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  1. Unfortunately live views are not available until the ships are back in service so the latest on Serenity without a live photo from the webcam. Keith
  2. A live view from a moment ago as Serenity continues to sail towards Singapore. Keith
  3. Serenity continues to sail towards Singapore. A live few from a couple of minutes ago. Keith
  4. A little more overcast today as Serenity continues sailing towards Singapore. Keith
  5. Hi Carole, sounds like you have received all of the proper paperwork. My cancellation was done after your and I was told about six to eight weeks till it will hit my credit card while the notifications we have seen from Crystal say up to ninety days. I know one of the nice things about the board is to learn about others peoples experiences to get a sense as to what to expect. However if this was me on Monday I would have your TA reach out to Crystal to find out has the credit actually been issued to your credit card company, if so what is the transaction number and date they show and if not when to expect it. I do know from past experience in normal times with Crystal and my credit card company that once the credit is issued it has taken anywhere from a couple to up to seven or eight business days to show up on the on line credit card account. Again I think a call to Crystal to find out if and when it was actually issued to the credit card company along is the way to go. Good luck with all of this. Keith
  6. Carole, thanks for the additional information. If Crystal issued the credit to your credit card company on March 16 sometimes it does take the card company time to reflect the credit although you should have seen it around now and if not any day. I believe there should be some type of transaction number for the credit that Crystal could give you (or if using a TA the TA) and you could check with your Credit Card company to see if they see it as something pending. Good luck with this. Keith
  7. I believe the vast majority of the cruise lines are in the same "boat" as they are not incorporated in the USA. For example Carnival is incorporated in Panama, RCI in Liberia and NCL in Bermuda. So as it stands right now it appears that none of them will get relief from the 2 trillion bill. Just a suggestion. In the past when we have had a credit issued by Crystal or a payment our TA was able to send us an invoice from Crystal which shows all of the amounts related to how we paid which was a payment confirmation invoice. You should be able to get one. This would show show your original payments and the credit issued to your credit card including the date issue and the type of credit card (eg., Master Card, Visa, American Express) along with the amount and date. Keith
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  9. Scott, what a lovely video and a lovely journey. Thank you again for putting each video together, sharing them with each of us and also for your enthusiasm and humor and making the best of each day on your cruise. Until next time. Many thanks, Keith
  10. An interview with retiring Cruise Director Gary Hunter. https://blog.crystalcruises.com/q-and-a-with-cruise-director-gary-hunter/?fbclid=IwAR1LEChTQtWFQFWb7g7DaRbRVjrk5vvTqTIgZYzWJdJwgmTHEfOp6C0bMlw Keith
  11. The views are similar to yesterday although less sunny as Serenity continues to make her way to land. I have to say I am not one who often looks at the live views section but recently started to do this at around the same time recently.
  12. From a few people on board right now, Larry. Keith
  13. Looks like a nice day at sea as Crystal Serenity and the many crew on-board sail towards Singapore. Looking forward to returning to Serenity when we get this Pandemic behind us around the world. Keith
  14. I know there has been a lot of posts on this thread; some related to your original question and others not. I did want to let you know that I have heard from a handful of friends who got off in Sydney who were on the full World Cruise and they have not received the credit. While the website says up to 90 days my TA's office was told four to six weeks for a recent cancellation we made. This cancellation was actually outside of the 90 day window and it will involve a credit but I also moved money to pay in full for a future cruise. The movement of money was completed instantly. At this point I would assume 90 days but if it is sooner all the better. You could have your TA followup to see if they can find out something more although I suspect they might not be able to get more information at this point in time. Keith
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