. Mike you are very welcome. Keith
  11. Keith1010

    Capri Beach Clubs

    umgrad99,.....While you may get some answers on this board if you have not done so already I would also ask on the Italy Ports Of Call Board. Over the years and most recently preparing for our Mediterranean Cruises this past September/October and also for our upcoming adventure which includes stops in Italy I have found the Italy ports of call to be very helpful. There are some regulars on that board who have outstanding knowledge of Italy along with others who have nice experiences to share. This link will take you there. Also if there is a roll call for your cruise you could see if anyone has additional thoughts although for some it might be their first visit there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/ Keith
  12. Thank you so much Ashley. We also look forward to seeing you soon. We are excited to begin this new adventure and look forward to a pre-cruise stay in California before we board Serenity on December 21. We have shipped most of our luggage and fingers crossed (toes too) we will see it on-board Serenity. We received all cruise documents except for the River Cruise and will receive these via e-mail. For the Holiday Cruise we received the luggage tags and “Before You Sail Booklet” shown on the left of the photo. The right side reflects the new booklet and luggage tags. The luggage tags for Mozart are also in white but I didn’t include those in the photo. The revised booklet reflects the recent changes on Serenity regarding new dining venues and the renaming of The Crystal Dining Room to Waterside, Lido Café to Marketplace, and Silk Road to Umi Uma. I hope to add a new post tomorrow after we arrive and get settled at our hotel in Southern California. Blog has been updated. Let the adventure begin. Keith
  13. Keith1010

    Onboard the Beautiful Crystal Symphony!

    Yes it is one unit; combo washer/dryer. We loved it. On cruises I take care of the laundry because I am up early and can easily do the wash at that hour. My wife prefers to do it so she loved having it in the room and you never had to worry about it finishing and someone removing your items. It was very convenient having it right there. My wife would say throughout that cruise "do you think we could ship one over to Serenity? LOL but she did. We were familiar with this type of appliance because my sister-in-law (deceased) and brother-in-law had them in their place in Edinburgh and we saw it in action on our visits and my daughter and family have one in their apartment in Sydney, Australia which we have also seen. Like those units, the dryer will take quite a bit longer than a stand alone full size dryer to dry everything, but it was not a problem for us. We do have several items that we wash and don't go in the dryer. Keith
  14. Roy, we would see them on Caribbean cruises. I can't remember the last time but I would say I saw one as late as 2013 or 2014. Then there was the "art" auctions which used the same company that some of the mainstream lines used such as Princess. In fact, there was a former NBA player (who I had never heard of until we met him at an Auction on Princess and I knew names of most players back in that day) and sure enough we saw him on-board during the 2007 World Cruise). Thankfully this went away. Keith
  15. Thank you so much for sharing this memory which bring back our own memories of our first Crystal Cruise on Harmony in 2002. Even my former company is listed on page 1. 😀 Merry Christmas. Keith