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  1. Keith1010

    Live from the Symphony Amazon Discovery

    Caroline, please send the heat to us. LOL. I hope that you enjoy the cruise of the Amazon River. I remember a year or two before we cruised it for the first time in 2013 there were all sorts of fires and people were bothered with the smoke. In 2013 it was perfect. I was amazed with the River. At times you felt like you could touch both sides from the ship. Other times you could see land on both sides. Still other times you could not see land on either side. Continue to enjoy. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    Live from Heaven (Serenity Trans-Atlantic)

    Robin, you are very welcome. It makes sense that it can take awhile to try many of the items. Keith
  3. Keith1010

    White night?

    flyingshoes, you are very welcome. Keith
  4. Keith1010

    Docking/Anchoring Information In PCPC

    Linda, the best source for that is the Los Angeles Port Site. On January 6 two ships; Serenity and Coral Princess. Serenity will be docked at B92 and Princess B93. On January 13 Serenity will be the only ship there. Same on January 14 for those who will be there. It will be at B93. I do use Cruise Cal as a good source of information. In fact, before they started to show tender and docked ports in PCPC I discovered I could use Cruise Cal for that. Also a pretty good course in general. In some places they don't list regional Cruise Lines as their focus is on Cruise Lines serving North America so you can be say in Athens Greece and they will know the ships that are oriented to North America but not say to Greece. Wherever possible I start with the official port sites knowing that some show schedules like the Port for Los Angeles but for some the data is not available. Keith
  5. Keith1010

    Crystal cruisers in CA

    I was shocked to hear that they have around 650 people unaccounted for and 65 lost their lives. A tragedy. Very sad. Keith
  6. Keith1010

    Live from the Symphony Amazon Discovery

    Caroline I love it. You now have another reason to sail Crystal. 😁 I do think you have it right based on our own observation on Serenity when we saw people making purchases of the clothing while we were in the store. I suspect that one of the reasons for the introduction of Chico's is that many guests don't want to spend lots of money on clothes on the ship (at least that is what many on this board have mentioned in the past) and that Chico's are both reasonably priced and very popular with many women of the age group that sails with Crystal. I suspect that people looking for ways to spend OBC would consider Chico's as will others who have that itch to shop while cruising. I am reminded that for the men while there are far less clothes that you will find items such as clothes from Tommy Bahama and in the past Polo which we could also purchase at many stores on land. Maybe not exclusive but practical. I still would like to see more Crystal Logo clothing and accessories. That is what I miss most from when Crystal ran the shops in-house many years ago. At the same time I suspect that the costs to obtain the logo items can be a factor a the buying power for this is not that great and the stores are purchasing items for many cruise lines/ships where the operate and have stronger purchasing power for items they can market across many ships/lines.
  7. Keith1010

    San Diego flight time changed to 9:30am

    I would change the flight. Just call AA to say this flight won't work out and they should not charge you a fee to change. Keith
  8. Keith1010

    Miami B2B with different ships

    I would use a Taxi or something like Uber and just give a big tip. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    White night?

    There are lots of worth causes but like most things on this and the other cruise lines this event has nothing to do with charity/a worthy cause. It is simply a dance mixer but rather than just calling it a mixer they call it White Night Extravaganza. Like most things for those who don't have an interest they don't have to wear white or go to the mixer. There are certainly plenty of other options. And it is not based on a theme on land either. Just simply Crystal Cruises version of a White Night Extravaganza. Keith
  10. Ed, on the first day you can just stop by the shore excursion desk and cancel the excursion. Yes, I realize it is the next day. However, an easy way to do this is to call between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM California time and speak with someone in shore excursions. Usually they answer the phone. This is the number to call. 1-800-446-6620 ext 5 I hope that your wife's finger injury heals soon but glad that isn't impacting you all from the cruise. Keith
  11. Keith1010

    Live from Serenity

    Terry I know that you had issues on your Symphony cruise. We did not other than around a couple of days with issues for part of the day. We also spent three weeks on Serenity and overall the Internet was fine. In both cases I would say quite a bit better than usual. Yes coming out of this dry dock though they have had some technical issues and the internet is one of them. I am sure they will get the kinks out of the problem areas. Given the extensive dry dock overall have not heard too many issues beyond the internet and even there people are saying it is getting better. With that said when we cruise internet on any cruise line and ship can vary based on all of the factors we've discussed. Of course go to a hotel on land and that can vary too IMHO. As to the error code anyone's guess. Hadn't experienced that on either ship since upgrade so my guess is that it is a one off. Things happen with technology. Watching the news last night using satellite and on the TV a message comes up that says your TV won't allow you to watch it due to the content of the program . This happened eight to ten times before I rebooted the box. Keith
  12. I would say around 11:15 is the earliest I would go with just to play it safe. Could you make something earlier? Probably. but I just wouldn't take a chance as I have seen to many things go wrong at this port. Keith
  13. Keith1010

    Live from the Symphony Amazon Discovery

    Muriel, the good news is you won't pay tax on board if you live in a state with tax on clothing. Plus you will get a pretty Crystal Cruises bag and no gasoline to get to and from the store. LOL We also noticed these brands on our recent Serenity cruise. Caroline, thank you again for your very informative post. Continue to enjoy every minute. Keith
  14. Keith1010

    Live from Heaven (Serenity Trans-Atlantic)

    Lots of good choices at the Brazilian Restaurant. Robin, there is also a baked potato and lots of other choices at the salad and vegetable bar.