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  1. No surprise really. Celebrity announced earlier this week they are cancelling the bulk of their Europe 2021 season. With the way most of the world is struggling with rising COVID numbers and the slowness of the vaccine rollout almost everywhere, cancellation was almost inevitable. We are booked on Endeavor Sep 15 and I fully expect that one to be cancelled as well.
  2. Hi Ivi. No these are both "old" bookings. We booked the 2022 WC in 2019 and the 2023 onboard Serenity during last year's WC. We do have a room on option for the May/June B2B out of Dover on Serenity. If we DO decide to make the deposit, we will be using part of an FCP from our cancelled Endeavor cruise last October. The deposit is due Feb 22, but I suspect we will just let it drop off. I don't see being ready or able to cruise that soon. As I said in my post to Jim, in the best case, we MIGHT get vaccinated by May, but more likely July/August. Larry
  3. Hi Jim. Good news on the vaccine shots. Looks like we MAY qualify for ours sometime in May at the earliest, or July/August at the latest. The biggest problem we are having up here at the moment is a lack of supply slowing things down! We have decided to forego the first three segments of 2022 and board in Perth/Freemantle in March 2022. We liked the 2023 itinerary so much, we booked the full cruise and there is a fair bit of duplication in the first three segments between 2020, 2022 and 2023. Larry
  4. Hi Jim!! We hope you and Steve are well and staying safe in NYC!! We are back in a state of emergency and under a stay at home order as of Midnight tonight. Not that I would be going anywhere with this boot cast still on my right leg!! I am of two minds about anything in Europe this summer. Yesterday Celebrity extended their suspension to April 30 and effectively cancelled their Europe summer sailings. I expect other lines will follow suit soon. Obviously a lot is going to depend on how quickly the vaccine numbers start to climb in every country, and how quickly the infection numbe
  5. Reluctant is a bit of an understatement!! Our government requires a negative PCR result within 72 hours prior to arriving and a 14 day quarantine after arrival. Makes it rather difficult to board a cruise in Vancouver!! On top of that, the vaccine rollout is something of a mess, not quite on the same scale as the US, but still not going well. Biggest problem at the moment is supply not coming in as scheduled. Here in Ontario they did almost 100K shots last week, but now many centres have been out of vaccine the last two days. With all this going on, our numbers going up rapidly, and no end in
  6. I would be careful about laminating the card. Here in Ontario our Birth Certificate cards are paper. A friend laminated his and when he went to apply for his passport was told the Birth Certificate was invalid as lamination is considered an alteration to the certificate. I suspect that might be why Psoque capitalized UNALTERED in his subsequent post.
  7. What you say is correct, and for the record we do not utilize the Hosts' services, but that also applies to a number of other "specialist" positions. The Art Instructor on the World Cruise comes to mind, as do the Catholic Priest and the Protestant Minister. I don't say this to be controversial, but more to point out that range of appeal covers a multitude of users.
  8. My fault on this one. I saw this when first went into CWC 3.0; TRAVEL ASSURANCE FOR 2021 – 2024 BOOKINGS And in looking for the T & C, scrolled right past this without seeing it; CRYSTAL CONFIDENCE 3.0 SCHEDULES 2021 — OCEAN, RIVER, YACHT & EXPEDITION Days Shown are Before First Service My apologies for getting anyone's hopes up (including my own) on the 2022 World Cruise final payment date!
  9. Although we plan to drop the first three segments, we are currently booked on the full 2022 WC from Miami. I took a look at the booking on Crystal's Agent site and it still shows the final payment due at six months. As I posted earlier, the T&C of the CWC 3.0 do not specifically exclude the World Cruises. If I get a chance I will call Crystal tomorrow and ask for a clarification. They may be waiting until they get closer to the first due dates before making the change to the individual bookings.
  10. Thanks for the clarification on "First Day of Service". Since we have not booked either air or hotels through Crystal in years, I had not considered that possibility.
  11. Sorry, Ivi. A typing/brain fart error on my part. It says final payments are due 60 days etc. And I re-read it before I posted it too!!😵
  12. I just checked Crystal's website and according to Crystal Confidence 3.0, deposits are not due until 60 days prior to "first service" which I interpret as boarding. I also read the T & Cs and it applies to all new and existing bookings and does not specifically exclude the World Cruise or its segments.
  13. Assuming Endeavor does get delivered as "advertised", a January 2023 cruise should be fine, even from a COVID perspective (he says hopefully!). Your deposit is not due (for now) until Feb 22, but I would not be surprised to see that get extended again if GHK still has not finalized their re-financing. As a back up, you could book the Seabourn Venture now to protect the pricing. Unless they have special conditions for these sailings, and I have not checked, the deposit should be fully refundable until the final payment date.
  14. IT EXISTS!!!!!!!! ☀️☀️ About 11:00 AM a strange brightness appeared in our backyard, which is all I can see from my current perch!!!! We live in a fairly heavily treed neighbourhood so at this time of the year it is kind of hard to actually SEE the sun directly. We face west, with a stand of old growth forest some 40+ feet high across the street, so at this time of year the sun "sets" behind the trees at about 3:00 PM!
  15. What is this thing you call "sun"???? The weather weenies are suggesting we may see a great glowing orb in the sky tomorrow afternoon!! Would that be this "sun"?? 😁 Congrats on the cut! It will be another three weeks at the earliest for us. The current lockdown is scheduled to end Jan 23, but the numbers don't look promising and they are saying we may peak around the end of January. Fortunately our stylist, who has been doing Monica's hair for years, cut mine fairly short last time, so I should be okay for a while yet!! Larry
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