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  1. Latest Update: As Of July 11, 2020 PLEASE NOTE: Please use the following format when requesting to have your updates added to this thread April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) Thank you. Keith ========================================= For anyone booking a cruise, please post to this thread so that we can include you on the future cruising lists for your cruise. This thread is also used for the Bon Voyage threads. Please use the following format: Date (Cruise Number) Embarkation and Ending City - Cruise Critic Name (your own first name(s) should you choose to want to include this) Example: April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) (1) If you are new to CrystalCruises also be sure to check out the thread, which is titled “Some Thoughts For First Time Crystal Cruisers” https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2377435-some-thoughts-for-first-time-crystal-cruisers/page/5/#comments (2) If you would like to attend the MEET AND MINGLE PARTY that Crystal Cruises hosts when there are 10 or more of us on board, you can do so by visiting the registration section of Cruise Critic. This link will take you there. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 (3) If there is a ROLL CALL for your voyage post a message or questions for your voyage on that thread. Posts for a particular cruise might be better placed on the roll call so that the maximum people on that cruise may see it. These are the links for the roll calls and after you reach the thread then click on the area that takes you to the last (most current) page. Crystal Serenity Roll Calls https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 Crystal Symphony Roll Calls https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=12 Crystal Esprit Roll Calls https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/779-crystal-esprit/ Crystal Endeavor Roll Calls https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2450-crystal-endeavor/ FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2020, 2021 & 2022 =========================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2020 October 1 ( OCY201001-07) Miami to San Juan- Twirlgirl - (Bev/Jan) October 1 ( OCY201001-07) Miami to San Juan- Mudhen - (John/Linda) October 8 ( OCY201008-07) San Juan to Miami- Twirlgirl - (Bev/Jan) October 8 ( OCY201008-07) San Juan to Miami - Mudhen - (John/Linda) October 29 (OCY201029-07) Miami- San Juan -Bellaggio Cruisers - (Herb/Sheila) October 29 (OCY201029-07) Miami - San Juan mskatiemae (Catherine) November 5 (OCY201105-07) San Juan - Miami mskatiemae (Catherine) November 5 (OCY201105-07) San Juan-Miami- Bellaggio Cruisers - ( Herb and Sheila) Dec 9 (OCY201209-14) Miami R/T - suitedreams - (Len/Marilyn) Dec 23 (OCY201223-13) Miami to Miami - Quacky (Christeen/Carl) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2021 2021 Full Word Cruise Jan 5 (OCY210105-139) Miami to London - Quacky (Christeen/Carl/Patti) Jan 5 OCY210105-16 Miami to Los Angeles - AZMama2017 (Frank/Pam/Jordan) Jan 5 (OCY200106-105) Miami to Rome - Vics65 (Vicki/Gordon) Jan 5th (OCY210105-16) Miami to Los Angeles MwGw (Michael/Gayle) Jan 21 (OCY2101-21) Los Angeles to Brisbane - Bitbob Jan 21 (OCY210121-21) LA to Brisbane - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY210211-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong - SusieQft (Karen/John) Feb 11 (OCY2021-18) Brisbane to Hong Kong (bitob) Mar 1 (OCY210301-12) Hong Kong to Tokyo - SusieQft (Karen/John) July 20 (OCY210720-12) London to Reykjavik - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) Aug 1 (OCY210801-12) Reykjavik to London - Midtowngal (Georgia/Michael) Aug 27 2021 (OCY 210827-09) Dover to New York - Bitob Aug 27 (OCY210827-29) London to Quebec City - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Sep 5 (OCY210905-12) Dubiln to NYC - Bitob Sep 5 (OCY210905-12) Southampton to NYC firstcruise91 (Tom/Mary) Sep 5 OCY210905-12 Dublin to NYC - CharleMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sep 17 (OCY210917-08) NYC to Quebec City firstcruise91 (Tom/Mary) Sep 25 OCY210925-08 Quebec City to NYC - kingwood cruisers (Jim/Pat) Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) NYC to Miami - krb1000 (Kathie/Tim) Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) NYC to Miami - mreasier (Wayne/Bonnie) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2022 ====================================== Feb 2 (OCY220202-19) Los Angeles to Auckland (bitob) Feb 21 (OCY220221-18) Auckland to Perth (bitob) May 19 (OCY220529-16) San Pedro to San Pedro firstcruise91 (Tom & Mary) Jun 14 (OCY220614-09) Los Angeles to Vancouver - CabinBoy (Bill) Jun (OCY220623-07) Vancouver to Whittier, AK - CabinBoy (Bill) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2020, 2021 & 2022 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2020 September 01 (OCS200901-10) Barcelona to Venice - sunandsealover (Lauren) September 11 (OCS200911-9) Venice to Athens - sunandsealover (Lauren) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - Psoque (Nauyuki/Richard) Sept 20 (OCS200920-21) Athens to Barcelona - CharlesMarg (Charles/Margaret) Sept 20 (OCS200920-49) Athens to Dubai - sunandsealover (Lauren) Oct 11 (OCS201011-12) Barcelona to Athens - Texas Tillie (Patty) Oct 11(OCS201011-28) Barcelona to Dubai Mahogany (Fiona) Nov 08 (OCS201108-29) Dubai to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Nov 21 (OCS201121-16) Mumbai to Singapore Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2021 Jan 27 (OCS210127-15) Singapore to Hong Kong - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 11 (OCS210211-8) Hong Kong to Singapore - sunandsealover (Lauren) Feb 19 (OCS210219-17) Singapore to Mombasa - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 08 (OCS210308-14) Mombasa to Cape Town - sunandsealover (Lauren) Mar 22 (OCS210322-22) Capetown to Lisbon - Buzz_Rosenberg (Buzz) Mar 22 (OCS210322-40) Cape Town to Rome sunandsealover (Lauren) Apr 23 (OCS210424-07) Barcelona to Rome - YoungDubFan (Kelly/Mary) Sep 21 (OCS210912-09) Venice to Marseille - BlueSea72 (Barbara) Sep 28 (OCS210928-13) Rome to Athens - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Oct 11 (OCS211011-16) Athens to Abu Dhabi - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) December 21 (OCS211221-16) Auckland - Melbourne mskatiemae (Catherine) FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL SYMPHONY 2022 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ESPRIT 2020 & 2021 ============================================= FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL ENDEAVOR 2020, 2021 & 2021 Future Cruise Bookings Endeavor 2021 SEP 15 EN210915-13 - Tromso to London - Roland (Larry/Monica) Future Cruise Bookings Endeavor 2022 October 9 (YEN221009-10) Panama City - Lima mskatiemae (Catherine) FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL RIVER CRUISES 2020 & 2021 ============================================== FUTURE BOOKINGS RIVER CRUISES 2020 FUTURE BOOKINGS – CRYSTAL BACH – 2020 FUTURE BOOKNGS- RAVEL - 2020
  2. A number of members of Team Serenity joining the ship. And some going home. Keith
  3. It's funny. I as on a walk and during my walk I was giving the name some thought. And I came up with The Bistro. I come home and just checked CC and see The Bistro mentioned several times. Love it. It's on all the vessels and something so unique about Crystal. When we were on Harmony we had never experienced anything like The Bistro on a ship prior to that first Crystal Cruises. So +++1 for The Bistro. Keith
  4. We took our first Crystal River Cruise in 2019 and loved it. I am glad others feel the same way. Keith CRYSTAL RIVER CRUISES NAMED #1 RIVER CRUISE LINE IN TRAVEL + LEISURE’S 2020 WORLD’S BEST AWARDS MIAMI, July 8, 2020 – Crystal River Cruises has once again won top honors in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. Crystal River Cruises has been earning the acclaim of the world’s most discerning travelers since the line first launched in 2016 and, in fact, was named #1 River Cruise Line in its first year of service by Travel & Leisure readers. Crystal’s oceangoing brands – Crystal Cruises and Crystal Yacht Cruises – both placed in the Top Two of their respective categories, underscoring the consistent standard of luxury and excellence found across Crystal’s varied experiences. Crystal River Cruises’ score of 97.14 includes #1 scores for guest suites, food, service, itineraries/destinations and value. All three Crystal brand experiences placed number one in the culinary category, highlighting the superlative, globally inspired culinary experience for which Crystal has long been known. Crystal Cruises placed number one in the service, romance and nightlife categories, while Crystal Yacht Cruises placed #1 for romance. “Every element of the Crystal Experience is designed to exceed our guests’ expectations of a luxury vacation, and it is always extremely gratifying to know that this philosophy continues to resonate with travelers 30 years after we first set sail,” said Tom Wolber, Crystal’s president and CEO. “The readership of Travel + Leisurerepresents some of the world’s savviest, selective travelers who know the best when they experience it. To earn such prestigious praise is an honor.” “We are thrilled that the Crystal River Cruises Experience has delighted travelers to the extent that they have taken the time to vote and call it the best in the world, and we thank them for their incredible support,” said Walter Littlejohn, senior vice president and managing director of Crystal River Cruises. “Since day one, we have strived to create an unmatched standard of luxury on Europe’s rivers with beautifully spacious ships; attentive personalized service; and culinary and cultural experiences that highlight the elegance of the destinations. It is wonderful to see how closely travelers are connecting with the Crystal River Experience.” Crystal River Cruises first embarked on the rivers of Europe in 2016, winning top industry awards within its first year thanks to its superior standard of luxury that had not been previously offered in the river cruise industry. The company christened four new-build sister ships – Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel – in 2017 and 2018, offering travelers more opportunities to enjoy the renowned Crystal Experience on varied itineraries along the Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers. Crystal’s new-build river vessels are Europe’s most spacious river ships, accommodating just 106 guests with an intentional focus on maximizing personal and public spaces throughout their 135-meter hulls (a size typically designed to accommodate twice the number of guests). The ships comprise Europe’s youngest river cruise fleet and are the industry’s first and only all-balcony, all-suite, butler-serviced vessels in Europe, with every category of accommodation positioned above the water line. All suites feature Panoramic Balcony-Windows™ and walk-in closets and dual vanity bathrooms are featured in most categories. All of Crystal’s river ships feature private butler service in every room category, king-sized beds, Caudalie amenities, robes and slippers, and wall-mounted flat-screen HD TVs. Additional enticing features include farm-to-table cuisine in multiple, open-seating eateries: the elegant Waterside Restaurant, namesake Bistro cafés and the exclusive Vintage Room; and the Palm Court for entertainment, enrichment presentations and sweeping views of the countryside. Crystal’s attention to detail reaches ashore, as guests are transported on the days’ adventures in luxury motor coaches equipped with complimentary water and Wi-Fi for added convenience and comfort. While its fleet is paused, the Crystal team is developing new procedures and policies that will support all public health and regulatory requirements and ensure that guests’ vacations continue to be not only relaxing and pleasurable but safe and healthy. Details of these new measures and initiatives will be announced soon. Additionally, the inherent design of Crystal ships maximizes personal and public space, offering plenty of options for those who choose to keep a healthy distance during their voyage. All Crystal ships across the fleet including Ocean, River, Yacht and Expedition offer nearly double the space per person than ships of a similar size, which is among the highest space ratios in the industry and their social spaciousness will be further augmented through the new measures the company will be implementing. Further, Crystal Endeavor and Crystal’s River ships are all-suite and all-balcony with most staterooms on its two Ocean ships featuring private verandas for fresh airflow. The safety of guests and crew members is Crystal’s number one priority and the fleet will resume service only when the company’s expert team and global health and government authorities indicate that it is safe to do so. About Crystal Only the world-renowned Crystal Experience offers an unwavering, unparalleled standard of excellence and luxury across four distinct cruising options: Crystal Cruises, the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line; Crystal River Cruises, the World’s Most Luxurious River Cruise Line; Crystal Yacht Cruises, offering boutique luxury and bold adventure in the world’s most elite harbors; and Crystal Expedition Cruises, taking Crystal’s acclaimed elegance to the farthest reaches of the world. Crystal has been recognized with top honors in the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for a record 26 years including, in 2019, for Best Medium-Ship Cruise Line for Crystal Cruises, Best Small-Ship Cruise Line for Crystal Yacht Cruises and Best River Cruise Line for Crystal River Cruises. Crystal was also voted “World’s Best” by the readers of Travel + Leisure for 24 years, including, in 2017 and 2020, Best River Cruise Line for Crystal River Cruises; and won “Cruise Line of the Year” and “Most Luxurious Guest Experience” by Virtuoso for 2018 & 2019. Crystal is proud to be a platinum partner of the advisors of ASTA.
  5. It's CC so I'm used to it and have done my share and I do laugh. Sometimes when I start a thread I have some ideas on how it will get off topic and what the topic would be. This one, I never would have guessed the ship would come up let alone some ranting about it. As they say, welcome to CC and never would have predicted on two other threads there would be discussion about the C word. 😀 Keith
  6. No Crystal did not send me this information to share. I just heard about it and thought it was positive news people might want to hear about. Keith
  7. Well, just wanted you to know that Captain Birger will be flying on Wednesday to Kuala Lumpur as part of joining Serenity in Port Klang. Yes, he will be tested for the virus in case you were wondering. 😃 Keith
  8. Jonathan....All that I know gloves are really not the way to go at the grocery store. This is why you don't see the employees doing this. Gloves get dirty/contaminated immediately so you would want to clean them on the spot or at least not touch eyes etc. IMHO based on all I've ready I would just have hand sanitizer with you if you are concerned (this is what I do) and clean hands when I get out to the car after putting the bags in the trunk. And then wash often at home. When I open freezer doors at the grocery store I open them with a hand wipe. I've been doing this for a few years now. Keith
  9. No worries. It seems most threads are getting off topic including the one I started about today's cooking demonstration where it got into comments about how to spell Endeavor or is it Endeavour. Maybe we need to rid the world of the virus so we can just cruise. I am ready. I really am. Keith
  10. You are correct. You should not wear gloves. People think there is a benefit to them. If you wear them you would have to keep washing them. Better not to wear them. You should frequently wash hands and much easier to wash hands than gloves. Keith
  11. EU began to open its borders to several countries but not mine. It has nothing to do with cruising .
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and also the article but what does this have to do with where Serenity is now which I thought was the topic of this thread? Keith
  13. This was amazing. So many variations. Makes me feel like I am on-board Crystal. Can't wait to try this recipe out. Keith
  14. Larry, very few states require the 14 day quarantine, at least for now. A few implemented it recently and that depends where you are coming from. For example, New York and some neighboring states implemented it but it's not for everyone. It was for those coming from 16 other states. On a national level there are some countries that we don't accept people entering the country from. The ones that I think about from the USA will likely come on in the USA as they wouldn't be essential for the ship to sail. I also think where they can get personnel on board here and avoid the costs of the flights they will look at that to minimize expense. However, I can think of one who is essential and that will be the Captain so we better hope he can come. 😀 In terms of sailing the situation has not been helped by the big outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA including in Florida. It might cause pause with those who will make the decision on whether the cruise lines can sail which is unfortunate. Your country overall has done a lot better in managing this situation than we have. Some of our states have done a terrific job on this but unfortunately many didn't. Let's hope things improve here and in those places with large outbreaks. Well it's time to get ready for today's cooking demonstration. Looking forward to it. Keith
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