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  1. I've been touring today but nothing has filtered out other than the port was changed and the logistics finalized. Best to wait for the announcement IMHO. Keith
  2. WELCOME TO WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND When I posted yesterday morning we were definitely doing rocking and rolling with strong winds and sea swells. The storm didn't appear to be forecasted. We had the tugs to be with us as we docked at the port. It was raining when we first arrived. The good news is rain stopped by around 9:00 AM or so and while we were downtown it was cool with some wind and cloudy but no rain. As thee day went on by afternoon it became warmer with a full sun. Just spent part of the day downtown as this was our fourth visit here and on two prior visits we toured around. We do have tours planned for today and tomorrow. As we find in some cities around the world there were several local people providing tourist information in the city including three or four at the shuttle bus stop. I wanted to take a moment to commend New Zealand on how they do their security at the ports. They do it better than most places we have traveled and I feel lots better than my own country. You need to show identification when entering the ports either when the gate is opened or shortly entering the port. Regardless of whether you are in an automobile or bus they will check ship id plus government id photo for each person. On a bus they look around closely to make sure someone is not hiding on the bus. They do remind us about not taking food of the ship. They require the ship to make regular announcements about not taking food of the ship and each night when we get back to the room the television is set to the info-commercial reminding us of the same thing. A $400.00 fine will be levied on the spot if you do not abide by the law. We were told someone was fined for taking a banana off the ship the other day. However, not sure whether or not this is true. If it was that was one expensive banana. I wanted to give a shout-out to the entertainment last evening. Two shows of Vioinist Ian Cooper. We have so many great memories of past performances and many times we saw him perform on St. Patrick's Day. Last year and this year the performances were not on this holiday. A terrific performer. Also last evening Curtis and Beverly performed in a separate show two different times. All this with the ship in port until we left around 10:00 PM last evening. Food continues to be superb in the venues we have dined at. We will hit all of the dining venues before we leave in Sydney including Churrascaria in a few days. I mentioned this the other day but this is the first cruise where the first of the two Black Tie Optional nights is the sixth night of the sailing and this is the case tonight. There will also bee a Captain's Party. The itinerary including the times in port is the reason for this. We'll have the second and final BTO night a few days from now. Cheers, Keith
  3. indogesea....Glad you posted. I was wondering what they were going to do in terms of your itinerary. I hope you also have good weather in Napier and a great there day. Enjoy the revised itinerary and best wishes to you. Keith
  4. BeachTunes, no worries. Loved the photos - All of them. 😀 Keith
  5. BeadchTunes, lovely photos and descriptions. Keith
  6. If you care to know why, I suggest you write to CC. 😀 And since you decided to quote me, let me be perfectly clear for the second time, I didn't report one single post on this thread. In the end it is CC who administers the site including deciding what should be removed. I'm not sure if they would appreciate being thought of as childish. 😀 With that said it would be nice to get back to the topic of this thread. Keith
  7. Roy, while I was playing Paddle Tennis a little while ago I saw you walking by the court. Welcome back. The day started out windy and rainy but now the weather has turned very nice. Anne Marie looked up the forecast for tomorrow and assuming it is right it looks like a nice day. We have a tour planned so hoping the forecast is right. Keith
  8. Andy, it could be the port in Malaysia but it could another port. What I believe them mean about logistics is finding a port that is available for the days required, obviously one conducive for flights getting guests in as well as crew and also one where they can get all of the food and other related containers too. This is why they needed the weekend to tie all of this down. Keith
  9. I do know the ship will have its dry dock in Singapore. happy cruising....I suspect the ship will adhere to the same standards they have been doing here and on Symphony. Contractors from certain counties would not be allowed to participate in the dry dock, passports will be checked and temperature taken. I realize the last one does not preclude someone from having the virus but it's something still done. And they will clean, clean, and clean with stronger chemicals as they have been doing. Keith Keith
  10. So glad you have had a similar experience to ours. Interestingly enough when we were on Symphony in May of 2018 I found the temperature of the food to be the best I have experience to date. I prefer the entrees to come out hot and very pleased with them. Nice photos. Keith
  11. Glen while I would have preferred that the subject stay with the topic of the thread, or at least once the question was asked about it not go on, let me be very clear...... I did not (I repeat) I did not report any of the posts by you or anyone else. Nor did it ever cross my mind. Keith
  12. I didn't check Roy's but I can get there two different ways. First by just going to the Symphony Roll Calls. Second by going to the summary roll call CC sections and clicking on April 23. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=12&ship_id=26 Keith
  13. The detailing work for Symphony doesn't have to happen in an official dry dock. It can be happening once the ship is not carrying guests. 😀 Keith
  14. According to reports there are more cases of the virus in USA and I believe now Italy. i doubt a dry dock can just be moved around in weeks. Time will tell. Keith
  15. Roy the shuttle stop is across the street from the Amora Hotel although hotel has been closed for some time Keith
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