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  1. Unfortunately when I Copy/Paste this from an agent mailing it comes out in the form below rather than table, but they are all there. Hopefully they will be on the website soon. 2023 CRYSTAL SERENITY CALENDAR DATE NIGHTS DESTINATION FROM/TO Jan 4 7 Caribbean Miami Roundtrip Jan 11 15 Panama Canal Miami to Lima Jan 26 16 South Pacific Lima to Papeete Feb 11 18 South Pacific Papeete to Brisbane Mar 2 23 South Pacific Brisbane to Singapore Mar 25 14 Asia Singapore to Colombo Apr 8 14 Asia Colombo to Mombasa Apr 22 18 Africa Mombasa to Athens May 10 9 Mediterranean Athens to Venice May 19 12 Mediterranean Venice to Barcelona Jun 19 8 Mediterranean Barcelona to Athens Jun 27 12 Black Sea Athens to Istanbul Jul 9 9 Mediterranean Istanbul to Venice Jul 18 7 Mediterranean Venice to Monte Carlo Jul 25 7 Mediterranean Monte Carlo to Barcelona Aug 1 7 Mediterranean Barcelona to Rome DATE NIGHTS DESTINATION FROM/TO Aug 8 9 Mediterranean Rome to Venice Aug 17 12 Mediterranean Venice to Barcelona Aug 29 7 Western Europe Barcelona to Lisbon Sep 5 11 Western Europe Lisbon to Le Havre Sep 16 11 Trans-Atlantic Le Havre to New York City Sep 27 7 New England & Canada New York City Roundtrip Oct 4 8 New England & Canada New York City to Québec City Oct 12 8 New England & Canada Québec City to New York City Oct 20 8 New England & Canada New York City to Québec City Oct 28 8 New England & Canada Québec City to New York City Nov 5 12 Caribbean New York City to Miami Nov 17 11 Caribbean Miami Roundtrip Nov 28 10 Caribbean Miami Roundtrip Dec 8 7 Caribbean Miami to San Juan Dec 15 7 Caribbean San Juan to Miami Dec 22 14 Caribbean Miami Roundtrip 2023 WORLD CRUISE
  2. Yes it was, and as noted in Post 63 above, we got it on Day 56, but Crystal paid it on Day 35, which was also they day Crystal called me to verify the credit card information.
  3. Thanks, Keith. I can think of a number of worse places to be "stranded"!! 🙂
  4. Out of curiosity, a large part of Friday's show, which was great, was done in the Palm Court. Are Raph, Irina, Karin and Steven still onboard Serenity?? Or was this segment perhaps recorded before they left the ship.
  5. This would probably work with Serenity. They could bring her to Florida around the time she would have come back from Europe and run Caribbean cruises until the World Cruise, always assuming the WC is a go, or goes with a modified itinerary. The wild card here is Symphony. Is there some technical/legal reason why Crystal has kept her out of the North American market for this year and next??
  6. In our case the refund appeared on our statement May 13, Value Dated April 24, so while we received the refund on Day 56, Crystal actually paid it on Day 35. Not saying it will happen in every case, but there have been a few reported on some of the other threads, and as Vince pointed out on the Refund thread, card companies have 3 to 30 days to post a credit once received.
  7. Actually we got ours back on Visa. It took the bank just over three weeks from the time they got the money from Crystal to actually credit it back to our card account, so you should factor that into the timeline as well.
  8. It wouldn't be the Crystal board if it didn't go off-topic at some point!!😁
  9. Well technically 2/3rds of the World Cruise! And actually more an extended New Zealand/Australia cruise!!😁🤪 We actually were booked on Endeavor in October, but I suspect we would have cancelled it had Crystal not cancelled it for us. Nothing on the books for us now until Galapagos on Celebrity in June 2021.
  10. I suspect a certain amount of this may be country specific. I know up here in Canada, most surveys indicate the majority of people think governments are "opening up" too quickly, even though in some places, like here in Ontario, large chunks of the economy remain shut down. It would be interesting to see surveys by region, ie - Europe/US/Canada as I think that may give a more accurate picture of the possibilities going forward. Personally, we have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon!
  11. In case you have not seen the other thread, the Canadian port closure has been extended to Oct 31/20.
  12. Here is the link to the announcement; https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/feds-extend-cruise-ship-ban-through-the-summer-1.4960222
  13. As I read recently in a new history of D-Day, Nescafe was introduced to the UK/Europe by GIs in 1943 as part of their C-Ration packages. Who knew??🙂
  14. On Harmony those cabins forward on Deck 5 were guest cabins and people were complaining about the rowdy party in The Cove!!😁
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