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  1. No shorts for dinner on casual nights. Jean or any other fabric. Keith
  2. $115.00 is also what I see for our next voyage on-board Serenity for the Champagne Lunch and $75.00 for Lunch only. Keith
  3. Glad to hear that. In my case when they updated the definition of a compliant password that impacted me. Coincidentally the similar experience also happened two weeks ago and where I got the same error message; "either user name e-mail or password is incorrect". I said to myself what I am entering is the same as it was yesterday and in all prior attempts. In my case when I set up the original password it was compliant but in my case they changed what is now compliant so my password had to be changed as it didn't meet the new rules. It would have been simpler to have received an e-mail or a message that simply said you now have to change your password rather than an error message that only implied what I was entering was wrong. I can't even remember how I stumbled on what I needed to do. I just remember spending 30 minutes or so until the "light bulb" went off and I changed my password. I agree. It's nice that we have two options to get into the planner although I love the newer option as with multiple bookings I see them in one place. Hopefully yours and Terry's and others who seem to be having other issues will get sorted out soon. Keith
  4. Karen, this issue that you are having is different than Terry's and what other Aussies are having. I had the same issue you are now having happened to me a week or two ago. Once I figured out what to do I also had to update Anne Marie's access as well. . You will need to change your password. It was very confusing. They want you to change your password so it also has not only letters and numbers but also characters (eg,. & or $ , etc). Ideally there should have been an e-mail sent out asking each person to do this or rather than the error message saying incorrect e-mail or password the message should simply say change your password and make sure it has letters, numbers, characters, etc. Instead it leaves people puzzled and unsure what to do. Keith
  5. No foreign transaction fees with Crystal Cruises for a USA card used to pay for Crystal charges either before arrival to the ship nor on the ship. On Silversea (maybe they have changed) we did incur a fee on our first sailing based based on at least back then from where they do their charges. On a related note if you are traveling internationally you can get a credit card without a foreign transaction fee. While some that provide this charge an annual fee some don't. For example, you can get a Capital One Credit card without an annual fee that still does not charge a foreign transaction fee. Keith
  6. Oh you shouldn't be chastised. Often at sea, and even where we live the ones I see in speedos would do better to wear those swimsuits from the early days when men wore a one piece swim suit that covered not only bottom but tummy. Keith
  7. Vistaman....This past fall Serenity went to Antibes one day. We also went to St. Tropez. I enjoyed both locations. First time to both for us. We tendered over to Antibes. When we were back this spring from Monte Carlo we had a tour and went back to Antibes for an additional visit and also visited Saint Paul De Jence a Medieval town and one of the more unique places we have visited. This is an example why we don't mind returning to places over and over. Take Monte Carlo. We enjoy it but similar to say Sorrento and Livorno it provides a gateway to so many places such as Eze and Nice and ones I've mentioned and several others. I plan to do some research on a couple of the places you mentioned such as wu-lion and Volos. We especially love the Med in the Fall and Spring. Keith
  8. My only point about blue jeans was to mention what we have been told is part of the recommended guidelines (since blue jeans are not listed) and what is not (holes) but not to imply that there are not some people who choose to ignore the recommendations. 😣 Patty, maybe not the best analogy but I've never understood how swimwear companies can justify charging more money the skimpier the bathing suit is. Interesting how they provide less material and charge more. Obviously it works because people buy them. Oh well this is what makes the world go round. 😱 Come to think of it I am not sure if I've seen a thread on what types of swim suits are permitted on-board. Ummm, maybe for another time/discussion. LOL. Keith
  9. Terry, not sure what you are using to access the site. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. For me it was happening on an Apple Computer and I kept closing and opening the browser and it wouldn't work. I finally did a force quite of the browser and then it worked. Keith
  10. On the topic of what is and not permitted I wanted to address one more item. On selected BTO nights on Serenity there is one additional dining venue I didn't address earlier and that is the Supper Club. It is offered on the first and last BTO nights if there is at least one BTO night on the cruise. Anything greater than such as a three or four nights on a long voyage again has the Supper Club on the first and last nights. BTO attire is required and if one is not dressed appropriately they will be turned away. Keith
  11. I just want to note that jeans (no holes) are allowed in Waterside or the other restaurants in the evening on Crystal Casual nights. It has been like that for many years. Ironically I actually see less Jeans than I did several years ago. Not sure why but maybe with more Crystal Casual nights people are just bringing more causal clothing with them with other type of clothing. My experience is you will see them a little more the first and last evenings of a cruise. As I mentioned earlier they are not noted in the write-ups but most defiantly permitted. Keith
  12. Yes, if you go to PCPC which is where you would make the specialty restaurant reservations the first thing you see is a calendar. The calendar reflects for each day the evening attire assuming it has been updated. It should be but if not it will be. Typically (although there are exceptions) the BTO night is the second evening. Once in awhile it is not. Again the calendar will have this. The calendar is almost always right on this. Keith
  13. Larry, yes, lots of pre-planning for you two given how long you will be away from making sure all is order at home while you are away to being prepared for the WC. Always wise to start the process earlier so you have time towards the end to think through anything you might have overlooked. Both times for Petra we made the arrangements on-board the ship. Since we didn't have an overnight there and the drive was about two hours each way we knew we wanted to do them privately with Crystal. For this one they got us a nice vehicle each way and a very knowledgeable driver who drove well and gave us lots of good information about Jordan and Petra. In turn, they arranged for a private guide for us who works at Petra and that is what you want as these locals have the knowledge. Our last guide grew up there as his parents were Bedouins. Be sure to have the cost of the local guide at Petra built into the tour so you are all set and don't have to get local money. Local rules might have changed but in our case back then Jordan allowed us to take food off the ship so we had boxed lunches prepared. We did this so we could spend more time in Petra and had the lunches on the way back to the ship. Of course as you remember there are lots of restaurants right outside the lost city so you can eat there if you wish. We had the contrast that day with weather. Our first visit was in 2007 and it was a sunny and hot day with little to no clouds It was hot and if I say it was hot you might think it is hotter. On the other hand on the visit that we were on the ship with you two that day began on the cooler side with overcast skies. The contrast was amazing as the clouds gave Petra a different look and brought out different colors. When you make the arrangements try to leave early so you are the first group out. This way you will get there before the many bus loads from the ship of guests and possibly earlier than others who are visiting on other ships or on land programs. I allows you to cover more ground and potentially get some better photos. Should you have any other places that you want to consider doing privately with Crystal early on in the cruise I would recommend meeting with either the Manager or Assistant Manager of Shore Ex to go over these and they can price each one out for you so you can decide if you want to do them. You could also have them price out a tour for the two of you but get pricing should you invite another two to four people to join you to see what that does to the overall cost. Keith
  14. I think we have two items here. First hopefully has been answered and that was about the evening attire for BTO nights and how it might vary by restaurant and whether or not it is enforced. Hopefully the questions have been answered. As to the attire changing over time, it has. 😁 When we began sailing Crystal there were three different evening attires; Formal, Informal (or Semi-Formal) and Casual. If you take Formal and Informal that has become BTO. Casual is pretty much the same but is called Crystal Casual. In addition, the quantity of casual nights has increased since there are no Informal nights and because the quantity of formal nights reduced. Years ago the majority of cruises were 12 or more days with maybe one seven day cruise each year. On 12 day cruises you had three formal nights. Now it is likely to be 2. On seven day cruises you used to have one to two formal nights. Now there are none. This is a reflection of how things have changed on Land with many businesses going casual; first once a week or once a month and eventually everyday for the vast majority of businesses at least in the USA. All cruise lines have gone a bit more casual. For some it is all casual. Even Cunard has reduced the number of formal nights it has. We did a crossing in 2014 and I believe there were three and just the year before there would have been more. Silversea has cut back a little bit. They allow semi formal on formal nights in some of the restaurants. Several years ago Crystal chose to follow rather than lead. They knew that many Crystal Society members wanted to keep with the formal attire so they went slow. Eventually they had to change as the long timers were not sailing and the new ones wanted more casual attire. Unless something on land changes I expect this trend to continue. However, should it change on land then things could change at sea. Same went with the changes to the menu which is why they have both a traditional menu and the modern menu at Waterside. It was to allow for a transition that was designed to please both the society members plus newer and younger cruisers. I am reminded that on land when we would go to a Broadway show that most people would dress up. That is not the case anymore. And back in the 1960's at many stadiums people would dress to go to a baseball game. Times change. People change. I remember the time when in the USA the women would wear hats to receptions in the evening or many gents would wear hats to functions. I had to wear one to certain functions. Times have changed. Anyway, discussions of attire have always been rather interesting on CC and across all cruise line boards. Same with smoking although less so with less smoking allowed. And there are a few other topics like this as well. Keith
  15. They call it slightly limited and the key work is "slightly". Towards the front if you are in the limited views on either side while you are at sea and if you look down you will see where they store the gangway. For example in this photo look right above the third tender and you will see the gangway stored above and right above that are the rooms they are talking about. Here is a loo at it from Deck 7. You would be on Deck 8 but just trying to give you a feel for what it looks like. The other section has something similar. To me it's good value and not a big deal. Keith
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