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  1. A world cruise does provide a wonderful opportunity for children (adults too) to learn about the world. I know on the line we sail often we learn so much on board the ship from the lecturers and the other enrichment. On land there is a great opportunity to learn. Both offer so much more opportunities to learn than often we find at home. So like most things we all have different views. Keith
  2. We were there last year on 12/29 on-board Serenity and we were docked. I just looked at the port schedule for this port in Kauai and it shows Symphony as the only ship in port and docked at Pier 2A so I think you should be docked. Keith
  3. You might want to post this on the NCL Board. Keith
  4. Yes getting an Australia ETA is a piece of cake. I wish New Zealand would do the same. We'll know soon and hoping they don't want that photo. Keith
  5. Nice photos of Ketchikan. What is nice about these towns while there has been change with additional jewelry stores the towns continue to look very much the same. There is still a lot of beauty to them. goblue, that is a dedicated guest of Umi Uma. It is interesting how on some cruises there is no queue for the sushi bar and others there are. I wonder how long she had been sitting there before you saw her at 4:30 PM. 😁 Keep enjoying and thank you and everyone on your cruise who has been posting. Keith
  6. If your girlfriend would be sailing with you in the same room on the same cruise than one would suffice. I don't believe there are limits to the number of open bookings you can make should you want to make more than one (that would be a question for the future sales consultant) but I am not sure if there would be a benefit for doing a second one. Keith
  7. Rob you are welcome. When I watched the videos I got excited too. Enjoy your upcoming cruise. Keith
  8. Patty you are right. Actually one exception I can think of is the new print advertisement that actually features Crystal Cruisers. Keith
  9. Crystal likes to get itineraries out early so it might be just a few more months. Just a thought. Why not book the one for 2021 so you have something. Then if 2022 comes out and you like the one in 2022 better you can move your booking to that one but if you don't you are set. If you wait for 2022 to come out and don't like it and try to book 2021 the rooms might be taken. The only risk but that is a risk with anything you book is if you cancel it you pay an administrative fee but if you move it to another booking you do not. So if you book 2021 and decide that you like 2022 better you can move the 2021 booking and not pay the administrative fee. Keith
  10. The latest installment of A Culinary Journey from Madagascar. Keith
  11. Latest Crystal Insider with the next installment of Culinary Journeys from Madagascar. https://blog.crystalcruises.com/culinary-journey-madagascar-vanilla/ Keith
  12. Two new videos about the Crystal Brand. Keith
  13. I know turn-around time will vary but wanted to share my experience from our recent expedite of passport renewals for my wife and myself. I did pay the additional fee to have them expedited and returned via postal express mail. They were received by the passport location on Thursday, May 30. On Friday May 31 I could see the checks were processed. On June 3 I did receive a confirmation that they were processing the passports but obviously with the cancelled checks and also tracking that the application and passports were received by the aganecy I knew they were in process of working on this. The notification included locater numbers for each passport renewal application. On June 5, I received e-mails with United States Postal Service tracking numbers for each of the two new passports. Passports arrived to our home on Saturday, June 8. In total nine calendar days to get the passports from the time the renewal applications were received to the time the new passports were in my hand. The old passports arrived to our home on Monday, June 10. The quoted time for all passport "expedited" passport renewals is two to three weeks. I was very pleased with the correspondence (thought this was an improvement from the last time we renewed passports. My advice is to always pad all of this for things that can go wrong whether that is delays caused by a variety of reasons or even your initial renewal application getting lost or the new passports getting lost. Keith
  14. Check with your cruise line to see if they have a scale for your room. In terms of weighing yourself I am sure you know this but best to do this in port and not at sea. Me, I weigh myself twice a day at home but rarely on a world cruise. I have a very good sense of what I am consuming and what I need to do to maintain the weight. Keith
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