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  1. Okay, we have the official revised itinerary and we are going to Perth, just not the way we expected. We will continue north from Sydney making all stops to Darwin. From there we will continue along the north coast, with several sea days thrown in, to Broome, Geraldton, Perth overnight, Busseltown and Exmouth. From there eight sea days to Mumbai, from where we will continue on to Rome. For those who stay, a 30% FCC to be applied against WC 2021 or 2022. For those who choose to leave, fairly generous credits per person either against WC 2021 or 2022, or for a lesser amount, against anything in the inventory to be sailed by Dec 31/21. While eight days at sea are a bit much, we like the rest of the itinerary and have decided to remain onboard.
  2. That is where/when the World Cruise ends and the Med season begins. Doesn't mean it is going to happen that smoothly, but that is the schedule at the moment. Personally, I don't know what went into the decision, but we are happy that they finally made the decision to get out of Asia.
  3. Speculation, but it could have something to do with port availability. Even with all the cancellations, there are still a number of ships down here. I suspect the revised itinerary, when we receive it, will contain a lot of sea days!!
  4. I find it interesting that ten days ago Crystal was being castigated for keeping the ships in Asia. So now they have decided to leave Asia and are being castigated for doing so. While I feel badly for those whose plans have been ruined at short notice, I believe this is the best decision for the health and safety of both remaining passengers and crew. As to cancelling everything, I would not be surprised if that turns out to be the next step, but that is pure speculation on my part. By going around the Southern Coast they at least buy some time to see where COVID-19 spreads next. If the decision does get made to cancel the remainder of the WC, then at least Perth is a major air hub. What mitigates against this is the fact the ship needs to be in Rome on April 21 one way or the other. Time will tell.
  5. Here is the remaInder of the notice from Crystal that was added after the original notificatio; Guests currently onboard Crystal Serenity that are scheduled to disembark in Bali or Colombo will now disembark the ship in Sydney on March 3. Crystal will refund these guests for the unused days of the cruise fare paid and the corresponding port charges as well as provide them with a 25% Future Cruise Credit. Crystal will also provide these guests with $500 per person credit to their shipboard folio to assist with travel arrangements. Crystal Serenity’s World Cruise and in-transit guests to Mumbai will now sail a revised itinerary, which is being communicated onboard. The new itinerary will be south from Sydney around the Southern Coast of Australia to Perth and then north re-connecting with the original itinerary. We have not seen the revised itinerary as yet, but were told what it is going to be. Basically it will be those of us on the full WC plus anyone in transit to Mumbai. I am of two minds on this, but for the most part not unhappy we will miss the worst affected areas of Asia.
  6. That is what Captain Vorland said as well. We will move to the OPT the evening of March 2 about 7:00 PM, after the ship in place leaves, and we will remain there for the duration of our stay. Hopefully they have been able to charter the Captain Cook tenders on short notice for the day on March 2 which will make tendering a lot more comfortable than the ships's tenders. An extra day in Sydney is never a bad thing!!
  7. Crystal is in a lose/lose situation here. No matter what they do some will find fault and look for "the conspiracy theory under the rug". While I think "Booked By" rather than "Sailed By' would be the best solution, at least Dec 31 opens up the entire 2021 river cruise season, plus Ocean, plus Endeavor. Even the most ardent capitalist should be able to fit in a seven night cruise somewhere in all those choices! 😉
  8. I agree, but this is probably the least disruptive option. Turning back south and going around the bottom of Australia might have made flights a bit easier going into Perth, but at some point would have required an inordinate number of sea days to get "back on track" in either Sri Lanka or India. We enjoy sea days, but there are limits, and for many even one is too many! Feel badly for those losing three days of their cruise with the early disembarkation though.
  9. Generally yes, if the cruise is outside final payment. However, as Patty pointed out above, these are "stripped down" rates and you don't get certain discounts that you might otherwise get, making the actual price difference less than it appears.
  10. From what I have been able to find out from "usually reliable sources" the itinerary from Sydney will remain intact to Darwin, meaning the changes will be after we leave Australia. That pretty much rules out Perth as an option. Of course, even that may be subject to change given the fluidity of the situation. Given that it is almost Noon in LA I am a bit surprised we don't have the official announcement yet.
  11. Not much talk about it at all actually. There has been some idle speculation, but really we either continue north around the top of Australia, or go south around the bottom. Each have their pluses and minuses. Assuming Crystal releases the new itineraries tomorrow morning in LA, we will get the news on the ship sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) our time.
  12. If Crystal walked on water there would be some who would see this as proof they couldn't swim!!!🙄😉
  13. As noted in the last update, the next two segments of the World Cruise, one ending in Singapore and the next starting there, are being revised and the updated itineraries are to be released Monday. Tuesday for those of us on the ship already. The pending changes have not been publicized on the ship as yet, but "the word" is starting to slowly filter out, so I would expect we will receive something official soon, possibly tonight. Unfortunately for all concerned, Singapore was to be a major port for guest turnover, crew rotation, and also a major re-provisioning, so this is going to be a big logistical problem for both guests and Crystal, but it is undoubtedly the correct decision.
  14. Hi Cherie. Glad you are enjoying our posts. We have both commented that we are glad we did the islands "in order" so as to be able to follow the legends. Both the Polynesian and Maori guides we have had were genuinely passionate about their history and preserving their history. We have been traveling long enough to know when a guide is "quoting a script" and these guides were not doing that. Our favourite New Zealand winery is Man O' War on Waiheke Island in Auckland. It is a very small vineyard and you cannot find their wines outside of New Zealand. Unfortunately the store we have gone to in the past had its doors chained/padlocked shut when we got there on Wednesday. Fortunately on our restaurant tour today we stopped at a wine store and were able to find Man O' War Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, both of which are great. They were unfortunately sold out of Sauvignon Blanc, our favourite, but we were happy to find what we did. Of the two wineries yesterday, we far preferred Craggy Range, where we bought both Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir, but we also liked the Pinot Noir at Mission and also bought a bottle of that. So on top of all the great wines available onboard we now have five great bottles and we still have Australia and their great shiraz to come!! Good thing we still have eight weeks of the World Cruise left to enjoy these great wines! All we have to do now is wait for Crystal to tell us where we are going after Sydney, and we don't find that out until Tuesday.
  15. Dinner was a bowl of French Canadian Pea Soup in The Bistro after Keith Scott's show. He was incredible!!
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