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  1. Interesting stuff. I am not a gambler, but I have always wondered how this worked as I have a good friend who has not been "billed" for a hotel stay in Vegas in years. Which is not to say he has not "paid" for those same rooms over the years!😁😁
  2. In my 17 years in the industry I have seen stranger things happen. Cruises you think would be a "no-brainer" are sold out! I would suggest having your TA call and see if they can get the B2B2B upgrade on a Guaranty basis, or waitlist you for the third segment. This far out the waitlist will likely clear, or you might have to change rooms, or worst case scenario, you keep the room you have. No downside risk that I can see.🙂
  3. Our experience was 11 years ago, but it was very good. We did the Jerusalem City Tour and our guide was first rate. A professor at one of the local universities he did not shy away from the "difficult topics", like the border wall, or an independent Palestinian state. The only "down side" was it was Holy Thursday AND the first day of Passover, so the crowds were insane.
  4. Let the hotel know, either in advance when you do the booking, or when you arrive, that you are part of the Crystal group and they will look after the room. The hotel doesn't want to move you to a different room either. I have had clients do this a number of times without incident. It will definitely be cheaper to book the room direct than to book through Crystal. Most lines charge the same price per person that the hotel charges per room!
  5. The second is correct and is the built in default. Most countries require a passport be valid for six months beyond your expected date of return, so that is what Crystal, and pretty much every other line, requires. I have no idea if there is a "work-around" for the Bermuda cruises. Have your TA contact Crystal to find out.
  6. The only "good" thing about the Jays not making it is I don't feel guilty about turning off the TV and going to bed before the games end! We really need to get back to, now that I am retired, afternoon playoff games!😁😁
  7. It would have been nice if the Nats had held on so that there would have been a three way tie. According to our local paper, had that happened the Yankees had already decided they would rather play Boston in Fenway than play the Jays in Toronto! We had the hottest team in the league the last six weeks and came up just a game short! Been a heck of a ride just the same!
  8. They have in the past had Heineken draft available at the pool (Silk) bar and also at The Cove bar, but that was BC (Before COVID), so that may, or may not, be the case at the moment.
  9. We used Luggage Forward (first time ever for any luggage service) when the 2020 World Cruise got truncated in Perth, and they were excellent. Because we booked from the ship at sea, the only shipping document we had was the confirmation e-mail with the booking number. The rep took that and stapled it around the handle of one of our four suitcases and said he would look after it! Needless to say, we were more than a bit nervous about that! We contacted them when we got home and they confirmed all was in order, and kept us apprised until the bags were delivered by courier to our front door here in Toronto.
  10. What I think will be interesting will be how many of these "new to Crystal" guests will come back when prices are closer to normal. Attracting new guests had to be one of the "drivers", if not the primary one, to these very low prices. As "they" say, time will tell!😁
  11. It should show up on Oct 1 when it is (I think) opened to the general public.
  12. A gentleman we met on one of our early Crystal cruises told us "If it is not illegal, or immoral, or likely to set the ship on fire, they will do it for you!" For the most part, over 40+ cruises on Crystal, we have found that to be the case.😁😁
  13. Actually I kind of liked them, and they are certainly preferable to rehashing yet again why the crew stayed onboard!😁
  14. Not sure how long you may have been silently following this board, but the fact it has been hashed and rehashed has never stopped some from digging the poor horse up and beating it some more!😁😁
  15. Trueeden posted the following on her thread; "Bermuda considers 5 or more positives onboard an outbreak, so different rules were triggered. Under 5, they would have isolated on deck 5, we wouldn't have shut down and needed to be retested and close contacts would probably have just been isolated in their cabin, retested and allowed to leave if still negative." gwesq also posted that he had been told the same thing by a ship officer, so I think it is fairly safe to assume these are the rules. There is a valid argument that Crystal should have known about these outbreak rules and published them. On the other hand, they may not have known about them until it happened. Based on their experience since July with Serenity, and Symphony from Boston, I suspect the probability of getting enough positives to trigger "outbreak" rules would have seemed fairly remote. And as has been pointed out by BWIVince on the other thread, not obeying the direction of the Bermuda health authorities is not an option.
  16. Assuming they are allowed to reboard, I suspect they will be reimbursed for the per diem for the missed days in much the same way Crystal reimburses you for isolating in your room for 24 hours if you come down with Noro or other stomach virus. Had that happen to us twice on the 2020 WC and each time we were reimbursed for the per diem for each of us.
  17. This is the part of the rule I find absurd. According to our epidemiologists up here, ten to fifteen minutes exposure to an infected individual does raise the risk of contracting COVID. According to these CDC rules, if I happen to come within tracker range of enough infected individuals to accrue 15 minutes in 24 hours, I am a "close contact" even though I might have brushed by 15 "infected" people (an extreme example) in accruing that time and could not possibly have built up enough load to be a threat! With the information apparently available through these trackers, there has to be a better way of defining a "close contact".
  18. I am not sure a credit card chargeback is an option. If this was charged on the shipboard account, unless it was the only thing on the account, I don't think you can dispute just one item in a larger charge total.
  19. I agree with you to a point. From what I have read on the other thread, the decision to quarantine the close contacts was made by Bermuda health authorities. Why they would want them on the island I don't know, but since that was the decision, Crystal has to abide by it.
  20. I suspect for the crew, this has more to do with immigration rules and maritime law as it governs crew of ships. We had a niece who worked on private yachts for years, and the rules around crew are quite strict.
  21. I think they can be paid using an FCP. I will know for sure tomorrow when I finalize/pay for our GV segments as we have FCP/FCC that will more than cover the entire cost.
  22. Hi Ivi. As far as I know any TA with access to the agent site should be able to see your FCCs as they are stored under your Crystal Society number. Keith has described the FCP/FCC differences and usage correctly, or at least as I understand the policy. Essentially, any money that is "yours", like your deposit, or in the event of cancellation, money not subject to a cancellation fee, is considered an FCP and can be used basically like cash on a new booking, including as the deposit. Any money that is "Crystal's", like Admin fees or cancellation fees, or bonus FCC (the additional 10% in this case) is issued as an FCC and cannot be applied against the deposit on a new booking. Hope this helps.
  23. Would that be Barcelona 1 or Barcelona 2?? We are booked to Barcelona 2, but with 13 port days in 14 days prior to disembarkation, we may need to be carried off the ship! 😲😁
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